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Basic Science Denial In Medical School

While I am not a doctor or a scientist of even the most amateurish sort, I do understand some basic fundamentals of humanity that have apparently been forgotten by those teaching our future doctors. There is a basic hierarchy of immutable characteristics that until the last decade or so were not really subject to any serious dispute…

  • Human
  • Male or female
  • Race

Those were the basics and the latter two were how we used to identify crime suspects. I can change my hair color or shave off my beard but I cannot change the fact that I am a male and I am White. Every human being, with a very tiny number of genetic mutations, is born either male or female and has a racial and ethnic heritage that is measurable and verifiable. I have never sent in my DNA to be entered into a government database to be used against me later in a set-up, under the guise of outfits like 23andMe, but I already know from our family history that my father’s family came from Poland and my mother’s from Ireland. I cannot declare myself Swedish and make it true, much less saying I am Korean or Bantu. I don’t even need a test or a family tree to figure out that I am male, that is apparent every time I take a leak.

Saying I am a White male and nothing will ever change that would have warranted stares of confusion and probably some mockery for most of the last 1000 years, as it is a fact so self-evident that feeling the need to utter those words would have been akin to standing in a downpour and declaring that it looks like it might rain. For the entire history of modern medicine, that was such a patently obvious fact that it didn’t require anyone to point it out.

That is no longer the case.

It has never been truly possible to practice medicine in a perfectly neutral manner. Medical care has always been entangled with religion, with social issues and with politics, especially once government funded “insurance” became such an integral part of the medical system but now the scales are tipping dangerously as medicine focuses less on the science of medicine and more on the latest fads in sociology.

The latest case, this one close to home in Indiana…

The presentation teaches that “not everyone fits” onto the “established binarized sex as male/female,” and that there is evidence to suggest the existence of “a biological basis” for one’s gender identity separate from their sex.

It also refers to “man” and “woman” as “common gender types,” but adds, “These are oversimplifications and BOTH exist on a continuum.”

The presentation goes on to teach the difference between a cisgender person and a transgender person, suggests a timeline for how to care for a person with “a difference of sex development” from four years old to adulthood, and instructs on using the proper pronouns to identify a patient.

Medical education in Indiana is a little unique. In neighboring Ohio for example, medical schools are independent and affiliated with their host university, so Ohio State has a medical college and the University of Cincinnati has their own, as does the University of Toledo and Case Western. In Indiana all of the medical schools are under the umbrella of Indiana University so the medical school in West Lafayette is not the Purdue University School of Medicine but rather is the Indiana University School of Medicine, West Lafayette, even though it is on the campus of Purdue. The same is true in South Bend, where IU runs the medical school across the street from the campus of Notre Dame.

Anyway, this is kind of all over the “conservative” news sphere again. You can see some of the slides from the powerpoint presentation here: First-year Indiana University med students must take woke primer in basic human structure that says sex is non-binary and young patients should be groomed in gender theory, but what makes this all the more grotesque is that some of the slides are written as if the audience are high school freshman, not first year medical school students.

Working your ass off for four years as an undergrad so you can sit through a lecture featuring a “genderbread person”? While many of the slides are juvenile, some are just horrifying.

I carved out a couple of the slides.

At age 4 this presentation, presented as an “expert consensus document”, refers to providing information to that child who is generally incapable of even reading about sex and gender differences. By age 6, around first grade, they are being introduced to puberty. In other words, these small children are being indoctrinated, and dare I say groomed, to see their immutable sex characteristics as something you can change like a pair of socks.

This is not an advance in medical science, this is a regression to days when “doctors” practiced something more akin to voodoo. It replaces biological science based medicine with social sciences based “medicine” where motivations and feelings are as important, or more important, than actual medical outcomes. Sure the black surgeon botched the surgery and the patient died but at least their family will be comforted by knowing their loved one’s doctor was overcoming White supremacy.

Indiana is about as square, conservative and anti-“woke” as a state can get but even here our medical school system is infected with this bullshit. The more time medical schools waste on absolute anti-science garbage like this is less time they have to invest in actual medical training, not to mention teaching as fact stuff that is patently false and anti-science. Add in diversity quotas and preferential admissions and the end result are newly minted doctors that more frequently than ever are less qualified and more poorly trained than the generation before them, a reversal of what once was seen as the unstoppable progression of medical knowledge.

I know I bang this drum over and over, and it is probably repetitive, but I have some personal stake in this subject (as do you) and it also is a subject that has deeper impact on many normies than complaining about some woke foolishness in the sociology department. Not many people encounter someone who is engaged in professional sociology but all of us encounter doctors at some point and knowing that those doctors, especially younger doctors, have been taught using a curriculum that at least in part denies basic scientific facts and is instead increasingly founded in politics and social engineering is troubling to most people.

Cultural Marxism, neo-Bolshevism, anti-White radicalism, whatever term you use, is not only dangerous intellectually but also quite literally deadly and there is little hope that this trajectory will change any time soon.


  1. Alex Lund

    May I suggest that we send all those woke, CRT, gender “people” to the ones who can set them straight?
    I would say that the Religious Police of either Saudi Arabia or Iran are the best qualified institutions to do so.

  2. Xzebek

    People can deny biological reality just as they can deny gravity. Reality, just like gravity, does not care and does not change to suit the mood of the times. But, there will be substantial negative consequences to the denial.

  3. Gryphon

    In Russia, Grooming of Grade-School Children like this gets you 20 years in the Gulag. Fag ‘pride’ Parades get Broken Up by Citizens, while the Cops stand around eating Donuts.

    No Wonder that (((certain people))) just F’kk’n HATE Russia and are trying to Destroy it.
    But as Tsar Vladimir the Bad has said, “The Bear has Nuclear Weapons”…

  4. saoirse

    Pretty soon now, the stature of degrees such as MD, JD, PhD, MA, MS will be equivalent to participation trophies.
    Not only will budding (witch) doctors be indoctrinated/controlled by Big Pharma and Big Insurance, they’ll also have to genuflect to the school’s resident Marxist revolutionary council.
    Won’t be long before triage in an emergency room is structured based on “the progressive stack” where muds, freaks and shitlibs are seen before “cis” white males.
    If an apple a day surely keeps the doctor away, plant an orchard!

  5. Bob Barker

    Sweet Jesus. I am so tired of the phrase “gender is a social construct”. That is utter bullshit. Gender is a linguistic tool specific to those languages that require a gender for nouns (French, Spanish, German, etc.) Just because the door to my bedroom is “female” in Spanish, French, and German doesn’t mean it has a menstrual cycle.

    SEX is a biologic fact and has been since for-fucking-ever. Just because I had my dog’s nuts removed doesn’t make him any less male – or any less likely to try to hump the not-quite-a-bitch other dog (spayed female, for the slow to catch on).

  6. pyrrhus

    The “voodoo” practiced by medieval doctors was far superior to the dangerous clowns we are going to be turning out of these medical schools…They were taught to do no harm, and had no confusion about the sex or race of their patients, which helped a lot in diagnosis…Nearly all the improvements in life expectancy in the last century have been produced by 3 developments–antibiotics, a major decline in smoking, and great improvements in trauma medicine, primarily as a result of the Vietnam War…Now the US life expectancy is declining again…

  7. Steve S6

    Wife read a case where a trannie (male imagining he’s female) had prostate cancer. Doctor, you declared your gender as female. Insurance will not cover prostate cancer treatment for females. Sorry.

  8. Hiding_Out

    I can’t be absolutely certain about this, but I’d bet that “privacy during PE” means cutting out the parents so that the doc can go into overdrive on the indoctrination of the child without the bother of having the parent “interfere” with the “science.”

    Medicine (particularly the allopathic variety) already has enough problems and shortcomings without this garbage coming in. Combine this with affirmative action, etc. and it’s going to be totally worthless very soon. Of course all the alternative medical approaches are no doubt equally infected, so there’s no escape from it there. We’re screwed.

  9. Moe Gibbs

    Gee, now that “women” can contract prostate cancer, maybe there will finally be a few research shekels tossed at it, following the literal avalanche of money that has been plowed for decades into breast cancer research. Because, ya know, vagina uber alles. Can’t tell you how many little pink ribbons I see during Boob Cancer month while older men quietly drop like flies from prostates gone rogue.

  10. Milton

    What you have pointed out illustrates what boriqua gato recently wrote:

    A’s hire A’s, and B’s hire C’s.

    Last I heard Indiana University medical outlets still require masks in their buildings- a case of C’s hiring D’s , or worse. Oh, bother!

    • Himself

      That concept came from Steve Jobs. The end line of “B” hires “C” /.. is it isn’t long before you have a bozo explosion.

      And that’s where we are today. A 50 megaton bozo explosion.

  11. Tired Citizen

    After enjoying your comments elsewhere it’s about time I started reading your essays. Very sobering and upsetting trend. I wish there were words that existed that could encapsulate my raw, unadulterated hatred for all things “woke” but there aren’t. My only hope is that the people who ushered in this insanity suffer endlessly from their own misgivings.

  12. Hungry Ghost

    Before long, we’re likely to see some events that will clarify what
    reality is, and isn’t.
    A bit of clorox to the gene-pool.
    I’m an old fart & this is beyond lunacy.

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