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One In Twenty Five

It doesn’t sound like much. 1 out of 25 people or 4% is a small percentage in most context. Most, but not all. What if the context is something pretty negative, something like murder?

This is a little longer video from American Renaissance but it really digs into one of my favorite topics: racial crime statistics, and specifically black murder rates.

Jared Taylor bases his data on a report from a Substack writer that goes by “Datahazard” and I already subscribed to his Substack: The 100,000; Understanding Inter-Racial Murder in the USA from 1968-2021 Crime Stats

There is a lot that is fascinating in this video and the report it is based on, such as black women overall having a higher murder rate than White men of any age group. For example, in the most murder-prone age group, 15-24, White men commit murder at a rate of 8.3 per 100,000 but black women are more than double that rate, 16.9 per 100,000. A black woman aged 15-24 is twice as likely to be a murderer than a White male. That damn racist per capita strikes again!

The biggest take-away for me was the overall likelihood of a black man to commit a murder. Just from the raw numbers that is 4.5% of men but as I thought during the video, that might be a bit high. Still…..

Datahazard concludes that if you made the most extreme assumptions about murderers who kill more than one person, you could bring the lifetime likelihood that a black man will commit murder down to no less than 3.3 percent, but for various reason he explains at his substack, he thinks the correct number would be around 4 percent or, that at 2021 rates, one in every 25 black men will kill at some point during his life. For white men the number would be about one in 425.

Try to wrap your head around that. 1 out of 25 black men will kill someone at some point in his life. That is kind of hard to comprehend so I decided to do a little thought experiment using the Detroit Public School system. From their website we see this:

In their 106 schools, the DPS have an enrollment of 53,406 students. Of those, 82% are black which means around 43,793 black students in K-12. If we assume that 4% of blacks will commit a murder in their lifetime, that means that Detroit public schools has (43,793 x .04)…:

1,751 future murderers enrolled in Detroit Public Schools right now

With 106 schools, each school has on average 16 future murderers in class this morning. When I was in school I was a member of the Future Farmers of America, but maybe Detroit should have a chapter of Future Murderers of America? Baltimore is even worse….

With 75,995 students and 73% of those being black, that means ((75,995*.73)*.04) Baltimore public schools have 2,219 future (and a certainly a few current) murderers enrolled.

On the other hand, only one out 425 White men will murder someone in their lifetime. The local school system I attended K-12, Anthony Wayne local schools, has 4,431 students. Assuming that 4,000 of those students are White we can guess that at least among White students in that school system, there are less than 10 future murderers in the group and probably significantly less than that as Anthony Wayne is a pretty affluent school district. I don’t know of anyone that I went to school with that has killed anyone but if you graduate from Detroit Public Schools, you probably know at least a few people who have committed murder before they even graduated.

Remember the post just yesterday (16-D Chess From DeSantis?) about the NAACP warning blacks that it isn’t safe to travel to Florida? When you have a population where one out of every twenty five is a current or future murderer, who is really the safety hazard?

Watch the entire video when you have the time and also pay close attention to some of the charts like this one:

This chart shows the number of excess black murders of White each year…

This nets out to nearly 100,000 more White Victims of interracial murder than Black Victims of interracial murder from 1968-2021; this averages out to about 1,800 more White Victims of interracial murder every year for the past 54 years.

I sound like the proverbial broken record here but read that again and give it some thought. Every year on average, blacks kill 1,800 more Whites than Whites murder blacks. Around 100,000 Whites are dead at the hands of blacks since 1968, or the equivalent of basically the entire population of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

You won’t hear the media talking about this and in fact bringing this up is a great way to get yourself “cancelled”. Still, I would recommend sharing the video with your normie friends or share this post, you can’t post my stuff directly on Facebook as my domain is completely blocked but you can share my Substack: Dissident Thoughts

The warning about never relaxing around blacks isn’t based in racism but in cold, hard facts and statistics.


  1. Anon

    It’s not just 4% who are terrible. So many will commit other crimes, violent and nonviolent, and even out of the ones that don’t, they still will support and advocate for the ones that do including jury nullification. Just look at some nigress who shits out a dozen Jeveriouses, each of those is a strain on the system even if none of them decided to go out and kill.
    They are all dangerous animals and they should all be removed.
    It’s an incentive to keep working on my investments and break away from the system as much as possible too, to be around them less and to support them via taxes less.

  2. saoirse

    Sheeit, evywon no dat scratistics be rayciss to black mens an wimmens!

    Would love to see an accurate poll on how many whites would kill any (and all) of the usual suspects if their family, friends, culture and race were undeniably faced with immediate deadly violence and extinction. Won’t ever see that poll because no one would risk taking it. Have to consult the crystal ball on that one.

  3. The Brothers Gibb

    Isn’t that odd how most of those cities were also in on the Dominion Stig Beal.
    They really don’t care about the LBJ quote of them voting for the CPUSA for 200 years as long as the gibs are going.

  4. Moe Gibbs

    A small quibble about that 1751 future murderers stat – it should be 4% of black male students, not all black students, as the delicate flowers of black sistahood have not yet caught up with their bruthas in the shoot-’em-up sweepstakes. Your overall point is quite valid, however. This is an entire demographic that has no place in civilized society.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    I think about the 1 in 25 every time one gets near me and I traverse a wide berth….. since you just never know what might be the thing to set him off, or when

  6. pyrrhus

    From a practical standpoint, people who live in cities with large black populations have known this for 50 years, especially normal black people…

  7. 3g4me

    Those statistics and numbers are based on those who’ve been caught. Go read about all the old, cold cases that are solved via modern DNA – they often end up arresting an old black grandfather who raped/murdered a White woman in his youth and got away with it for most of his life.

    The only blacks without a criminal record are those who haven’t yet been caught. I believe that, in real life, that 4% ought to be doubled.

    One out of 25 is far below what occurs in the real world.

    And, as others noted, even the few who don’t actually murder still rape and rob and assault White people. Add in those and it’s more on the order of 50-75% of blacks who are criminal by White civilizational standards.

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