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Bye Bye Beetlejuice

Sadly for memelords all across the land, Chicago Mayor Beetlejuice, aka Lori Lightfoot (did you know she was black and a lesbian?), was roundly rejected by voters in the Windy City yesterday.

For the math challenged, almost 83% of Chicago voters decided that they didn’t want Lori back for another term. Did I mention she was black and a lesbian? She certainly went to great lengths to remind everyone and the Chicago Sun-Times starts off their election coverage story with this…

Lori Lightfoot, the first Black woman and the first openly gay person ever to serve as mayor of Chicago, on Tuesday became a one-term mayor.

With nearly 99% of the precincts reporting, the mayor who guided Chicago through the pandemic finished third in Tuesday’s election with 17.06% of the vote behind former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, who won 33.77 %, and Cook County Commissioner and Chicago Teachers Union organizer Brandon Johnson, who wound up with 20.29%.

Vallas, 69, and Johnson, 46, will face off five weeks from now in the April 4 runoff to decide who will become the 57th mayor of Chicago.

As it turns out, being a black wahman and a homo wasn’t as important to Chicagoans as three years in a row of 700+ murders in Chicongo with over three-quarters of those murdered being her fellow Looter-Americans (see: Windy City Three-peat!). Beetlejuice had notoriously poor relations with Chicago law enforcement and everyone was to blame for Chicongo’s 13% on 13% violence except the Mayor. She even blamed guns from Indiana apparently becoming sentient and shooting colored folk willy-nilly once those guns entered Illinois (see: Blacks In Chicago Shoot Each Other. Hoosiers To Blame!)

That is quite the grouper mouth she has going on, or as Rodney Dangerfield might say…

It is kinda sad, she was such a ridiculous figure that mocking her was great sport but Chicagoans seem to have had enough and with former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, the only White guy in the field, taking the largest percentage of the votes and heading to a run off, it appears that it is time to put an adult back in charge.

So long Mayor Beetlejuice, I am sure you have a rewarding career doing something other than mismanaging a large city ahead of you!


  1. KDOG

    Question/poll to Art and my fellow blog commentors: what do you think would be an appropriate, lovely parting gift to soon-to-be-former Mayor Beetlejuice?

  2. anon

    Just because they put in some white guy doesn’t mean he will ever address the problem.
    That’d be racist.
    He served in their schools so I doubt he’s going to hold mass lynchings on the streets.

  3. Yankee Terrier

    Small victories Alas I believe Chicongo is so far beyond the capsize point, that nothing short of reincarnating Jurgen Stroop and sending him in to clean things out would reset things.But the impunity of the LGBTQP ad nauseam has some cracks in it. That is a victory

  4. saoirse

    Big fucking deal. They get rid of a lesbo nigger alien and get either a white shitlib in charge of brainwashing kids or another lefty nigger ‘organizer’ in return.
    Golly Martha muh democracee really does work.
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
    No improvement, just more shit.
    Let them drown in it!

  5. AZFloyd

    “Question/poll to Art and my fellow blog commentors: what do you think would be an appropriate, lovely parting gift to soon-to-be-former Mayor Beetlejuice?”

    A VIP Pass to the front of the woodchipper line.

  6. Mike in Canada

    If there is one thing I really enjoy, it is to see people get precisely what they ask for.
    Chicago represents a whole city’s worth of the above in action.
    Delicious schadenfreude.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    The BLM/wokerati bloc was very divided for the primary. The 2nd place guy, Brandon Johnson, is if anything farther left and stupider than Lightfoot. It’s not like Lightfoot supporters are going to switch to the white guy, so add her numbers to Johnson’s and suddenly Johnson is in first place. And that’s not counting all the support for the lefties farther down the ballot. My prediction is Vallas will lose to Johnson and Chicago will continue its descent. Perhaps even accelerate it.

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