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The Ever Shifting Goal Posts

As is the case with most words in the contemporary “woke” lexicon, “equity” is supposed to mean one thing but really means something else. It is supposed to be a step above “equality” as an ideal, taking into account “past historic injustices” but what it means in practice is dragging down Whites in order to help blacks and mestizos “achieve” at the same level. Jared Taylor at American Renaissance explains….


  1. SirLawrence

    A lot of talk of separation these days. People migrating or digging in. Each with his own self-affirming rationale as to the merits or moral status of his preferred approach.

    I gave up almost everything to create physical separation from the death cult when it became clear that I lacked the capital and the savvy to build and maintain a bubble in occupied territory.

    Yet even here in rural white-ish land there remains the long shadow of progress. Its not just these fedgov assaults either. The shadow is cast across the hearts of everyman.

    So many are conditioned to crimestop, to police the essence of their own thoughts – the stream of emergent truths, that might put them at odds with the social order. The social order which is nearly entirely occupied well beyond the dotted lines of some imaginary red/blue state line.

    They hold our language captive and use it against us to preempt, shape, pervert, and control our very thoughts. Evidence of this permeates everything. While there is mounting resistance as their signaling becomes too overt to ignore, there remains a reckoning that everyman must confront and surmount. Will he respond with his own clarity of thought regarding this twisted war on our people? His own explicit characterization?

    The separation that really matters is within everyman’s own heart as his principles await the great separation between a nice sounding idea and the implicit (and increasingly explicit) transaction he makes with the spoils of progress.

    The separation among even those of us on this side of the divide beckons. I simply have no more time for White men who refuse to see the war but instead repeatedly fall back into their cozy bunkers of political theater, social media posturing, and go along to get along pacifism pre-ordained by our enemies such that they can continue the pleasantries of their bubble.

    There can be no other way but to refuse the entirety of the enemy’s assaults. Lexicon and all. And own the lumps of the social combat that is a real – but small, price to pay to push back on the creep, and that will soon enough be eclipsed by the massive price of reality stepping into the breech as she tears this fake and gay empire a new thermal exhaust port where that gelded nutsack of western men used to reside.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    I’ve written off any chance of a mass awakening. It sucks, but it seems obvious enough now the crash and burn just has to happen to wipe out the dysgenic and dyscivic amongst us who are either incapable or unwilling to get their minds right and accept reality. The track record of dying empires speaks for itself; Rome didn’t pull out of their inexorable descent, neither did the British Empire (though it’s death is ongoing and we haven’t yet seen the final act) and none of the other former European major power centers (Spain and France notably) staunched their bleedout while in progress, and today they are basket cases, mere shadows of their former selves. They all appear incapable of a return to glory after losing their grip on greatness.

    Germany effectviely committed suicide by wallowing in endless self loathing after it’s last big push at righting the ship of state against the cancer of unrestrained degeneracy and the worship of all transgressions. Of course that outcome was forced on them by outside factors, but the outcome remains the same. Plenty of other historical failures could be cited, and while many of these places still exist in name, their culture has been largely destroyed, and their former greatness has never been regained. The FUSA is on the same path, except with the added spice of bitter social and political polarization regarding fundamentals on which there can be no compromise. That is now so entrenched that large scale violence is assured. Most likely it will be the left that does so to start, as with the bolsheviks in 1917 Russia. One can readily observe they have the appetite for it already.

    So, we continue the decline until either mass violence changes the long term trajectory of western civilization (and not neccessarily for the better, as much as one would hope otherwise) or, if such a conflagration is somehow avoided, we end up bumbling along as an effectively permanent third world shithole. Permanent, at least, in the sense that it will go on beyond the lifespan of anyone alive today. That is essentially the South American model.

    I’d prefer the larfe scale violence, as even though I’m unlikely to survive it, at least it liquidates a bunch of stupid garbage humans in the process. Some means of rebalancing the productive and intelligent against the onslaught of the parasitic and delusional who brought us to this point needs to happen, or humans become a failed species. Maybe failure is our destiny, but it would be an incredibly stupid waste of centuries of developed knowledge and capability if that’s the case.

    The only wildcard I can see is that picking fights with Russia and China may lead to a scenario where the ruling class is sufficiently damaged that something else steps into the resulting power vacuum, but again, there is no assurance the replacement will be any better. And that still likely leaves most of the subversive destroyers of culture in place to regroup and attempt their perverse attack again. Unless the culture can be cleansed of these influences, nothing decent can be (re)built.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Large scale violence is indiscriminate in who it eliminates. The stupid and degenerate get eliminated but so do the intelligent and hard working, the decent and law abiding. Some percentage of each, probably a similar percentage. And of course many of each group will flee.

      When it’s over you end up with a similar percentage of each as you had before, but a smaller total number. Unless the large scale violence is a genocide perpetrated after one group seizes total power.

      • Big Ruckus D

        And there’s the rub. A democide that eliminates a major portion of the scum is what is desperately needed, but is by no means assured unless the good guys can gain the upper hand early in the proceedings. And I’m under no illusion that the collateral damage won’t be horrible, or that I’m not likely to be counted be amongst it’s statistics.

        The reason I see little hope is that on balance, these types of slides into hell on earth seldom resolve themselves to the positive. See my cited examples in the previous post. Historically, most go to shit. An objectively good outcome is an extreme outlier.

        That the USA was originally formed as it was is quite remarkable, owing to a unique set of fortuitous circumstances when one considers how often the outcome of such a battle is exceedingly poor. We got lucky once in 1776, but I very much doubt we get a second such shot here.

        My view on that is further reinforced by the fact so many on the ostensible “right” are still completely tied to excuse making and copes to rationalize away just how bad it already is, much less much worse it can and will get. The left is a lost cause, I’ve known that for years. But those who might be my erstwhile allies meanwhile are largely divorced from reality, just in a different way from the insane delusions of the left.

        They keep reassuring themselves that their way of life can be salvaged. I can’t see how, in light of the established trajectory. And the frustration of watching otherwise decent people continue to dissemble and delay causes me to realize there is such a small contingent that “gets it” that I honestly can’t see any mechanism by which the masses get pissed off enough to take action toward longer term self preservation.

        These are regular people who still believe voting works, and the economy can be turned around (at 31+ trillion in debt and a world that is moving steadily away from US hegemony because our government is an arrogant, belligerent, malignant force that still thinks they can unilaterally impose their will on the world). Who still insist on sending their kids to college and saddling them with huge debts and indoctrination by leftist scum. These facts are indisputable, yet they carry on as if it is completely normal and will have no impact on them personally.

        These are the “conservative” parents who still think nothing of their daughters getting banged out by a bunch of guys while at college because the entire environment there is degenerate and permissive. They will allow their daughters to be further made fools of by pursuing athletic activities in which transfaggots will make a mockery of the competition and steal the titles out from under them. All to get a degree and forego family formation in favor of a “career”. Meanwhile they think nothing of their sons being psychologically beat down and maligned by a system that hates them, often causing them to withdraw into a life of dysfunction; drugs, porn and videogames, and increasingly now the sexual dysfunction of faggotry and wanting to masquerade as girls. And let’s not overlook elevated rates of suicide. All of this to try and bury the anger and despair of the situation they have unwittingly been dropped into. This is no way to live, much less structure a functional civilization.

        These are the sort who will claim to be good Christians, and putatively speak against all the above debauchery and accumulated human misery of leftist ideology, and yet their very actions feed the beast system that perpetuates those ideologies, because they can’t admit to themselves that the rat race is over and the rats won. They are still locked into playing a game they have already lost. In so doing they effectively invalidate their claimed objections to fake and gay clown world.

        They are fat, comfortable and content being part of the system that is destroying them, and moreso their progeny, by making the purchase of homes unattainable for their own children (and often not leaving homes to them to inherit, preferring instead to sell to the highest bidder), that has turned healthcare in an extortion racket intentionally designed to asset strip every living being in the country to their last penny (if given the chance) and in which their white collar paper pushing cubicle job produces nothing of value, yet affords them a 6 figure salary and a nice suburban home with 2 rental cars in the garage and a nice hardwood floor.

        They got theirs, so won’t rock the boat. I can almost understand the reluctance to be ostracized and cast out, but will still publicly excoriate them for their complicity in perpetuating this farce. We are at the point that survival of any part of human endeavor worth preserving is now an existential crisis. This isn’t one drinking fountain for whites and one for coloreds. Taken to it’s logical conclusion, this is no drinking fountain, money, food or even right to exist for whites, outside of the sanctified ruling class that thinks they will rule over a brown horde.

        Yet these good conservstives still want to be tolerant and conciliatory towards their enemies – many of whom have clearly identified themselves as such of late – thinking that will somehow spare them the horror and indignity of what is inbound.

        And these are the ones who should rightly be concerned about all I’ve recounted above – and more – because they can see it (sort of) but apparently just cannot deal with the discomfort of it all. On the other hand, the white upper class cosmopolitan liberals I couldn’t give two fucks about. They can be disposed of with nary a concern to me, as they are the functional enemies of civilization. Their beliefs are actively driving it’s deconstruction in real time.

        They are too stupid to survive what is coming, and their fate will be well deserved for having squandered a first world standard of living in a prosperous country by pissing it all away to assuage their feelings, and to posture before their like minded brethren, who are positively orgasmic at such displays of fake and gay fealty to false virtue. That they will have dragged the rest of us into the inferno is all the more reason to despise them.

        I’ve put my thoughts on the table. Now, as the ever popular meme says “change my mind.”

  3. Bear Claw

    Government has screwed and continues to screw everything up. Only the government can screw up a good thing. Get rid of the government and everything will revert to the mean amongst all men.

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