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Our Next War Is Going To Be Spectacular

Assuming we eventually get entangled in a peer/near-peer war against Russia and/or China in the near future, who is going to do the fighting?

Holeee crap.

From the article…

It’s no secret that the U.S. military is struggling to find people who are fit for service these days. Maintaining health and wellness among its existing members has also become a challenge.

A Department of Defense report cited during a Feb. 16 congressional hearing offered a hard pill to swallow: 77 percent of Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 are unqualified physically to enter the armed forces. That’s a 6 percent increase from 2017, which has added to the struggle to find new recruits in every branch of the military.

One of the major hurdles recruiters now face is obesity, which has become a dominant health challenge for Americans. As of 2020, the prevalence of obesity in the adult population hit nearly 42 percent.

In addition, research shows that government food subsidies are a significant contributing factor.

One 2022 study found a link between receiving food assistance and a greater chance of becoming obese through the consumption of unhealthy foods. That’s especially true for participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

My wife and I talked about this last night. Whatever your opinion of the food stamp/SNAP program, it seems to make no sense to allow people to spend their free food bux on Snickers, Doritos and Mountain Dew. Those aren’t “food”, they are just obesity and diabetes in a can/wrapper. The only way it makes sense is for the sugar lobby that pushes for sugar in every possible food. Just look at almost anything in your pantry or fridge and you will likely find sugar as an ingredient.

Continued, emphasis mine….

In September 2022, a U.S. Army general bluntly said that young Americans are either too obese, too sick, or too criminal to serve in the military.

“Some of the challenges we have are obesity, we have pre-existing medical conditions, we have behavioral health problems, we have criminality, people with felonies, and we have drug use,” Lt. Gen. Xavier Brunson told The Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Washington….

…..“Each year, more than $60 million goes toward replacing the 1,200-plus first-term enlistees discharged for excess weight,” Irina Tsukerman, a security analyst and the owner of Scarab Rising, told The Epoch Times.

She said high obesity rates have narrowed the recruiting pool considerably, coupled with “falling intelligence and education standards.” She also noted that, along with reduced resiliency and flexibility, the military is less prepared to meet “asymmetrical or conventional challenges.”

Too criminal, too fat, too stupid. Well, isn’t that quite a slogan. Sure as shit beats “Be all you can be”. Look at this picture from the article.

That fat fuck in the front looks like Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket. Sure, I couldn’t meet the basic requirements to enlist but I am in my 50s. When I was of prime recruitment age, 17-24? I was pretty close to the minimum body fat, was strong as hell and could run forever. At 51 I am still in better shape than a significant percentage of younger people I see today. Geez, who do you have to piss off to get assigned to Army fat camp, running a program to try to get 350 La’quisha to the point where she could meet the already diminished minimum standards?

When World War II broke out and the U.S. started drafting men, we had a country full of young guys who were in pretty decent shape and could shoot. Most were incredibly motivated to go fight. One of the most powerful moments in HBO’s Band Of Brothers was one of the vets recalling that in his little town 3 guys were 4F, meaning they were physically disqualified from going, and those men were so distraught that they killed themselves.

Today most of a graduating high school class anywhere in the country wouldn’t be qualified and most wouldn’t care. I knew an old WW II veteran when I lived in northern Michigan, he and his brother were tool and die guys or some kind of machinist and weren’t allowed to enlist because they were needed to make armaments but they lied to try to get in, got caught one place but eventually snuck into the Navy where they were on (I think) dive bombers in the Pacific. Different times indeed and that is largely the result of different people living here. Do you think it is a coincidence that so many recruits are just too unintelligent?

We keep poking the bear and the dragon, but when they poke back how are we supposed to fight a real war with a bunch of lardasses who can’t hump a pack the length of a football field? I am glad Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey isn’t around to see what has become of America.


  1. Reader

    Agreed with all points.

    When the first 2 carriers are sunk and few overseas bases are potholes, they’ll do a draft.

    Fat-bodies are still BODIES.

    Sad but expected IMO.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Heh. That’s just a damn shame they can’t get what they know they really need to send through the meat grinder this time. Good thing I’m well beyond the age I’d be considered recruitment material (well, except in Ukraine where they’re now down to the point of taking any male between 10 and 70) because I’d tell them straight up to fuckoff.

    They can go on worshipping their strong independent women and their fabulous faggots. They can suck a surgically fashioned tranny dick for all I care.

    They’ll get nothing from me after proving the entirety of “my” (ha) country’s government is an organized crime mafia staffed by a bunch of arrogant shit disturbers who write checks with their mouths that their asses can’t cash. That they somehow think they can now appeal to my sense of patriotism and civic duty – which no longer exists, as they’ve been beaten out of me – is the height of stupid hubris.

    The gact they are now spooked by the realization of being utterly unprepared for a fight they are picking for the stupidest of reasons makes me chuckle. They got the rainbow army they wanted, let them go to battle with it. I’ll hang back and watch the carnage of their chosen misfits with a smirk and a hard on.

    The much vaunted – and until about a week ago before they begin to shift the narrative (yeah, I see what they’re doing there) – much despised straight white male has largely checked out, and rightfully so. It occurs to me that the only way the hard lessons that need to be learned will be taken to heart is for those of us who are actually capable to to allow those who aren’t to be utterly destroyed. Nothing sears the mind like millions dead. Just ask the Red Sea pedestrians, they’ve made an entire industry out of it for 80 years and counting.

    Bottom line is that if you act like a bitch, expect to get slapped. Besides which, we are burdened with endless scores of human debris. Let the house cleaning commence.

  3. Exile1981

    I suspect from things i have heard that theplan is to use drones and robots to do the fighting. You dont have to be fit if your in a chair 5000 miles away pushing buttons and if your not feeling bullets wizz past you its much easier be brave and not see the enemy as a person.

    • Sane Max

      I do not at all disagree with your comment, but within the memory of this COF (crotchety old fart) the Navy and the Air Force could pound the living daylights out of a particular piece of land, but in the end, somebody would send us ground founders to pound the ground in our size 12s. Because if you don’t have boots on the ground, you don’t have the ground.

      • Arthur Sido

        Not a military vet but that makes sense. We could pound the Iraqi Republican Guard or Taliban positions all day but to hold the territory meant boots on the ground.

  4. Moe Gibbs

    If the armed forces took their own recruiting standards seriously and applied them rigorously, there would be virtually no black women in uniform, because, a) nearly 80% of adult black females are obese or worse, and b) ummm…cognitive testing be racist.

    I keep hearing the question raised as to whether or not individual members of the military would fire upon their fellow citizens if the order came to do so. I have no doubt that indoctrinated sheep will do as ordered. Until they panic. If it came to a genuine firefight against comparable force, or spooky guerilla action where the ‘enemy’ snipes and retreats and then snipes again, my money is on the sheep turning tail and fleeing, courts martial be damned.

    • Brother John

      Not for nothing, but if the political class took the real mission of the US Armed Forces seriously at all, the number of women of *any* color would be barely detectable.

      But of course, admitting large numbers of women, followed by large numbers of homosexuals, followed by all the freaks and degenerates that have followed since, has had *one unspoken objective*: to create a military that *will* fire upon civilian populations in the USA.

  5. J. Smith

    After 31 years, retired out of the E-ring, ive seen enough, i dont care anymore, still got two kids serving, theyre doing their 4 and out. Let it all fall, war on everyone, there will be no fixing ANYTHING until all levels of accountability are restored, and quite honestly, Im tired of talking about it. Its all ground clutter on the horizon.

  6. anon

    The more incompetent, the better for us as it’s just another weapon against whites at this point.
    Exceptions are just that, exceptions. And so many still make excuses to stay in whether or not they fought against getting the clotshot they still chose to stay in. They might say some bullshit about fighting the system within the system but that is pure cope when they do not have the power and still follow orders.

    I wasted too much time in that shit when I was younger, and it was all for lies. I got out, many have. Any still in when things go down have made their choice. The same goes for LE and similar.

  7. saoirse

    The upside to this is:
    Politicians won’t have the resources to start another illegal war, and if they do it anyway they loose big time, things fall apart rapidly stateside and the collapse begins. Nothing changes here until it all falls down.
    Also, there won’t be enough qualified troops available to help the porkers put down any rebellion. I would rather face mostly gamers, muds and fat motor morons than crack units that can fight.
    So why are you lamenting the travails of the military?? Smedley Butler had the criminal bastards pegged ninety years ago!

  8. Warren e shafer

    Things sure have changed for the worse since I joined the Marine Corps in the late 70’s. I was in pretty good shape, could run well. Now I would be leary of joining now. Why would I as a White Male want to serve a government who says I and my kind are guilty for all the evils of the world.

    • Arthur Sido

      When we were young parents in the 1990s I would have considered the military a legitimate choice for my children but today my kids will go serve the globohomo anti-White occupational government over my dead body

  9. Jeffrey Zoar

    The regime has taken the military for granted for a long time. They throw so much money at it, they just figure it must be the best. We are not talking about serious people. Compounding the problem is the Pentagon’s resistance to oversight. It has been a very long time since anybody outside the Pentagon told the Pentagon what to do.

    So if and when it does finally get deployed against a near peer enemy, and I’m thinking that’s looking like more of a when, the only guarantee is surprises.

    • Arthur Sido

      The military stopped being about winning wars and became nothing but a giant money laundering machine decades ago, without the plausible threat of the Soviets we have been making up new enemies just to keep the machine churning.

  10. Xzebek

    If another real war occurs-against another first tier military, not an insurgency- we are doomed.
    The lack of physical capacity and strength of most military age men in our county is disheartening. It is also not surprising given that the type of playing and activities that would lead to physical fitness are overtly or tacitly disapproved of. Eating thousands of more empty calories than one consumes, however, is not disapproved of.

    • Arthur Sido

      It is worse as they get younger, boys who are middle school age or younger are just soft looking. Most wear glasses, are physically weak, emotionally timid.

  11. Gryphon

    I suspect that once Open Warfare begins between Russia and FUSSA, the Shock Effect of some of (the ones they have publicized) Weapons now on-line with the Red Army is going to create a political crisis like we have Never Seen. Just the Tactical (verging on Strategic) Missile Systems being used in the Ukraine have No Equivalent in the ‘West’. Never Mind that there is No Defense against them. This means that (as the Bear has said before) the Command and Control Centers of NATO will be Targeted and Destroyed within Minutes of the War going ‘Hot’.

    The FUSSA Military has No Defense against non-Nuclear “Strategic” Weapons of the Russian Rocket Forces. An RS-28 “Sarmat” War Rocket can launch a Dozen “Avangard” self-guiding Glider Shells over the SOUTH Pole and North into the U.S. where there is No Radar to see them. These Shells can be loaded with Nukes, or (as has been Tested) a Solid Shot- a One-Ton Block of Tungsten, that when it Hits the Ground at over 20,000 Miles an Hour causes a several-Kiloton Explosion, as well as Penetrating over Half a Mile into the Ground.

    Were the White House, Pentagram, “Langley” and the NSA to “Disappear” without a Mushroom Cloud in sight, the Confusion and Chaos this would cause would Disrupt the ‘government’ so completely that it rather wouldn’t matter if any part of the “Chain of Command” or “Continuity of government” would have any Effect. Even If, some Nuclear Forces could “retaliate”, the Extensive Anti-Missile and Civil Defense capabilities of Russia would prevent that Nation from taking any meaningful Damage.

    • mike

      Just curious if a weapon strike like that would be similar to a large meteor hit? It would probably be difficult for people outside of the deathzone to know the difference. The lack of radiation as they days go by would make anyone with a survey meter wonder if the device is giving accurate readings.

      • Gryphon

        Mike- as far as I’ve been able to figure out, from Unclassified Russian sources, it is effectively a ‘small’ Meteor Strike. Last Summer, a Weapon of this type was used against a “Soviet-Era” Ammunition Bunker in the Ukraine, that of course, the Rocket Forces had exact Co-Ordinates. They had a Spotter Drone in the Area, and all it saw was a Vertical Streak of White Light, and Explosion at the Surface that wasn’t very big; but the Round went through over 600 Meters of Rock, and set off the Ammo. The Mountain came apart like a Volcano. Most of the Damage seemed to be from That, so using it against a Command Post Bunker will Destroy it, without a lot of “collateral damage”. FWIW, I am about 50 kilometers from “Mount Weather” the old National Command Post Bunker west of the “Swamp”. It is still in Active Use, and a very likely Target for this kind of Weapon.

  12. Heath J

    I’m conflicted. My Corps of 20 years ago had standards, and duped us into fighting a “righteous war of retribution for 9/11.” And we kicked the shit out of a bunch of goat rapists. Hooray!

    These days? I don’t even care. The wars were both bullshit and my former branch trades on evoking past glory and tradition to get fresh meat. “Honor, Courage, Commitment”. Great. To what?

    Smedly Butler was right the whole time. It’s a goddamned racket.

    • Steve

      I can empathize. I was in the airborne a little over thirty years ago (When I was in, they could still hit you.) and I was sickened with what I saw back then. At Airborne School we did “Feet and knees together” all day long until we had it right, except for the females. They always got a pass. One of the instructors actually told me and another guy, “Don’t take it to personally, in the event of a national emergency we pull the females jump status and put them well behind our own lines.” and I remember thinking, “That’s just great! How many other guys got told that they had to wait for the next class to start before they could go just so Mary Sue and Chelsea could play too?” It made me friggen sick.
      I still talk to my old Sgt. Major and he was always big on getting people to join. Now he’s out and on his own farm and he’s told his grandkids, “Don’t you dare get into the service! Not only is it a pale shadow of what it was when me and your dad were in, those in charge are out of their minds! There’s nothing left to fight for anyway.” The last part gets the grandkids attention. He elaborates by telling them that not only are the problems today problems that our govt made, but that those that made them will have no problem racking up 30k casualties in order to fix their problem, only to go out and create bigger ones and not think twice about it.”

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