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They Are Just Messing With Us

Don’t ask me why but I was searching to see if you really can order lobster tails from Amazon. Turns out you can, who knew? But I also noticed something else when I saw some of the lobster offerings….

Yep, you can order a “Lobster Gram” from Amazon and have it delivered right to your house for $466.67 and even better, you can pay for it with your food stamps/EBT card! Or even smarter, you could finance your lobster for six months, making $77.75 payments.

This meal is $4.57 per ounce, and with 16 ounces to a pound that makes this $73.12/pound. You can pay for with tax payer funded food stamps. At least the delivery is free.

If we lived in a sane country, it wouldn’t be possible to use food stamps to buy lobster from Amazon. Nor would you be able to use government food assistance for Mountain Dew or Cheetos or Snickers. I suspect a very large percentage of the food stamp spending in America goes toward junk food that helps to contribute to poor people being obese, in turn leading to expensive medical issues that the tax payers also get to pay for. It is like making you pay for a house and then making you pay for the gasoline so an arsonist can burn down that house. Of course we live in the precise opposite of a sane country and so you can see people at the Walmarts with carts full of junk food and paying for that junk food with food stamps.

These are the kinds of mind games they play with us to drive us slowly insane, as people with middle class incomes struggle to put decent food on the table while food stamp recipients can buy lobster and have it delivered to their front door.


  1. anon

    A collapse looks mighty fine. I’m tired of eating ramen while they get steak and lobster and more on my tax money.
    At least I’ve been stacking up on more than just beans.

  2. Anonymous White Male

    I remember the Seinfeld episode where the charity that fed “the hungry” wouldn’t accept the muffin stumps. Nothing wrong with them. It’s just that the tops are the best part of the muffin. And this was in the ’90’s. Now, it would be an episode of not accepting lobster because it wasn’t fresh and had been frozen. There was a saying when I was growing up: “Beggars can’t be choosers”. I guess that has been amended to “Oppressed people can choose whatever dey want! And you betta not complain about it, you raaaycist bigot!”

  3. anonymous

    I recall a Fox News spot in San Diego about some surfer/stoner who got $200/month of food stamps. They showed him blowing it all on grocery-store sushi and lobster tails (2). They wanted us outraged. Lots of people fell for it.

    Of course there was no “Fair and Balanced” discussion of corporate welfare, the money going to Halliburton, or anything else. We were just supposed to be mad at lazy, stupid surfers who could not even manage a government-granted budget.

    Generally, if you buy from Amazon, you are working against your own interests.

    So let them have it. Amazon Lobster/Cheesecake, Billions for Zelensky? Who can really get worked up about this, or ever do anything about it?

    They will all crash and burn – for eternity. What are YOU going to do with the time and resources left to you?

  4. Memebro

    My thoughts on EBT being used to buy junk food:

    Very few food products in America today are completely independent of big corporate agriculture companies, or general food conglomerates like Nestle, Conagra, PepsiCo, etc. Somewhere in the supply chain for pretty much everything, there are big corporations getting their “share”.

    If all the money that the working and middle class earn was left in their own pockets, FAR MORE of them would save that money and create wealth for themselves instead of DEBT. Our overlords LOVE DEBT. They are addicted to Americans being overloaded with it. It is one mechanism of wealth transfer.

    So, instead of letting us keep our money, own our homes, pay cash for our kid’s college tuition, and retire at a reasonable age, they LOOOVE taking that extra bit from us, and giving it to people whose pockets catch on fire when they have money. Giving Shaqueetha her EBT allows her to eat her Doritos and lobster, while also freeing up what little money she earns for herself to get her “nails did” and her weave maintained.

    In other words, the money flows back into the system and back into the pockets of the wealthy class and it never gets a chance to lift burdens off the working and middle classes.


      Memebro wrote: ” … people whose pockets catch on fire when they have money.”

      I believe the old (in the days before politically correct speech) expression was ‘Ni**er Rich’

  5. Just some guy

    No more stamps or EBT or SNAP. Just a weekly bag of flour, yeast, salt, sugar, milk, eggs, etc. And a free cookbook and cooking classes at the library. If you’re on welfare, you ought to be WELL enough to contribute to society not a fat pig glomming off it.

  6. Harbinger

    No skrimp cocktail? What dis ghetto food wit’out no skrimps? Damn racis’ Amazon think a homeboy ain’t good enough fo’ skrimps?

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    Let’s face it, lobster is kind of overrated anyway (caveat: I have never been to Maine or eaten fresh lobster there, I hear it’s kind of like the difference between eating fresh salmon in Alaska and eating salmon in the lower 48, which I can attest is a massive difference)…. so what I’m getting at is the Amazon delivered lobster is probably not that good. You could probably get a fish tank and raise your own lobster for about the price of that meal.

    But I have ordered some dynamite steaks through the mail. Pricey. Not $466, but not cheap.

    Long as I’m here rambling, I can tell you that I have never made one single transaction through or purchase from Amazon and don’t feel like I am missing anything. It’s possible. But I am a regular Wal Mart shopper and that’s probably no better, in terms of the machinations those corporations perpetrate against this once great nation.

    • mike fink

      Lobster is in a class of seafood that is always “Market Price”. This includes Scallops, clams, crab, etc, but not for some odd reason, the white groundfish like Cod. The whole market price system is a price control scheme grounded on the false mystique attached to these shellfish. If you pay attention, Those who collect the raw specimens get the short end of the deal and the point of sale, usually a restaurant, charges exorbitant prices like $30 for a hot dog roll filled with lobster meat or clam strips and a pile of fries on the side. The true nature of this price fixing scheme can be seen whenever the price falls out of the market as it did in 2013. It was so bad that year with a glut of lobsters available that the fishermen stopped going out altogether and pulled their traps. The restaurants did not lower the price of their lobster rolls though, they were still listed at the mysterious “Market Price” and the consumer discovered when the bill arrived that that means you are paying the same high price you always pay. The lesson here is that the best policy to getting fair prices with these shellfish is to buy as close to the fisherman as possible if not directly from him or his co-op, and prepare them yourself at home. Given that many restaurant people are leading commies in Portland Maine and actually petitioned the city to enact a covid mask mandate from 2020 to 2022 when that state itself had dropped the requirement, I am inclined to let all restaurants starve for business. It is important to keep the fishermen in business as part of the food production system, so buy from them directly.

  8. Jay L

    Back in the mid-90s I lived in the rough side of town with MAYBE a 10%Yt population…I’d regularly see POC heifers come into a store, buy all kinds of garbage with their EBT card, then whip out cash for cigarettes and lottery tickets. To add insult to injury, they’d often then hoist their blubbery carcasses into shiny new SUVs, complete with chrome 20″ rims, which were THE hot ticket item at the time… Meanwhile, I’m living off Ramen, eggs and bread, driving a ’68 Dodge van… That’s when I first started to suspect “something was wrong” with the way things were running and my “blue” tint started fading fast!
    I haven’t been to that side of town in 20 years, I can only imagine it’s a hell of a lot worse now. I HATED being poor and living there and busted my ass to get out, but a lot of “people” just lean into it and learn to game the system. Hell, I’ve got scumbags in my own family that haven’t worked in decades, yet somehow are always the fattest pieces of trash in the room. It’s beyond wrong, it’s grotesque.

  9. Xzebek

    The “system ” is a farce. Working age, non disabled people shouldn’t be provided with EBT cards except in the rarest of circumstances and for very short durations. And they should be quite limited and controlled in what can be purchased. They should allow basic nutrition and nothing more. It should be such that people want to get off them, not stay on them.

  10. Slats Grobnik

    Banksters get a cut of every EBT transaction and if you want to lose your free state bennies card, fail to open a bank account.
    Got a couple grand after a medical emergency and I just used the grocery self-checkout as the bank with the government debit card, they cut it off after two months when it was supposed to be for six.
    No, I didn’t intend for it to last forever and it is the only time we have used state help since my mother used food stamps for awhile under Jimmeh Carta and the parents had just got divorced.

  11. Steve

    This is a real thing. Don’t know about lobster in particular, but hereabouts, the high-end stores get in some primo beef and pricy seafood to put on the shelf just as the EBT cards get reloaded. Those EBT holders are out in the parking lot selling it off [racism] to buy drugs or booze or tobacco. Certainly not to take care of their spawn. [/racism]

    • Mike_C

      Huh. I didn’t know about selling off premium cuts of meat in the parking lot. But it makes sense.

      I did know about persons buying Coke (cola) with EBT (especially on loss-leader sales at chain supermarkets) then selling it typically to Hindu (and maybe Korean) mom and pop convenience stores for cash.

      Then of course there’s the straight theft (cutting out the govt-mediated strongarm robbery part) of stuff such as Tide detergent (why Tide in particular?) and Dove soap for resale. And finally the most basic theft, the ever popular eating directly from the self-serve prepared foods displays. Disgusting.

  12. Honk Honk

    @ J-Dub,

    The generic Velveeta and the box would damage your baseball cards!
    To buy list includes a bicycle horn but I would way overdo it.

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