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It’s A Tarp!

Hopefully this is completely unnecessary but regardless of what happens on Tuesday with Orange Man Bad, whether he is indicted on some bullshit charges or led away in handcuffs, don’t congregate in the streets with INTERNET PATRIOTS! and do something stupid.

It won’t accomplish anything and as soon as some Not-A-Fed Ray Epps-type tosses a brick through a window or hits a cop, everyone will be rounded up, arrested, charged with some sort of nonsense and tossed in the slammer. Meanwhile the media will portray it as January 6th 2.0, another “insurrection” and make hay from that for years to come.

I am not against public rallies and gatherings where appropriate. I was very supportive of the January 2020 rally in support of gun rights in Virginia organized by the Virginia Citizens Defense League even though a lot of /ourguys/ were warning against it in the wake of Charlottesville (see: The Richmond Rally and the Ghost of Charlottesville). The media tried to spin that one like they did Charlottesville but the rally was well organized (they do something similar every year) and everyone behaved. When it went off without a hitch, some people ostensibly on /ourside/ seemed pissed that it didn’t go badly and that they were wrong about it (see: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory).

This mess? You know the Feds are working overtime online to sucker people into showing up to protest for Trump and maybe commit a few felonies in the process….you know, for liberty and stuff.

Leave your plate carrier in the closet and do something useful like training or cleaning your guns. It’s not like Trump would walk across the street to piss on one his supporters if they were on fire. Pedro Gonzalez has a good piece about this: The Trump Trap

I have no idea if there will be demonstrations that land his supporters in prison. But people should not heed this clarion call. Just look at those currently sitting in jail for their involvement in Jan. 6 if you want to know what the wages of “loyalty” are to Trump.

Politico and other outlets reported that Trump considered a blanket pardon for them while still in office. A White House staffer told me that one proposed model would have been based on President Jimmy Carter’s pardon for hundreds of thousands of draft dodgers. But Trump didn’t pull the trigger.

Instead, pardons went to people like Salomon Melgen, a Democrat megadonor and eye doctor who defrauded Medicare and other insurers for millions by subjecting elderly patients to unnecessary and painful treatments. Melgen was released from prison early on Jan. 20, 2021.

Four days after Melgen walked free, Attorney General Merrick Garland said the number of arrests of individuals in connection with Jan. 6 had reached 500. Trump was far more preoccupied with trying to trademark “Rigged Election” as a fundraising gimmick—not that the money would have gone toward anything good.

You only are valuable to Trump as a way to advance whatever his latest ego trip is today. He was useful in his own ways but he isn’t the kind of leader that you or I should be willing to die for or be jailed to keep him out of trouble for paying off some skanky porn star he was banging.

There is a fight brewing but it won’t be fought in the ballot box or in rallies in support of Orange Man, and this week has the glowies in a froth of anticipation. Don’t fall for it.


  1. Order Of The Weeping Monk

    Surely no one is that dull to fall for the big Zeltbahn Kabuki.
    It is a TARP as everything is of by and for the Bolshevik Banksters.
    What exactly has Trumpwork Orange done for anyone rounded up in J6?
    There was even a beautiful woman killed in cold blood for no reason.
    Anyone agitating or posting up to take it to the streets is on team Edboi Fepps.

  2. Mike in Canada

    Despite the desires of the uninformed, the time when public demonstrations might have had some useful effect has come and gone.
    We are in undiscovered country.

      • Arthur Sido

        And things are very different, this isn’t a squabble between British subject and the British crown, now we are in a multi-racial tribal fight where the various parties have nothing connecting them.

  3. 3g4me

    Rule of law, magic constitution, tradition, etc. etc. all died years ago. Political stunt or not, Trump’s arrest isn’t going to suddenly make normie finally face reality. I’ve never been a celebrity follower and am not inclined to reprise my belief in 2016’s political rhetoric. Public demonstrations are for people who believe in democracy, natural rights, and elections – not for dissident realists.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      My unfortunate conclusion is anyone who managed to keep dreaming the civnat dream through the last 6-7 years isn’t waking up. Ever.

      • Arthur Sido

        I same the same thing about libertarians. If you can still with a straight face believe that libertarianism is a viable political philosophy after what we have been going through, I can’t take you seriously.

  4. Not Ray Epps

    Brilliant article. Do not riot, act like BLM or Antifa, for what did they achieve? Rather hunker down in your cellar and clean your guns, count your ammo, after all the government is going to take them and what can you do since you agreed with their show trials and imprisonment of citizens exercising their Constitutional rights. You wouldn’T want to be labeled an a outlaw or bad person like the Founding Fathers. Who cares what they pledges, do not fall into the trap.

    Sleep, obey, stay docile. It’s what the state desires. The author is brilliant, by the way his name is Epps.

    • Arthur Sido

      How fucking stupid are you to not understand that bLM and Antifa don’t get the same treatment as White Americans on the other side? We don’t need more anonymous internet tough guys who don’t actually do anything while complaining that people….aren’t doing anything.

  5. saoirse

    “Leave your plate carrier in the closet and do something useful like training or cleaning your guns.”
    Absolutely! Prep Prep and more Prep. Tune in, turn on and drop out for the 2020’s freedom radical.

    “There is a fight brewing but it won’t be fought in the ballot box or in rallies in support of”……. any current mainstream or ‘independent’ candidate local, state or federal. TINVOWOOT! Anyone genuinely supportive of our cause would never get to bat much less first base. It’s all useless theater (in the horror genre) not worth valuable time.

    • mike fink

      Yes, it would seem we are in the final stretch here. I can think of dozens of productive preps I could be doing instead of taking part in pointless street protest.
      Does everyone have all financial assets parked somewhere safe? it takes time to move money around and put it to good use buying durables and other hard assets. Chances are most of us will have some accounts still open somewhere when the banks all fail, If you want to do “something”, getting as much money as possible out of the banks is a good place to start.

      What about area recon for threats? Have you found all of the homeless campsites/ drug cooking dens in the countryside within 10 miles? What about within 20 miles? There is also a trend toward squatting in vacant properties. Unoccupied dwellings need to be identified and watched. It wouldn’t hurt to determine their legal status too. Is anyone watching your place? Maybe get some game cams out in the woods behind the homestead and see if there is anyone has been snooping around.

      Have you been working with your signals intercept gear? Has there been any indication of an uptick in violent criminal activity on the police scanners? what about break ins and other property crime? Are the repeat criminal offenders identified in the local newspapers? How close are these people to you?

  6. Kilroy Is Here

    Just read that the department of just-us and the weaponized apparatchik FBI expects to arrest 700-1200 more people involved with J6.
    Tip of the hat to all the Patriot pages who warned to stay the hell away from there.
    Free common sense counsel is always good.
    Thumbs down for all time to globalist Rat Pence and hopefully Hoosiers are smart enough to never vote for his kin.

  7. anon2

    Saw a meme the other day that sez it all:
    “When you promise to pardon all the January 6 prisoners if re-elected despite the fact you had 14 days left in the office but were too busy pardoning rappers, women beaters, criminals, dead people, and drug dealers to pardon them.”
    Fourteen frickin’ days.

  8. Steve

    “Leave your plate carrier in the closet and do something useful like training or cleaning your guns.”

    Is reloading XXXREDACTEDXXX rounds in XXXREDACTEDXXX calibers close enough?

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