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Racism Or Just Garden Variety Stupidity

These sort of stories make the rounds on a regular basis….

Study: Sudden deaths of Black babies rise

Sudden, unexpected infant deaths for Black babies are on the rise.

According to a study published in Monday’s Pediatrics journal, the rate of these deaths for Black infants in 2020 was nearly three times higher than the rate for white babies and rose above Native American infant deaths.

The lowest rates of sudden infant death were found among non-Hispanic Asian and Hispanic infants, the study said.

When dey black babies be all the time dying, it must be RAYCIZM!

I’ll skip ahead to the money quote…..

Those involved with the research said the racial disparity of the infant deaths “reflect our societal failures.”

The report comes from the Pediatrics journal, published by the American Academy of Pediatricians, and like most trade groups within the medical field, the AAP appears to be full on “woke”. What I found interesting was the sentence that immediately preceded the claim that our society has somehow “failed” because black babies be dying all the damn time….

Among the causes of death cited: accidental suffocation or strangulation while in a crib.


Did society fail these stronk blaque mamas of colour by not providing sufficient warnings about the danger of suffocating or strangling your baby? Or are blaque wahmens not smart enough to recognize the very obvious dangers of entangling object in cribs, something that White, Asian and mestizo moms have figured out?

Then I went to the actual article, something very few people likely bothered to do, content instead to accept at face value that White people have once more failed blacks. What I found was not surprising….

Read that again: “Why the SUID rate increased for non-Hispanic Black infants is unknown“. In other words they have no idea why this is happening but that doesn’t stop them from blaming “society” at large, iow White people, for black moms putting items in cribs that could lead to suffocation or strangulation. There definitely is a significant disparity by race when it comes to “Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths” or SUIDs….

That is not in dispute but what is debatable is the “why”. The lazy answer is “racism” and that is the answer that gets you published and your future research funded. That alternative explanations will not be considered is another testament to the degraded state of medical science and research. Instead we get ridiculous “solutions” like this:

In contrast to many middle- and high-income countries, the United States lacks large-scale support for families, including but not limited to lactation assistance to increase human milk feeding rates, home visiting programs to support families in their home and help identify and address unsafe sleep conditions, and support for maternal mental health, particularly in the postpartum period. Our lack of guaranteed paid family leave means that parents may be forced to stop human milk feeding before they would like, parents are more desperate for nighttime sleep and thus, may turn to less safe sleep practices, and infants are often cared for by a variety of caregivers, not all of whom are adequately educated on safe sleep practices.

This is not a solution to a real problem based in actual science and medicine, it is a strictly political position that is being pushed under the guise of “Won’t someone think of the (black) children?”. Paid family leave, hugely expensive home visiting programs that assume black women are too dumb to care for their own children and a push to further medicate America’s already heavily drugged population doesn’t make any sense at all. We have raised 8 children, often with 2 or even at times 3 in diapers, and sleep was infrequent and inadequate, but we still managed to figure out that we ought not put strangulation hazards in their cribs.

Even if their claims are accurate, it begs the question: why is this not impacting all racial groups? Sure blacks are poorer on average but there are plenty of impoverished and overworked Whites, Asians and mestizos. Not every Asian living in America is wealthy and not every black is poor. In fact, mestizos have a lower rate of SUID than Whites, despite Whites having higher average incomes. Clearly there is something more at play here. The report even slips this in:

All of these factors potentially contributed to the increased rate of SUID seen in 2020 for non-Hispanic Black [sic] infants.

The key words there are “potentially contributed”, as that tells you that this is strictly guesswork at best. “Potentially” means that these factors might have been involved, but then again they might not have been, and “contributed” tells you that even if they were involved, they were not the sole or even the primary reason for the disparity. The entire article is nothing but empty assertions to support a political position that was already predetermined before any research was conducted. Again, it is social science, not medical science.

Could it be that sub-Saharan Africans have developed an evolutionary strategy of having lots of children and providing them with less attention as the mom went off in search of a new mate, while hoping some survive to adulthood while Asians and Europeans tend to have smaller families and are more focused on raising those children because of the harsher climate where they lived? African women are notorious for letting their children be raised by relatives, hence the “it takes a village”. The reason it takes a village to raise a child is that mama is out catting around, leaving the children in the care of others. That seems more plausible to me than black moms leaving suffocation hazards in cribs because they don’t have paid family leave or adequate social services, especially since black women are wildly disproportionate users of social welfare programs.

Or hell, maybe black women are just not great mothers.


  1. Keep Me Safe Mommygov

    Are they upset about the potential loss of an EBT card and SNAP, WIC benefits?
    Saw a hilarious dating profile where the woman stated that she worked hard for her state benefits and wanted a pre-nup agreement just in case.

  2. mike fink

    I seem to recall a recent story about a prego sheboon being killed in the act of an attempted car jacking. Clearly that is normal behavior for an expectant mother.

  3. Skeptic

    I think there’s a case to be made that, rather than evolving, American Negroes have significantly DEvolved over the last generation or two. That the less societal controls on them, the more they revert to their baser, most feral instincts. I’m sure this is a product of that devolution.

  4. Heath J

    You’ve managed to put my usual “eh, monkey business” into a well thought out and supported post.

    You’re a better man than I

      • Heath J

        Sisyphean task my friend, but you’re doing good work. I just recently found your site, think it was from Big Country Expat..

        Thanks for the the content! Your posts make the point a lot of us are already thinking but can’t articulate without being called Nazis. Best part is I can actually share your stuff with normies.

  5. Yankee Terrier

    Had a coworker from Nigeria, he was obviously black, and very very anti American black. He stated that the contention of most of west Africa was that when they had wars, the losers became slaves. They then sold those slaves to the next buyer in line (Arabs, Europeans,other black countries, etc) He said that overall the Americas got the bottom of Africa’s gene pool for several centuries. They came from tribes that in his words ” failed the Darwin test” . We found this guy to be pleasant, and never dared to agree with him do to possible corporate surveillance/ tattlers etc. No great lesson to derive, but makes me chuckle, since Africa is a shit hole and a train wreck, and the Africans consider American blacks to be horribly defective and are glad to be rid of them.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      One of the enduring memories from the time I spent in Africa was the puzzlement of black Africans over why our negroes over here call themselves African. Numerous ones expressed this to me. This was a couple of decades ago. I remember thinking that if all of them thought this, then surely the passage of time would expose this custom of the American negro to the ridicule it has always deserved. Little did I know

    • why

      I work with quite a few Caribbean blacks (healthcare). They can’t stand American blacks (I’m in an inner-city trauma hospital). It’s actually quite humorous to watch – Caribbean blacks calling American blacks lazy and stupid. Admin doesn’t know which way to go……. and yes, we watch and grin….

  6. Xzebek

    After reading that our child rearing system is so deficient by not having lactation services, mental health support, home visits and more paid maternity leave, it’s a wonder we have managed to propagate the species at all. Heh

  7. KDOG

    This is yet another example of the quote I read here (from either Art or one of his commenters), “a failed race requiring permanent custodial care”.

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