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black Guy Murders Two White Kids And A black Girl: blacks Hardest Hit

When the mass shooting went down at Michigan State University in February, the media was initially very excited but very quickly changed their tune when it became apparent that the shooter was the wrong race (black) and using the wrong guns (handguns). Anthony Dwayne McRae shot eight people, three of them fatally, before turning the gun on himself. His victims were Alexandria Verner (20), Brian Fraser (20) and Arielle Anderson (19).

We still don’t know what really transpired that night. The names of the victims that survived seems to be a mixed bag, Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez and John Hao sound like a mestizo and an Asian respectively, a couple of the other names sound like White guys.

So several White people killed or wounded, a couple of other races, plus a black girl, all the victims of a black shooter. Obviously the real concern is….how it impacts the black community.

That community has been grieving over the tragedy that included the loss of one its own during the Feb. 13 mass shooting, 19-year-old Arielle Anderson of Wayne County, McDaniel said. It’s also been grappling with the fact that the accused shooter, 43-year-old Anthony McRae, was also Black. So there has been pain on both sides of the tragedy, he said.

The pain cut even deeper, McDaniel said, when police on March 10 released a note McRae left behind that was filled with anger and confusion about how he was treated differently by society in part because of his race.

“Once the letter was released, it added insult to injury,” said McDaniel, a Detroit native. “It was another blow to the community.”

No mention of the two White students murdered by a black man, how curious. All lives allegedly matter but some lives matter more apparently and I guess either the White community doesn’t experience pain when Whites are killed or, more likely, no one cares if we do. Then there is this (emphasis mine):

Mass shooters aren’t usually Black [sic]. But McRae’s note raised complicated feelings: Some related to his descriptions of discrimination, but said they couldn’t understand why that drove him to commit a mass shooting that delivered tragic outcomes to eight students, along with the entire MSU community. Police haven’t indicated yet why McRae specifically targeted the East Lansing campus.

Others said the tragedy wasn’t caused by the discrimination that McRae faced and referenced in his note.

“I really hope people don’t see this as a race issue,” said Drue Bender, interim president of the MSU Black [sic] Student Alliance. “At the end of the day, three people lost their lives, including a Black[sic] woman. … A bullet doesn’t know names. It doesn’t know faces. It doesn’t know races. At the point when he came onto campus with a loaded gun, it wasn’t about race at this point. It was about being hurt.”

I really appreciated part where she talks about the fact that three people lost their lives, including a black woman! It smacks of “some people did something”. Yeah a couple of random people died but the real tragedy here is that a black woman died. Those two White students, Alexandria Verner and Brian Fraser, didn’t “lose their lives”, their lives were snatched away from them by a black man who has been marinating in a media and entertainment stew of racial resentment and hatred his entire life before finally, and I might add predictably, snapping.

We will come back to the first sentence, but do you want to bet that if the shooter was White and talked about reverse discrimination and the Great Replacement in his manifesto, and two of the three students he killed were black, that we would most definitely see this as a race issue? Bullets sure as hell “know races” on the rare occasion that a White person kills a black and I suspect Drue Bender, the interim president of the MSU Black Student Alliance, would be leading the charge to make this a “race issue” if that were the case. She even is quoted later in the article as saying….

Bender called the contents of the note “alarming,” but some parts resonated with her as a Black [sic] woman.

“I was raised to be proud of who I am,” said Bender, an MSU student from Detroit. “Be proud, but be safe. I am fully aware I always have to move differently in the world because I was always taught the rules aren’t the same for me.”

She understood the passages where McRae referenced discrimination he faced as an African American.

“As a Black [sic] woman, I can understand how (discrimination) can take a toll on people,” Bender said. “I can only imagine how it is for Black [sic] men who are seen as ‘dangerous’ and how they feel in America.”

That is quite the cognitive dissonance from Ms. Bender, who doesn’t approve of what he did but seems to think he had justification for feeling the way that he did. Can you imagine a White student leader on a college campus who talked about a White mass shooter that killed blacks with that level of empathy? They would run him out of town on a rail, not give him a sympathetic interview. I wonder if anyone would have the courage to tell Drue Bender that black men are seen as dangerous because statistically speaking they are the most dangerous demographic group in America, by a very wide margin?

A quick note back to this statement: “Mass shooters aren’t usually Black”. As you probably know, that is completely false. I have pointed this out in some detail and with a great deal of repetition like this post: DeWayne Craddock And The “Mass Shooting Is A White Guy Thing” Fake Narrative

In that post I break down the facts to show that, contrary to the claim by Kim Kozlowski of the Detroit News, most mass shooters in America are in fact black men. I even quote from a New York Times article from 2016 where, speaking of mass shootings, the authors (Sharon LaFraniere, Daniela Porat and Agustin Armendariz) wrote this:

Elsewhere I have also noted that given that most murder victims are killed by people of their own race and that Whites are the victims in instances of interracial violent crime at the hand of blacks 90% of the time, the real percentage of black men as mass shooter is certainly higher than 75%. So how does Kim Kozlowski justify such an obvious lie? By cherry picking a report that gives her the “facts” she wants, namely this:

Mass shooters over the past 50 years often struggled with personal trauma before the tragedies and were “nearly always in a state of crisis at the time,” according to 2022 research supported by the National Institute of Justice.

A database of the shooters showed that 97.7% were male. The ages ranged from 11 to 70 years old. Demographically they were 52.3% White, 20.9% Black, 8.1% Latino, 6.4% Asian, 4.2% Middle Eastern and 1.8% Native American.

Something seems off here. How can the New York Times claim that 75% of mass shooters are black while the Detroit News claims that the real percentage is less than 1/3 of that and that in fact White men are the most common mass shooters? The problem is that there isn’t a good definition of mass shootings. I use the definition provided by the Gun Violence Archive, as they are often cited by the media.

“…a minimum of four victims shot, either injured or killed, not including any shooter who may also have been killed or injured in the incident.”

Where does Ms. Kozlowski get her information? From a linked report from the Federal government “National Institute Of Justice” titled: Public Mass Shootings: Database Amasses Details of a Half Century of U.S. Mass Shootings with Firearms, Generating Psychosocial Histories, published in February of 2022. This report makes the claim that 52.3% of mass shooters are White and only 20.9% are black. Kim Kozlowski is counting on readers to not look too closely at the report but I did and found in the footnote where they define “Public Mass Shootings”….

Well now. If we eliminate mass shootings that are “attributable to any other underlying criminal activity” and also “criminal competition”, shootings between rival gangs, and mass shootings stemming from arguments or people pissed at their significant other, and also change the definition to only include four or more killed, not simply shot, we get the statistics we are after. Remember kids, statistics never lie but liars use statistics.

How many “Public Mass Shootings” over the course of 50 years does that leave us with?

172 “Pubic Mass Shootings” over the last 50 years works out to just under 3.5 “Pubic Mass Shootings” per year. Meanwhile in the real world there have already been 117 mass shootings this year alone and 11 mass murders with four or more killed, and we aren’t even 1/4 of the way through the year yet. Last year there were 36 mass murders and 646 mass shootings. So you can see how this works. You eliminate the mass shootings that actually happen frequently by discounting those shootings where the shooters are most likely to be black (gang competition and arguments escalating to gunfire in particular) and then you get White men as the demographic responsible for the majority of mass shootings but even using those bogus numbers blacks, who are only 13% of the population, are still responsible for almost 21% of “Public Mass Shootings”. Even when they cook the numbers it still shows the problem of per capita is alive and well.

I did a similar post about a Newsweek article often cited on social media to claim White men commit the majority of mass shootings and their similarly sneaky redefinition of the term “mass shooting” to get the result they want: How Do We Reduce Black Crime Statistics? Stop Counting Black Crimes!

Leave it to blacks and their enablers in the media to make blacks the real victims when a black man kills two White people.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    statistics never lie but liars use statistics

    According to Wiggerpedia, my go-to source for all things reparational, black mass shootings don’t count because so many shots are fired for so few hits when blacks “take aim” that anything smaller than a school bus catching a round is purely accidental. Fatalities are so few relative to caps busted that they represent no more than a rounding error. “Accidental” hits are explained away as mere collateral damage and just the small price to pay for the enriching diversity of life in the inner city.

    No mass shooters in dis hood, peckerwood.

  2. saoirse

    I’m sure that the overwhelming majority of white students and their parents agree with the standard shitlib hand wringing and coddling of muds who ‘gets dey gat and goes a’huntin’ cos o raycissm and sheeit’.
    Even the ones whose kids/siblings will now never see their (worthless) diploma will hop on the ‘feels fo Dindu’ kumbaya train.
    The likes of Kozlowski, Bender and every other apologist should be tarred and feathered but the Eloi won’t take action against the Morlochs. Perish the thought!
    To all of them I say unequivocally and with no remorse: You reap what you sow!
    Let them drown their sorrows in their lattes, TV shitcoms and shopping malls.

    • Anonymous White Male

      “Let them drown their sorrows in their lattes, TV shitcoms and shopping malls.”

      How about drowning their sorrows in a swimming pool? Or a lake? Or in the ocean, just as the sun begins to set. I suppose a bathtub would work, but you’d have to hold them under until the bubbles stopped coming out of their mouths and noses.

  3. Albino Spitting Cobra

    Not since Russia 1917 has a minority ran such a large nation against the interests of the heritage population.
    Those with two brain cells and a synapse knew that burn it all down was the plan and at least Malcolm X never pretended otherwise.
    It was never about content of character or equality.
    Black Liberation Movement was the name back then but the average dullard thinks that history started with their birth.
    How about a mandatory draft for the Mondays since they are so cool and smart, they will bail out those dumb whites in Ukraine. (honk!)

    • Arthur Sido

      It works though because almost no one bothers to check, they just google “do Whites commit most mass shootings?”, get a link to the Newsweek article and triumphantly post it as “proof”

  4. anon2

    McRae’s suicide note stated he had not had sex in ten years.
    Brotha couldn’t find a sistah or a mudshark to give it up,
    he had a gun but rape was not on the table.
    Didn’t wanna go on the ‘down low’ wif a brutha.
    So he shoots up a campus. Logical /sarc

  5. Sane Max

    Hundred percent agree. There are liars, and there are liars because they got to lie, because they know they are entirely complete failures, but they want to conceal that. They can only get away to lie, if if we let them. We mustn’t.

  6. Shall We Dance

    Two KIA in Miami with out of control “spring breakers” on the loose, mayor has declared a state of emergency, no word from RINO Ronny Yarmulke…yet.
    Heads up any in the vicinity.

  7. rto-jerry

    The lat Colin Flaherty wrote fantastic book titled “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” illustrating the hoax. In a sane world whites would walk en masse from the liberal gulag university and get a trade.

  8. Mike_C

    “Most dangerous demographic”?
    Wigga, please!

    Thirteen do fifty is nothing compared to 02 do ##. You all figure what ## is when it comes to two major domains: 1) major financial crimes (which screws everyone) and 2) deliberate cultural destruction through news media and popular culture (which also screws everyone).

  9. Bean Dips and Banjo Lips

    What a steaming third world turd is the Kwanstain in three years. Historic!
    So cute how they believe in the Magic Soil or that the world trembles in fear of the butt plug brigades.
    Saw a tweet allegedly by the Taliban with all of the left behind gear with Humvees having tire covers, a reply says why are the tires wearing socks, response they were made by homosexuals.
    Post up while you can Brandon’s puppet masters seek to crack down.

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