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This Was Inevitable

It was inevitable because a woman that thinks she is a man is already mentally unstable and when unhinged people hang around on the internet all day hearing that people refusing to pretend that she has a penis and XY chromosomes is “literally violence” and causes trannies to kill themselves, rather than the untreated gender dysphoria, then it probably seems logical to go to a Christian school in Nashville and kill a handful of 9 year old kids and 60 something adults.

Kudos to these two fucking chads who capped that bitch, Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo, from the Metro Nashville Police Department. We as a society give these guys ARs and they are expected to do what these guys did, run to the sound of gunfire, serve and protect. Not cower outside and check their phones while kids die.

I don’t have much to say about Audrey Elizabeth Hale. She was clearly a troubled young woman who was encouraged in her derangement. The people online who told her that it is “violence” to insist on biological facts over feelings should be identified and arrested as accessories to these six murders but of course that won’t happen. You can be damn sure that if someone who read my blog even once committed a mass shooting, They would blame me for it but we don’t have equal treatment under the law in America. Not anymore.

Mark my words, there will be more of this. You can only keep egging on the mentally troubled so long before they snap.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Jane Fonda should be pleased. This opens up an angle in which leftists approve of school shootings as long as it’s the right school being shot up.

    • O2

      Can’t write/say Jane Fonda without immediately including the phrase “COMMUNIST TRAITOR BITCH”! So I was taught at USAF survival school back in the ‘80’s. They had a special bulletin board featuring pictures of her posing with the VC on AAA guns, etc. On part of her trip to North Viet Nam, she visited a prison camp. A US POW passed her a note. She turned the note over to the VC. That POW was literally later beat to within an inch of his life. For her and her ilk, no quarter, no mercy. Fun historical fact.

  2. Steve S6

    Camera locations? Map of how it would go down? Suspicious minds detect 3 letter programming.

    Picture going around of person/thing with billboard sign “Trans rights … or else.” The … comprises the silhouettes of around 4-5 different rifles. Stir the pot and see what happens.

  3. Anonymous White Male

    This is not trans related, but have you seen the Rand Paul-staffer-that-was-stabbed story? I read the name of the attacker, Glynn Neal, and thought, “Gee, such a non-negro name. Could it actually not be a negro?” Nope. I saw that he served 12 years for forcing 2 women into prostitution using threats (a pimp), so I kept looking till I found a picture. Guess what? Another Dindu Nuffin.

  4. Jay L

    I believe this is just the beginning. Nobody jumps on a bandwagon faster and with more zeal than the “Trans community”. These misguided fools have convinced themselves they are some kind of warriors. That they are fighting for something 99% of us don’t want is immaterial to them, so I expect to see even more lashing out from them in the days to come.
    You simply cannot reason with mental illness, and they seemingly cannot take no for an answer no matter how ridiculous their demands, so on to the next stage – open violence against us “bigots”.

    • rto-jerry

      Especially when the most mentally ill amongst them staff the halls of government and media which run cover for the reprobate class. Surely more of this in the days ahead no doubt about it. Their plans are total disarmament so expect more theatrics in days and months ahead.

  5. Gryphon

    Sounds a lot like the Clowns in Action “MK-Ultra” kind of psyop – the Trannyqueers are already completely Messed Up, probably doesn’t take too much effort to “Program” one to do Violence on Cue. BCE has (and will continue to point out) the best observations of the Weapons Used.

    Meanwhile, keep a safe distance from the Freakizoids….

  6. Harbinger

    It’s no surprise that some gender-bent nutcase snapped and lashed out at our most vulnerable. But I, for one, was blindsided by the fact that this one was a biological female. In my estimation, females are just as capable of rage and violence as males, but they tend to be timid about it, and therefore less damaging, physically. They prefer to fight with mental cruelty, rather than fists or guns. The main reason, I think, is fear of retaliation in kind. They don’t want to be hit back. This bitch had to be all kinds of messed up, knowing full well that someone was eventually going to plug her. Why couldn’t she have just cut out the middleman and plugged herself?

    Hope she’s roasting on a spit in hell right now.

  7. saoirse

    There’s a video over on Renegade Tribune of a Fox News live report in Memphis where the reporter allows some ‘random’ bitch to butt in and go on an anti-gun tirade.

    Some Brit anti-tranny feminist (Posie Parker) doing a speaking tour in New Zealand almost got mauled by a ferocious mob of freaks and their shitlib supporters. Also on Renegade Tribune.

    Anyone remember when that little kike dweeb Bendover Shapiro almost got skull stomped by that tranny on the talk show?

    Those monstrosities are psychotic and violent which makes them the best wind-up toys.
    Expect the usual spin, obfuscation and slow encroachment gun grabbing.
    Don’t know if they’ll try and shoehorn this incident into a ‘blame whitey mens’ lament but I can hear the Pongoid/Latrino brigades whining about ‘da po-leece always come fast when it be a white school gettin shot up’.

    If you care for your kids, homeschool!

    • jrg

      Agree with Mr. Wilder. The LEO tactics at Uvalde were the complete opposite needed to stop a mass shooter from continuing. Same as the Pulse nightclub shooter. Nashvilles example should be the norm if you want to save lives.

  8. Xzebek

    I have an idea that I believe has substantive merit as well as having the side benefit of making the left melt down.
    As trannies have an extremely high rate of suicide and their delusion is a clear mental illness they should be declined from purchasing firearms. This is especially true if their ID sex does not match what they are pretending to be. The mentally ill and highly dangerous should not possess firearms. The lefties will not know how to respond because they love limiting who can purchase firearms but it will be aimed at their most precious and beloved class.
    I see it as a plus all around!

    • anon

      Trannies and fags were removed from DSM-5, the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.
      Instead they will target you and people like you, like vets who admit they’re depressed or have ptsd, or just “right-wing extremists” with bullshit like “oppositional-defiant disorder” or whatever else they want to label you as.
      The soviets did the same thing, labeling opposition as mentally ill.
      The system is our enemy and we cannot win by empowering it and voting harder. Do spread the word about all the trannies on twitter and reddit who supported her and didn’t care about the dead children but don’t expect the state to fix the problems. Just look at biden joking about ice-cream and leering at kids he wants to rape.

  9. BubblePuppy7

    Mark my words, this is just the beginning. The “trans community” has been whipped up into a fever, and are convinced that there is going to be a “genocide” of them. This shit show that they are calling for, a “Trans Day of Vengeance”, only drives them further into madness. They will lash out.

  10. MN Steel

    This is about as hinkey as that RV bombing on Christmas Day 2020 that got memory-holed harder than the Las Vegas edition of Knob Creek MG Shoot…

    Who intentionally buys a Sub2K?

  11. Jim Wetzel

    Yeah, I’m not going to engage in a bunch of useless hatred directed toward the Nashville monster, too dead to notice it anyway. We’re talking rabid dog here, and what you do about a rabid dog is to administer the Ol’ Yeller treatment, which the tranny got, thanks to a few sworn peace officers who took their duty seriously (unlike so many Armed Government Workers).

    This latest shitshow does serve one good purpose: reminding us to Always Be Carrying, and to practice situational awareness. When one is tempted to go out naked (unarmed) “just this time … remember. And strap.

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