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That’s Sportsmanship!

Back in 1989 I believe it was, I took the ACT test to measure my general smartiness. I smoked that bitch with some ridiculous scores and, being back in the 80s, a few months later the mailbox exploded with offers from colleges and universities all across the fruited plains. My grades were not all that great because I was, and remain, generally academically lazy but those top percentile scores meant I could go just about anywhere I wanted as we were still mostly pre-affirmative action in college admission.

So of course I chose to go to academic powerhouse….Bowling Green State University. BGSU is a school in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) and is plunked down in the middle of miles of corn fields in some of the flattest ground in the world. It was an OK college experience, I was married for most of it so BGSU was a great place to punch the clock for four years to get my utterly useless but apparently critical four year degree. It was also the closest school to where I grew up and went to high school, and I would sometimes see multiple high school classmates from Anthony Wayne in a given day.

Anyway, today I see a news story about women’s college basketball in the WNIT and a girl in the picture was from Bowling Green. Here is a screenshot from the Fox News landing page….

Now based on that you might think that the White girl smacked the black girl but since you are one of my readers, you know that doesn’t seem to make sense. Then you watch the video….

The blaque Memphis player, Jamirah Shutes, sucker-punched the White Bowling Green player, Elissa Brett, in the handshake line. More of that class and impulse control. Earlier in the game Shutes apparently elbowed Brett in the face

Elissa Brett was apparently having a great game…..

Watch for the old “she called me a nigger!” defense from Jamirah Shutes, even though it looks like her team was beaten like a red-headed step-child and she is just a poor loser.

Fortunately Shutes is being charged with assault but I doubt anything will end up happening to her. There just don’t seem to be many consequences when the 13%ers act like 13%ers.


  1. George True

    I saw that story earlier today. I knew without even looking at any video that Jamirah was the sucker puncher and she was Blaque. After all, have you ever known or even heard of any White girl with a name like Jamirah?

    • Arthur Sido

      The blaque is well known for their poor sportsmanship. Someone should have told the White girl to never relax but at BGSU the only blacks are a few athletes and some affirmative action folks. Night life in BGSU looked like a Hitler Youth rally, and I mean that in the best possible way.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Our division 1-A HS competitions were fierce, but we still respected the Marquess of Queensberry rules, no post-play handshakes necessary. I recall that it was de rigueur on the b-ball court to raise your hand in acknowledgement and acceptance of a foul when it was leveled against you. Do they even do that anymore? I sincerely doubt that the homies practice anything so noble today, since that is likely seen as “acting White”. And, of course, we are in an era where negroes can do no wrong.

    So the sista threw an elbow at Becky Whitebread. Ain’t no thang in da ‘hood, and I have no doubt that the sista will claim bias and racism in the officiating. I am reminded of Whoopie-cushion Goldberg blaqq-‘splainin’ Micheal Vick’s dog-fighting hobby by stating that forcing dumb animals to fight to the death was just a southern black cultural thing, no harm and no foul for those of the proper complexion.

    My negro fatigue has progressed into a serious case of dindu flu.

  3. saoirse

    Had it been the other way around that fat little soprano-voiced newscaster would have tried and convicted the white girl on the air. No “we’re still unsure what happened” bullshit.
    However, if “Becky” is a shitlib (this IS college) then she got a good dose of nigger reality, fuck her and her team!

  4. Historic Bicycle Horn Czar

    Cat fight? Ain’t nobody got time for that but I’ll root for the YT always.
    They said I could read at a 12th grade level in elementary school after a test.
    The Rorschach test looked like a big nose if you know what I mean. (honk!)
    I’ve always wanted a bicycle horn and one day I will have one.

  5. Blackdog

    “It’s unclear what led up to this altercation.”
    What’s unclear?
    I can tell you in very simple terms, with great certainty what led up to it.
    Just look.

  6. Brother John

    I saw this headline elsewhere, and I saw “Jamirah” and “punches” (or words to that effect), and although the name provided no immediate clue as to what sex we were talking about, the color was immediately obvious.

  7. Milton

    Boo hoo. Back when I played organized sport-ice hockey in Detroit, during poorly officiated games fisticuffs frequently broke out. And yes, we “shook” hands after and fisticuffs happened there too.

    Sports is hard. Competition should be fierce. Get that chick’s number and settle up with her next time.

    And quit being a pussy.

  8. Dr. Hollowpoint

    Back in the 70s wasn’t there a song with lyrics something like, “I got spearchuckin’ pneumonia and the fuzzy-wuzzy flu”?

  9. Phil Ossifer

    I was waiting for this article ever since I saw the story. (I went to the MAC school in Oxford.)

    Wouldn’t the closest school to you have been UT, or TU as they were calling it in the late 80s/early 90s?

    • Arthur Sido

      I still often call it TU. In Waterville we were pretty close to BGSU, it might have been a couple more miles than Toledo but it was an easier drive. After I was married we were in Oregon, Ohio and that would have been much closer to UT but I was always thought UT seemed skanky.

      • Phil Ossifer

        Agreed. Took one ACT at BGSU, then took another at UT. Never could relax at UT and did much more poorly. Waste of a day and $80.

  10. Leo

    Oook. Oook oook.

    So glad I don’t have to be anywhere near those “people” anymore.

    We made excuses for them forever. Some still do.

  11. Jeffrey Zoar

    Maybe it was because of the slo mo but it didn’t look like much of a punch to me.

    If you wanted to talk about black athletes behaving badly there was the Alabama basketball player shooting incident.

  12. J. Smith

    When crap like that happened at my school it was a full on white/black fight and riot. Happened so many times i lost count. People are pussies today.

    On a positive note, NAACP is putting out a travel warning for the free-range kids to avoid Flo’rida its not safe for them, after they murder two brothers during spring break in miami. We have no use for outdated farm equipment. Other than miami and orlando we take our law and order serious down here and FAFO rules are way in effect. Welcome my cracker brothers, come on down the water is fine. Cracker is a Floridian term of endearment down here, a compliment to the working man, as cattlemen used whips to move cattle, they were called crackers. Makes me proud to be called one and so should you.

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