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Weaponizing The 13%

I hate bringing up Scott Adams again, the guy is a goofball Boomer and the whole thing is already pretty stale but here we are.

While most of the kerfuffle over Scott Adams focuses on his response, too little is made of the poll he is reacting to. When half of blacks polled either aren’t sure or openly respond in the negative to the very idea of it being OK to be White, it exposes the virulent hatred and resentment that most blacks have toward Whites. This is not as simple as preferring to be around their own race or mild dislike of Whites because of quirks and peccadillos, it is outright hatred. Also understand that a black neighbor or co-worker that is polite to you doesn’t at all mean they don’t resent and hate you behind their plastic smile.

Their hatred is not because of residual trauma over slavery nor is it anything to do with discrimination and oppression, as contemporary blacks haven’t faced any real oppression in 50 years. No, their hatred toward Whites has been carefully cultivated.

As I have repeatedly stated, I know it is easy to crap on blacks because it is so obvious. You don’t have to go very far to find a story about blacks doing something awful, often to Whites and just as often to each other. I was looking at something else on the Daily Male and saw this story about former NFL running back tossing his White baby mama across the room and getting sentenced to six whole months in the slammer. Here is the lovely gent at work.

Shockingly it turns out that it wasn’t his fault.

‘It’s just a case of bitterness man,’ he told the police in the video, according to TMZ. ‘That’s why she did this – the whole assault thing, she staged it. She set me up.

Ah that must be it.

Back to the main point. It isn’t like blacks need a ton of encouragement to misbehave. Any time there is opportunity, many will choose to revert to their baser impulses. We see this on display when there is a natural disaster or a “mostly peaceful protest”. While the cops are distracted the looting begins. But their hatred toward Whites runs deeper and is the product of decades of conditioning. When blacks consume media, what do they hear and see? They hear rap lyrics claiming that The Man, iow White people, are out to get them and keeping them down. In TV shows and movies it is always the same refrain, White people out to get them, reminders of slavery and the “Civil Rights” movement. Movies about contemporary Whites doing them wrong, just looking for an opportunity to lynch the fellas and rape dey women, despite the statistically verifiable fact that White on black rape happens so rarely as to essentially be non-existent.

For younger blacks especially, like those under 45, their entire life has been decades of being marinated in a toxic stew of White hatred and resentment. From the earliest age they have been taught to believe nothing is their fault and every problem they have can and indeed must be laid at the feet of Wypeepo. It has gotten worse as endless “entertainment” has become so ubiquitous via streaming media and social media more broadly. Spend a few minutes on “black twitter” or “we wuz kangz” Facebook and you will be treated to wild conspiracy theories, accusations without a shred of evidence and assertions that don’t stand up to the mildest examination. Young blacks who all seem to have the latest smartphones (and what passes for fashion) despite their supposed oppression are inundated with anti-White messaging from the time they wake until they fall back asleep.

It is not an exaggeration at all to say that contemporary black existence can only be understood when viewed as entirely revolving around their supposed oppression, the presence of “White supremacy” and the resulting hatred they harbor. It is also critical to understand that their natural tendency toward wanton violence and random mayhem has been both encouraged and targeted, weaponizing blacks against White Americans who in general just want to be left alone.

Never forget that none of this is happenstance.


  1. saoirse

    As Black Mystery Month comes to an end, I would like to encourage all male ‘niggas’ to toss dey white bitch around, beat her ass, even go O.J. on her! When done, go find as many white shitlib betas or cucks and whoop on them too. They all dearly deserve it and, it’s free advertising for us.

    Using their own slogan “never forget” – never forget that those same kikes are the ones (helped by most of the christ-insane) that started fomenting this entire shit storm long ago!

    • saoirse

      Addendum: Look up ‘Daryl Moman and Lacole Mosley’ from Evansville In. to see why mud sharks should be executed – by their nigger screw or the system – or by random good samaritans who would take care of both da ho and her pimp.
      The kids weren’t his. Wonder if their father was another pongoid. If he’s white shoot him too for allowing his kids to be treated like that!

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    Stacy went to Vanderbilt, so supposedly he’s one of the smart ones. It’s been my observation that the “talented tenth” doesn’t have any more impulse control than the rest of them

    if you look closely you’ll see their little mulatto over there on the couch

  3. Xzebek

    Hard to feel sorry for the mud shark; no way she couldn’t have known thus woukd eventually happen. But I’m willing to bet she goes back to him after his jail stint. Then there will undoubtedly be another episode of failed impulse control. Rinse and repeat.
    Btw, Arthur, what’s wrong with Boomers? 🙂

  4. mike fink

    “Never forget that none of this is happenstance.”

    Nope, not happenstance at all. It is in fact a long standing, 200 year program to radicalize blacks against whites. The 1790’s slave revolt in what is now Haiti during the French Revolution was a model for what American abolitionists wanted to see happen in the American South. They spent 60 years trying to organize slave revolts in the South with the intent to kill all of the whites living there and populate the region with the freed blacks. John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry was merely the most spectacular example of this.
    It was not long after Lincoln’s War that the “Progressive” movement of American Marxists worked incessantly to agitate blacks against the status quo . Prominent blacks like Booker T. Washington who advocated for blacks to embrace American Society, work hard, and assimilate fully were ridiculed and shunned. Marxist negroes such as W.E.B. DuBois insisted that blacks should remain a tribe apart and avoid assimilation. The B.T. Washington approach nearly worked, and by the 1970’s and 80’s many Americans assumed that unimaginable progress had been made in race relations and that the darkest times were finally a thing of the past. Marxists never rest of course and as Arthur has pointed out, the new electronic means of mass media has been poisoning both blacks and whites about the subject of race since the days of Edison.
    Clearly we have reached the point where the intended end game of genocide of whites is now obvious to all but the most dim witted among us. For the enemy, getting the ape children too rampage will be the easy part. The hard part for them will be finding a way to turn it back off again when they find things are not going according to their liking.

  5. Sumdood

    Re: black impulsiveness.

    I have a little story about something that gets under my skin on an almost daily basis where black impulsiveness is concerned.

    This is in no way comparable to assault or murder, but it shows their mentality.

    At evening rush hour, there is a bottleneck that occurs where 2 lanes of traffic merge into one lane (in other words, a 2 way street with 4 lanes merges into 2 lanes of opposite direction traffic). The bottleneck occurs one way, leaving town to go home (suburbs) after work.

    Most evenings, there will be a line of 40-50 or more cars POLITELY MERGING OVER into the right lane. The same routine happens most every evening. You see the line of traffic way far in advance. The left lane isn’t clear because people are providing an easy express lane to the left. It is because polite, considerate, adult White people who learned how to wait their turn in kindergarten have an unwritten rule that when we come to this bottleneck, and we see all the cars lined up for a 1/4 mile, that we fall into place and wait our turn.

    Invariably, I’m be in line and 2-3 vibrant cars of YOOTS, typically male, but sometimes sheboon, will fly by in the left lane, surpassing 40-50 polite people, and put their blinker on to merge at the front of the line. It is as if though they believe they have the VIP pass to get into studio 54.

    I will occasionally see a young white guy in a pickup truck or something so this too, but more often than not, it’s a future MiT rocket scientist good boy. The area I live in is 80% white, so the demographic imbalance is beyond question.

    The other day, I pulled me car into the left lane to block it. Lots of us do this, we ease up in the line just as if we are still in it, but we hold steady to block the left lane to keep impulsive and impatient dindus from cutting ahead.

    I got one to flip me a middle finger as he passed me later after the bottleneck and at the traffic light a couple of miles up. I put my car in park and walked up to his window and flipped him back. He didn’t even roll the window down. Lmao pussy

  6. Anon

    Michael Yon has an article on his substack (I’m an ignorant fart, don’t know how to link, please forgive),
    Search ‘’
    “Heart Dump From the Front Lines”, here’s a couple of quotes, please go & read, about the illegals allowed to cross the border”
    “They will be indoctrinated to hate White folks-including Asians, and anyone else seen as ‘White’, such as blacks who are not wildly racist against Whites.”
    “After they are ready and armed, their food will be cut off. They will come with guns and knives for your food and for your women.
    Their reward is to kill the men, rape the women, boys, and girls, and steal all your everything including life.
    They will burn and torture for fun, sport, hatred, and because many were raised in savagery to begin with.”
    Develop situational awareness now, carry everywhere, head on a swivel, become suspicious and paranoid of
    anyone who approaches you out in public.

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