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Cuckservative Cuckianity

Tucker calls out a group that I have the highest disdain toward: Big Evangelicalism elites, all of whom are cowardly and many are also anti-White, the very people that they leech off of in order to avoid getting real jobs.

As is often the case, Tucker buries the lede. What he fails to point out, unless I missed one, is that every single example of persecution he shows us is a clip of a White Christian being persecuted and that is why people like Russell Moore, Tim Keller and David French don’t say anything. You can be damn sure that if a black pastor was being persecuted in a meaningful sense, Moore and French would be screaming bloody murder about it but when the people being persecuted are Whites? Crickets or even perhaps implying that they had it coming.

Many of us remember French and his utter disdain for working class Whites who were struggling thanks to globalization, telling White people who worked for a living that they should just pack up and move, uprooting their family ties, while French makes a lovely living doing absolutely nothing of any value. I have frequently remarked that the elites in evangelicalism seem deeply embarrassed by the White people sitting the pulpits, viewing them as dirty and uneducated rubes, and most of those elites are desperate for the approval of their secular counterparts. That so many White evangelicals voted for Trump still shames people like French and Moore.

In every institution in America, the people that built and sustained this country and their descendants are being attacked and reviled but perhaps nowhere is that betrayal more bitter than in the Christian church where the “leaders” that are paid handsomely for doing next to nothing also find those putting money in the offering plate to be revolting and cannot wait to see them replaced. People expect dishonesty and betrayal from politicians but faith leaders are supposed to be above that, unfortunately dishonesty and betrayal is just as common from pulpits as it is from politicians.


    • LGC

      This, a 1000 times this.

      My wife asks why I don’t go to church anymore. Because i”m still waiting for an apology and some contrition (and honestly some resignations). And it’s way past time. And my time limit isn’t indefinite. I have been quietly waiting as I believe the doctrine but that men of the church, who are of course fallible made a mistake. But after a while it may become obvious that it was deliberate and they wanted to do it and don’t apologize for it. At that point, the church has been lost to the adversary and I will speak out against it. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I honestly expect it will.

      I’ve been reading about the Soviet gulag (Solzhenitsyn and Kolyma tales and others) and one thing that all point it is how it was you and you alone. There was no system, there was no friendship, there was no partners, there was just you and survival and it was from day and people were never the same even if they did survive. (look at a picture of before and after Solzhenitsyn, you can see it). Big blackpilling but it sure seems like it’s coming.

    • saoirse

      Only because of the pandemic?
      Add the willing promotion and participation in the scamdemic to the church’s already voluminous crimes, as detailed in Karlheinz Deschner’s ‘Christianity’s Criminal History” and many other works.
      Add the other two Abrahamic mind viruses (Judaism and Islam) to the “to die” list too!

  1. pyrrhus

    Absolutely…any Pastor or church pushing the clotshot or not defending it’s white members should be instantly dumped and reviled by its members, with no forgiveness…

  2. Danny

    If I’m not mistaken, the American Revolution was assisted by men of the cloth. At least in Massachusetts it was. I believe many of the early meetings took place in the church buildings.

  3. 3g4me

    Any church that sends White teens off to ‘help’ people in Mexico or Nigeria while ignoring needy Whites in America is a church that I will not attend. Any church that pushes ‘Jesus is my boyfriend’ faux theology is a place I am not interested in. Any church that focuses on teaching men to ‘honor’ their wives rather than teaching women to honor their husbands is promoting feminism. Any church that teaches God is ‘love’ (while ignoring righteousness and holiness) is anti-scriptural. The soft, feminized Jesus of American churches would be unrecognizable to the vigorous and masculine Christianity that was vital to western civilization.

  4. Anonymous White Male

    Those evangelical Christians deserve contempt. Not so much the leaders. They deserve the eternity that awaits them. No, your run of the mill evangelicals are stupid. They believe that their pastors, thought leaders, and the grifters they send their money to on TV are men of God and would never lie to them. God would never let them lie about something so important! They believe the same about their politicians, party leaders, and media personnel. “They are just trying to do the best they can at an impossible job and they have our best interests at heart. They would never lie about important things!” There is plenty of evidence in the Bible of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and even more about corrupt leaders. God lets them do what they do because the masses have accepted lies as truth, called good evil, and violated his Laws. It’s called punishment. Personally, I believe God has turned his back on America as a result of her sin and apostasy.

  5. Locustpost

    It is sad and disturbing to realize that as a Christian man you are on your own and have been for several decades.

  6. rto-jerry

    The Babylonian whore churches showed their cards during the plandemic. Led by gutless men, if you are man still playing church you’d be wise to get out. Start a home church with your MAG is better 1 or 2 of like mind, will and spirit than to be surrounded by cut throats who wish to steal your 10% to build their wealth.

  7. June J

    My Southern Baptist church has a state goal of not having any racial group make up more than 50% of the total congregation, despite white people having founded and funded the church’s growth.
    The black worship leader is a big fan of black lives matter, but is married to a white woman, so I guess he isn’t concerned enough about black lives to make more of them, just half-breeds.

    • saoirse

      The half-breeds will be a slight improvement genetically from the base negroidals and they’ll all consider themselves black anyway to git da gibs. Win-win for pastor Shufro!
      Does Jeeezus command that you stay in such an arrangement? How about jettisoning all that cuck crap and becoming a conscious white person and saving the white race for a change.

  8. VietVet

    I stopped participating in organized religion in 2002. I was a leader in the local church, deacon and managed a 50 student private school for Christian families.

    For over three years I was castigated by two nasty childless women over my management of the school.

    I demanded an audit of the school’s finances. That audit showed that every single cent was spent as it was supposed to be.

    In church services on night the pastors wife started a hissy fit and demanded that I be removed.

    I walked to the pulpit, handed the pastor all of the documents and resigned. I had had enough of the hateful, nasty childless women.

    I raised seven children to adulthood. Four of them were step children. Every child that was raised in my home were treated as mine and to this day they all call me dad.

    Actions show the man. Words are worthless

  9. dont remember

    Speaking of reviled, evangelicals always remind me of a Revilo Oliver (I believe) article about a musician who installed sound systems in churches as a day job and talked about them being designed for hynosis.

    Growing up, I thought ‘christian’ was synonymous with white men. Now I can’t think of a way christianity can be pro-white.

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