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Well Of Course They Did

They are pretty embarrassed that the Tyre Nichols beating death was an all-13%er affair. A black guy beat to death by five black cops in a city with a black chief of police (a wahmen no less) and a black mayor? That simply won’t do so what was required was a White sacrificial lamb and They found one…..

Preston Hemphill? Look at that Huckleberry. I don’t think he was going to be chasing anyone down under any circumstances unless they had a box of cream filled donuts. He sure wasn’t going to beat anyone to death. According to the report…

A sixth Memphis officer was fired Friday after an internal police investigation showed he violated multiple department policies in the violent arrest of Tyre Nichols, including rules surrounding the deployment of a stun gun, officials said….

Along with breaking rules regarding the use of a stun gun, Hemphill was also fired for violations of personal conduct and truthfulness, police said in a statement.

That sounds like bullshit stuff that wouldn’t get you fired, maybe suspended or desk duty but completely shit-canned? Come on. Of course even giving Them a White sacrificial victim didn’t appease Them…

After the suspension was announced, lawyers for Nichols’ family questioned why the department did not disclose Hemphill’s discipline earlier.

“We have asked from the beginning that the Memphis Police Department be transparent with the family and the community — this news seems to indicate that they haven’t risen to the occasion,” attorneys Ben Crump and Anthony Romanucci said in a statement. “It certainly begs the question why the white officer involved in this brutal attack was shielded and protected from the public eye, and to date, from sufficient discipline and accountability.”

Uh maybe because he wasn’t really involved in the actual brutal attack? He deployed his taser but Tyre still took off so apparently he didn’t do it right and then he stayed behind while the 13%ers chased down and beat down Tyre Nichols. On the other hand, Benjamin Crump is a race pimp and hustler pretending to be an attorney so even if they had literally crucified Preston Hemphill the night Nichols died and then set his corpse on fire, it still wouldn’t have been good enough.

I hope Hemphill can catch on with a small town department somewhere but you know the lunatics on the Left will be keeping tabs on him because ruining his life once isn’t good enough.


  1. Exile1981

    If your white and a minority screws up the media and the leaders will blaim you because the mob will never accempt that a minority could be at fault.

    Work had dozens ofvehicle accidents in 1 year, 4 written off vehicles. Plus numerous minor vehicle related incidents of backing into things, sliding off a road etc. This is a closed site / facility with lots of internal roads so other than people backing unto parked vehicles no multi vehicle accidents and nobe involving the public.
    They then decided everyone involved in those ones had to undergo remedial driving classes which the company paid for and which the workers were paid to attend.

    The day before the course management freaked out because all 17 people in the course were of the same minority, not a single white employee had been in an accident.there are only 18 guys on site of that minority and the 1 not involved in an accident had previouslybeen banned from driving company vehicles.
    Management was concerned of how it looked so they randomly picked 3 white guys to add into the class so it wouldnt appear racist.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    I shouldn’t be judging based on superficial appearance; I know that. After looking at Officer Hemphill’s photo, I keep wondering what similar female-type first name will be chosen for the great post-transition. He’s just got that homo-tranny sort of look.

  3. Anonymous

    If that obese creampuff is a cop, then I am a banana. Just how low have we fallen that this is what is hired to ‘serve and protect’? I’ve seen manlier ‘staches on Latinas at their quinceaneras.

    And since this queefer is going down anyway, the least he could have done was tase the perp with the business end of the stick. Talk about perpetuating the stereotype of the fat White doofus.

  4. Steve S6

    Firefighters and EMTs have been suspended too for not noticing he was going to die at the hospital. Rather for not taking enough life saving measures. I guess getting him to the hospital alive (their job) wasn’t enough. And they thought they had trouble recruiting police officers.

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