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Nothing Is Safe From Their Endless Bitching

I’ve been saving this one.

The tweet itself is absolutely ridiculous but you have to go to the full story to get the real flava, Black Equestrians Want to Be Safe. But They Can’t Find Helmets. Notice it is a matter of safety, the message being that the White supremacist equine helmet industry is LITERALLY KILLING bLACK BODIES! by not designing helmets to fit over “natural hair”. From the full article, emphasis mine:

Chanel Robbins has been riding horses most of her life, ever since her grandmother traded a cow from their family’s farm in Ontario for a pony when she was 7.

Galloping through the fields on her pony, Star, offered an escape from thoughts that weighed on her — that she didn’t have a relationship with her biological parents, for instance, or that she was the only Black girl in the neighborhood, aside from her sister.

About eight years ago, she reconnected with her father, a native of Jamaica. As the two grew closer, Ms. Robbins decided to style her hair in locs, like her dad. But there was a problem: Her riding helmet no longer fit, and she couldn’t find one that did.

“I finally freaking feel like myself, and now society is asking me to change,” Ms. Robbins, 27, of Alliston, Ontario, said as she choked back tears. “I just want to be able to ride.”

Let’s break this down a little bit, utilizing a little of that racist maffs.

Chanel Robbins started to ride when she was 7 years old. She is apparently adopted into a White family, as we are told that Ms. Robbins and her sister are the only black girls in her neighborhood. That might explain why she was riding horses in the first place, living in Alliston, Ontario, a town of around 20,000 that is about 45 minutes to the north of Toronto and probably a lovely place to live. Her father is from Jamaica but she is fairly light complexed so I am guessing she is mixed race. She is as of the time of this story 27 years old. We are told she “reconnected” with her Jamaican father around 8 years ago, so when she was 19. By my calculations that means she was able to ride horses for at least a dozen years without any issues until something happened.

The something? She decided to change her hairstyle as a result of her absentee father, who apparently abandoned her for around 20 years (“she didn’t have a relationship with her biological parents”), showing back up in her life. The problem is one of her own creation as she was seemingly able to ride wearing a helmet for a dozen years until making a conscious decision to change her hairstyle to one that would not easily fit under a standard riding helmet. That doesn’t stop Ms. Robbins and the good folk at the New York Times from turning this into yet another contrived racial grievance controversy and it is another example of black people demanding others accommodate their choices.

A few additional problematic facts about this “controversy”.

Despite the silly term “natural hair”, dreadlocks are not “natural” in any sense. You have to put in a fair amount of effort to get your hair in dreads, unless you cheat and use extensions which are also not “natural”. Letting your hair grow long and then forming it into bulky “locs” is not “natural” in any sense, nor is it unique to black culture. Even Wikipedia admits that dreadlocks are found in cultures around the world and have been for thousands of years, all the way back to 1600 BCE in places like ancient Greece, Australia and the Aztecs of Central America. Somehow as they often do, blacks have latched onto dreadlocks and declared them to be the property of black culture, and charging anyone else daring to wear dreadlocks to be appropriating their “culture”.

It is also a matter of physics. Riding helmets are part of the equestrian aesthetic as well as being for safety. Women riding in “English equestrian” events have long worn helmets like this…

…along with the distinctive boots, riding breeches and jackets. Helmets are a container, designed to fit over the head to reduce the chance of head injury in a fall, something that happens to even the best riders. Actor Christopher Reeve went head first into the ground when his horse balked at a jump, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. But a container can only hold so much volume. In general a milk jug will hold about a gallon of fluid. It will not hold a gallon and a half of fluid. Likewise for a helmet to properly function it can hold a limited about of hair and still fit on the head in a way that will protect the head in the event of a fall. By intentionally growing and styling your hair in a manner that makes it exceptionally bulky, you are choosing to make it nearly impossible for a riding helmet to fit on your head.

It isn’t as though hair length is an issue only faced by blacks trying to ride horsies. When I was in high school I was on the wrestling team and even though I liked to wear my hair longer back in the 1980s, the rules stated your hair had to be fairly short so I wore it short because those were the rules. Some times a wrestler would have hair too long and got it cut by their coach using tape scissors. I didn’t like it but the rules exist for a reason. You will be shocked to learn that there are cases of black wrestlers who want to wear long “natural hair” being forced to cut dey bootiful blaque hair by evil White people.

But why can’t helmet manufacturers just make helmets to fit “natural” hair?! Must be racism, after all the NFL figured it out…

Companies that make equipment used in other sports have taken steps to adapt helmets and other gear to accommodate Black athletes’ natural hair.

Riddell, one of the leading manufacturers of helmets used by N.F.L. players, has developed a helmet with customized “precision-fit” padding, ensuring that any hairstyle will fit. And last year, the International Swimming Federation approved the Soul Cap, which accommodates thicker, curlier hair, for use in major competitions.

The second one is stupid, a stretchy cap worn by swimmers that doesn’t protect the hear isn’t even in the same category as a helmet. As for the NFL, those helmets are much larger, covering more of the head. There is an additional factor, namely that blacks make up around 60% of NFL players in a sports league that makes billions in revenue per year and is played by millions of men from Pop Warner through high school, college and the pros. Equestrianism on the other hand is much smaller sport and even the NYT story admits there just aren’t many blacks involved…

More racist math. Half of the members of the USEF disclose their race and half of 447,000 is 223,500. Of those 223,500 only one half of one percent are black, or around 1,117 members. Of the just over one thousand members, how many wear their hair in dreadlocks or some other intentionally bulky style that would require a major helmet modification? Don’t know but it certainly wouldn’t be all or even most of them. Not all riders are USEF members of course but then again not all riders wear helmets for shows. Western riders, as opposed to English as seen in the picture above, traditionally don’t wear helmets for shows. So in general you are talking about a small fraction of an already small number of riders nationally that need an accommodation.

In another accidental admission, the NYT article admits that it isn’t really a major problem.

Laura Qusen, chief operating officer at Tipperary Equestrian, said she was not aware of the challenges Black riders faced in finding helmets until Ms. Robbins, the rider from Ontario, wrote to the company in January.

In an interview, Ms. Qusen acknowledged that it was “clearly not a one-person problem” and committed to investigating it further. But she worried that developing a new helmet would require new safety standards, potentially driving up the cost of a product for which there might not be much demand.

“If it’s truly a manufacturing problem, anything is possible, but we’re talking years of development,” Ms. Qusen said.

The exchange with Ms. Qusen left Ms. Robbins in tears. She wondered if it was time to find a new sport, one that would make her feel like she mattered.

Oh shit, a black girl in Canada cried!

It left her in tears because a company that didn’t even realize there was an issue pointed out the very real problems with solving this problem that Ms. Robbins brought on herself with her completely voluntary hair style choice. For a company to design a product that appeals to a very small percentage of an already small and specialized customer base would be hugely expensive and time consuming and again, it wasn’t a significant enough problem to be on the radar of helmet manufacturers.

But the riders’ concerns have yet to reach Back on Track, a market leader that makes equestrian products, including helmets in a variety of shapes and sizes, with removable liners. In an interview, James Ruder, the chief executive, said the company’s helmets can accommodate most riders. He added that he had “never once heard” about a Black rider struggling with helmet fit.

“If you have an ‘oddity’ — and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the people who have weird hairstyles — but if you have a hairstyle that impacts the functionality of the helmet, you might just have to change it,” Mr. Ruder said.

In a follow-up interview, Mr. Ruder stood by his view that riders need to be aware that their hairstyle choices can affect helmet safety, and added that he intended no offense with his comments. “I’m bald, and some people find that weird,” he said. “It’s all relative.”

Of course as is usual with the media, the New York Times completely misquoted Mr. Ruder to make it seem as if he just didn’t give a shit about this issue and as as a result Back on Track issued a statement on their website: Helmet Safety Article

Few people will see their statement while millions will read the article and come away convinced that Back on Track is somehow “racist” for not accommodating a small fraction of potential customers. That makes me want to buy a helmet from Back on Track. On the other hand, James Ruder should have known better than to speak candidly with the media about an issue of race as “reporters” like McKenna Oxenden will gleefully lie and misrepresent to push their agenda. To be fair to Ms. Oxenden, apparently an equestrian herself, if you want to get published in major media in 2023 you have to write bullshit race-baiting stories. The editors of the New York Times have no interest in actual news and journalism, that is why Ms. Oxenden on behalf of the New York Times went to Canada to find some whiny oppressed black chick who is having a tantrum because her voluntary hair style is impacting her voluntary recreational activity.

Companies design and sell products to make money. That is how they work. If there was a market for a helmet sized for ridiculously bulky “locs”, then companies would make them. There isn’t and they don’t. Companies don’t make money producing one-off products unless they are so ridiculously expensive that no one could afford them, and that of course would also be racist.

I would be remiss if I also didn’t ask: why doesn’t some strong powerful don’t-need-no-man black woman start a company to design and market helmets for “natural” hair? The Small Business Administration trips over itself to loan money to women and blacks, so a blaque wahman that wanted to start a helmet business that caters to other blaque wahmen? That would be approved and funded in the blink of an eye. Why doesn’t Chanel Robbins start her own company rather than crying uncontrollably and demanding someone else fix the problem she caused for herself in the first place?

It does seem a bit odd that blacks haven’t invented a 13%er-friendly helmet, we are told over and over that blacks are these amazing, creative people who have invented all sorts of things like peanut butter, the automatic transmission and traffic lights! Of course none of that is true…

The bigger issue is that blacks and those that stir up and create out of thin air racial grievances in the media don’t want to solve problems, they want someone else to fix it for them and will have a tantrum if no one leaps up to take a huge financial loss to placate them. The charges of White fragility are so amusing because there is no group in America that is more emotionally fragile and prone to holding their breath and kicking their feet like blacks.

No matter where you go, no matter what you do, there will be some leftist media agitator, probably a White girl or a “fellow White people” type, that will find some way to declare that an entire industry, institution or group needs to be changed at great expense to accommodate blacks. Even when you they get what they want, they will still bitch about it and demand more.

It never ends.


  1. Anonymous White Male

    Another issue that you don’t touch on here is that this is not a “black” girl, anymore than Obama was a black man. When you look at almost all representations of “blackness” in the propaganda of the MSM, they are of mixed race. When you look at even the legitimate “black inventions”….excuse me while I chortle…..OK, done…..and you actually find pictures of them, they are almost to the man, quadroons, octaroons, or White! Blackness is not attractive and is not intelligent. It is the dregs of humanity. So, to make blacks more palatable to White women and men that identify as twats, you don’t see blacks. You invariably see mixed race people. There is one area, though where real black predominate. Mug shots.

      • Exile1981

        It says her grandmother. I suspect her mother got knocked up by the jamacian guy who ran off and then mom dumped her 2 daughters on her own parents.

      • J. Smith

        I keep asking, what percentage makes someone African, or black? The flawed science of anthropology keeps telling us that we all came from Wakanda so there is my answer. Even though i have blonde hair and blue eyes i put African and Caucasian on every demographic questionnaire. I have keloid scars so i must be a Wakandan. Funny spell check doesnt recognize Wakanda either.

        I loved the PBS special where they trace famous black celebrities genealogy, many of them come back as more white European than black percentage wise, but they still take the victim identity for the moral high ground win.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    I think the entire thing is fabricated to get attention. I bet she could fit her hair into the helmet if she really wanted to. But maybe not with it tied up on top of her head like we see in the picture. I’m sure I have seen some football players with huge afros, and dreadlocks, who wore helmets.

    We need a name for the phenomenon of the mulatto who is raised white, by whites, who turns viciously anti-white once they “discover” their racial “identity.” I submit the Octaroonipus Complex

  3. Big Ruckus D

    This uppity quadroon (damn, that’s a word that needs to make a comeback, just because it pissed them off; this thread is a good start) can get her (barely) black ass into the stables and shovel horse shit, since that’s all she’s spouting here. No helmet needed for that. And here I though blacks dreaded locks, because they force them to work harder at breaking in and stealing other peoples stuff.

    Further, her riding is definitely white privilege courtesy of her (foolishly generous) white adoptive parents. Betchyourass daddy mon down in Jamaica wouldn’t have indulged her horse riding hobby, even if he hadn’t ducked out for 20 some odd years and let a couple of virtue signalling honkies do the heavy lifting for his abandoned crotch fruit. No, white people with money – and lots of it, horse riding is expensive as all hell – made that happen. Way to be grateful there, bitch nigga.

    So, brown sugar tits here needs to STFU. But of course the whole point of this was to publicly bitch and play victim because raaaaaycism! Even if she were presented a helmet custom made to spec today and at no cost to her, she’d find something else racially motivated to bitch about for fun and profit.

    This is reason #8814 that the collapse just needs to come already. It will force entitled bishes like this one – irrespective of their level of melanin enhancement – to either shut up and play nice, or die. The race grievance hustling complex cannot exist once the fragile protective veneer of a decadent, first world society falls away. People need real problems to focus their minds on shit that matters, like not being raped by marauding warlords (see your fellow peeps in the Congo for a demo) or starving to death (see your other fellow POC’s in Ethiopia for that one) And they are going to get them, soon enough it appears.

    • Arthur Sido

      If you tried to tell her how good she had it, she would be horribly offended. After two decades of being raised by an adoptive White family giving her a dream come true upbringing, she embraces her father’s culture that apparently centers around knocking up White chicks and then abandoning them

  4. pyrrhus

    Mixed race adoptions often end up like this, ungrateful pampered swine, as we are seeing every day…Curiously, in my experience, real black kids often show gratitude toward their adoptive parents…

  5. Steve S6

    Kaperdick once suggested another black player let his fro grow. Guy replied, some of us actually put our helmets on and play.

  6. Roy Hobbs

    The money and wealth are running out to be able to worry such about trivialities and bravo sierra.
    It can’t be very much fun to go around in a gaslit cloud of agitprop while letting someone else drive your brain.
    Ugly thoughts eventually take a toll on the looks and physique.
    Colon recently tweeted that his parents are crypto racists like the ingrate that he is.
    Joe Montana might need his four SB rings polished and Colon isn’t busy.

    • Arthur Sido

      It’s going to happen in Canada where this ungrateful chick lives first, most of that country in the east anyway is so deeply cucked that they keep re-electing Justin Trudeau.

  7. LGC

    Funny that they aren’t worried about hard hats and other OHSA required safety gear at WORK to fit their specialty needs.

    OH right, that joke writes itself.

  8. saoirse

    I feel for the horse. A few more hours carrying that spoiled little overweight half-breed and it’ll be a sway back for sure. Add the weight of a specially designed helmet made just for nigger knots and horsey’s heading for the glue factory. PETA should charge her ass with animal cruelty!

  9. Memebro

    This post really hits close to home.

    I work in industry, where hard hats are a requirement. There is a black woman assigned to my area of the plant. She wears a huge, thick weave that looks like a pile of colored twine rope on top of her head. The hair literally sits 7-8 inches off the top of her head.

    Somehow, when it is required that she wear a hard hat (which is fairly rarely, because she’s a stronk blaque wahmen who gets to sit in an office all day while the productive men work) she somehow balances the hard hat on top of her weave, much like women in Africa carrying wicker baskets of fruit or something on their heads.

    If this was even 10-15 years ago, this wouldn’t have flown. Before “woke”, the management of a company could still set reasonable expectations of their employees, and enforce them. Crazy ethnic hair styles wouldn’t be excusable for violating the spirit of PPE regulations.

    Nothing shocks me anymore

    If we still had a

  10. Steve

    Is this a real thing? I thought all those pictures of wearing helmets and using a saddle without a horn were from faggoty prep schools and such. I have never seen anyone wear a helmet to ride a horse.

    Then again, when I was a kid, anyone whose mom made him wear a helmet to ride a bike would have been laughed at to the point of deathly embarrassment.

    Can you even imagine a bull rider or a saddle bronc rider putting on something so ridiculous?

  11. Steve

    Now wait a sec. That first pic shows a western saddle and the second roping cinch. That helmet is a f-ing prop, hoping people will give in to her grift.

    Geez, even quarter nogs….

  12. Pigpen51

    My work in a steel melt shop included the ability to wear respirators and hardhats. We also had to wear our facial hair trimmed less than 1/4″ so that the respirator could get a good seal. No discussion or questions allowed.
    If this woman doesn’t like it, then I guess she really must get a different hobby or let down her hair, ala Rapunzel.

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