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Speaking Of Yoofs Gone Wild

When dey ain’t rioting, dey brawling, a way down south in Weeseeanna….

Massive school brawl involving 200 people leads to hospitalized officer, 10 arrests

A massive brawl broke out Wednesday morning on a school campus in Louisiana resulting in a hospitalized officer and multiple arrests.

Baton Rouge officials said 10 people were arrested at East Baton Rouge Readiness Alternative School after multiple fights involving both students and parents broke out across the school’s grounds…..

….The school is an alternative school home to students in grades 9-12 who were suspended or expelled from other East Baton Rouge Parish public schools.

Entire schools dedicated to “scholars” that have been expelled from other East Baton Rouge public schools. If you watch the video in the linked story you will be shocked to see that virtually every “student” involved (I might have missed one) was of the black persuasion. East Baton Rouge Schools are mostly black, as the city itself is majority black, but the “Readiness Alternative School”, which I believe is also known as East Baton Rouge Readiness Superintendent’s Academy, is extra black. The latest data I could find was from 2018 and there were only 90 students at the school, 85 black. Not sure how they had 200 people in a brawl unless their numbers have jumped post-Covid. Data is from East Baton Rouge website.

It is always sketchy when I try to do maffs, but I believe that is a population of around 94% black yoofs and the other 6% are just “Other”, which I assume is some flavor of mestizo. Zero White students attend this juggernaut of academia. Check out those ACT scores! A composite score of 16 places you firmly in the bottom third of test takers (using current data). I also wonder how a school that was graded “F” for at least 5 years running suddenly scored a “B”. I am sure it is a result of the leadership of superintendent Dr. Sito Narcisse, the son of Haitian squatters immigrants, and the Mayor-President of Baton Rouge, Sharon Weston Broome. Seriously, the mayor of Baton Rouge is the “Mayor-President”. Pretty grandiose for a city of less than a quarter million people.

With stats like that, who would have foreseen a massive 200 yoof brawl?


  1. AZFloyd

    Lol., that one nigger in uniform couldnt help but to punch the yuff in the head. Not that the LEO wasnt entitled. But you have to know the kid on the receiving end will get a nice paycheck before Christmas.
    And the useless white talking head, “this behavior will not be tolerated”. 200 people participated but only 10 got arrested. Sure, whatever token white dude.

  2. saoirse

    Regarding ‘southron’ states; did anyone notice that the push to criminalize “hate speech” – especially the “anti-semitic” type – is gaining ground in GA. FL. SC. & VA?
    Niggers (among others) are the shock troops of the jews. Chimp-outs will increase exponentially. Read the Protocols Of Zion. None of this is happening in a vacuum!

  3. Jim Wetzel

    Your maffs, Mr. Sido, are impeccable.

    I’m sorry, I said that all wrong. “Yo’ maffs be da bomb.” Don’t know if I got that right, but it’s closer. Don’t feel like typing any references to maternal fornication today.

    That reminds me: did’ja hear the one about the proud 13% baby mama? She say, “My baby just say his first half-a-word today. He say ‘mother.’ “

  4. anon

    I read somewhere else that the two girls scheduled the fight via text. I’d bet word spread like wildfire on social media about a ‘black grrlz catfight’ on such-a-day & such-a-time.
    Perhaps there was a ‘must attend’ parents conference on problem chirren.
    Once the action started, it was probably Facebook livestreamed, which drew more onlookers.
    If there were bebe mommas & bebe daddies, as well as ex-bebe daddies & ex-bebe mommas, side slices & ex-hookups in the building, tensions & emotions would be high.
    The 80 I.Q. crowd thinks with their ‘feelz’ and not their heads.
    I’m sure more details will come out in the days & weeks ahead.

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