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As one would expect, the terrible takes in the aftermath of the Nashville Christian school shooting by a “transgender” girl that thought she was a boy, have been copious and as awful as you would imagine. This guy? He might take the cake.

Me being me, I did the ol’ “Early Life Check” on Wikipedia…

Well. Who didn’t see that coming?

For the most part, Jews don’t see Christians as some sort of theological cousin. They generally see Christians as competitors and suckers. “Judeo-Christian” mostly means Christians giving Jews financial, political and military support whenever demanded and giving nothing in return except scorn and snickering. Anyone who uses “Judeo-Christian” unironically is someone you can safely assume doesn’t know what they are talking about. But also remember that their hatred for Christians is just a manifestation of their hared for White people. You never hear this sort of mockery from Them when blacks, mestizos or Asians are killed.


    • Big Ruckus D

      Years ago, after catching a clickbait article online with photos of some rather becoming young chicks serving in the Israeli army (though I’m sure they were presenting the best in class), I had an idea to import a bunch of them to work at a gentlemen’s club I’d call “The Gaza Strip”.

      Coulda been my moment of greatness, alas it never quite came to together as I lacked the sort of unethical and manipulative nature to be a pimp. Besides which, even limited exposure to the breed has taught me that shebrews are annoying.

  1. saoirse

    While they know all too well how this would have been framed if it was one of them who shot up a school, the christ insane, having been thoroughly brainwashed to kowtow to “the chosen”, remain in a state of inaction, denial and pious civnat morality.
    They’re shit on daily, covertly and overtly, by jews and shitlibs worldwide – plenty of videos and other media prove it. But the faithful take it in stride and continue to support israhell, the holocau$t hoax and jew victimhood crap in general.
    Some actually become jew-wise but still won’t subordinate their religion for their race. Hanging on to a foreign desert rat cult that preaches universalist “we’re all equal in the eyes of gawd” insanity is suicidal for white people. When the shitlibs finish slapping your face cheeks they bend you and your progeny over and start on your ass cheeks!

    Still waiting for the tranny’s ‘manifesto’ to be released. They have to edit/rewrite most of it to fit their agenda. That or it’ll never see the light.

    While the usual shitbags are calling (mostly screaming) for further encroachment on gun rights they’re silent about the freaks and antifa scum all gathering in DC for “Day of Vengeance” protests this weekend.

  2. Gryphon

    “Some actually become jew-wise but still won’t subordinate their religion for their race.”
    Spot-On there, Saoirse- I encounter a fair number of ‘christians’ who are becoming more ‘aware’ of the (((parasite))) and its pernicious influence on white societies (world-wide) BUT every single one of them swears allegiance to a ‘jew’ they claim is the ‘son of god’. most of them really don’t like it when told that the ‘babylonian talmud’ says that this same ‘god’ yahweh created the goyim (non-jew) as “..beasts in human form, to serve the jew.”

    Nor can they understand that this Religious Doctrine of ‘divinely-inspired’ Racism is the root cause of why the (((parasites))) Hate White Men. 2,000 Years of Brainwashing, as well as the Violent Suppression and Destruction of all indigenous European Religions, has left them Unable to See what is around them in this Universe outside of the confines of their jew-inspired and written “Buy-Bull”.

    • saoirse

      Correct Gryphon. It is also very important to recognize the leading roles that greedy, ambitious, power mad whites played in propagating and sustaining this mind virus all over Europe and beyond. They and their white toadies are equally if not more to blame than the jew parasites because they repeatedly swindled and oppressed their own flesh and blood.
      Had it not been for these uber-traitors the jews would have remained a pathetic localized cult, but once they were allowed access to Greece, and more importantly Rome, they studied the white man’s ways and continuously strategized in their hovels, staying well ahead of the goyim fools obsessed with their bread and circuses.
      Now all of our bases are empty and it’s the bottom of the ninth!

      • Gryphon

        You got that Right! Without the ignorant/willing/bought off participation of Whites to their Scams and Fraud, the (((parasites))) can accomplish very little by themselves. The Fomenting of Wars among White Men is the only way they can exert physical control to the extent they Do. World War One led to the Destruction of the National Monarchies in Europe- the Institutions that for the most part, had kept the parasites in check, (and often on the Run)
        After that, when White Men, under National Socialism, began to Rebuild in Germany, by rejecting (((their))) Debt Money, again the parasites had to Organize a World War against that single small Nation that Dared to Defy them.
        Now, that they have effectively been Expelled (again, for the I-don’t-know-how-many-Times) from Russia, they have Fomented another War amongst Whites, to both try and Destroy and Dismember Russia, and re-take “Khazaria” whence from where they had been Driven Out by the Kievian Rus. (Search “Greater Khazaria” and see what you find)
        In a Speech he gave several Years ago, Vladimir Putin pointed out, directly, that there were “Others” who wanted and Planned to take over Russia and Strip it of Resources. Then he said, “But it isn’t going to Happen. The Bear has Nuclear Weapons.”

  3. Jay L

    Between being raised is a strict pentecostal home and public schooling, I was led to believe /they/ were special and needed our support as /they/ were so downtrodden, due to no fault of their own. It’s taken some time to unlearn all the nonsense, and I imagine there are many more out there just like me – lied to their entire lives and led astray. I’m glad to see some sunlight being applied to the cockroaches.

    • Steve

      They seem to run afoul of the host culture in every single one of the countries they immigrate to. Someone once commented that if you get into a fight every time you go into a bar, after about 25 bars it might be an indication that the problem is you.

    • Leo

      Growing up, especially around “The Greatest Generation”, the strong suggestion was always that it was about “…the way each man chooses to worship his God….”

      Oy. Vey.

  4. Bear in Indy

    Did a copy/paste to my Twitter account, so, he may have deleted it, but as of this morning, it is back for all to see.
    Bear in Indy

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