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Transgenderism Is The New Casting Couch

Back in the good old days if an aspiring starlet wanted to make it big on the silver screen, she was likely going to have to do something disgusting to a pig like Harvey Weinstein. It was pretty common knowledge and often included even very young girls, something that makes an appearance in the original The Godfather novel with the movie producer Jack Woltz who would famously wake up with the severed of a horse named Khartoum in his bed.

While waiting in the floodlit colonnade of the mansion for his car, Hagen saw two women about to enter a long limousine already parked in the driveway. They were the beautiful twelve-year-old blond girl and her mother he had seen in Woltz’s office that morning. But now the girl’s exquisitely cut mouth seemed to have smeared into a thick, pink mass. Her sea-blue eyes were filmed over and when she walked down the steps toward the open car her long legs tottered like a crippled foal’s. Her mother supported the child, helping her into the car, hissing commands into her ear. The mother’s head turned for a quick furtive look at Hagen and he saw in her eyes a burning, hawklike triumph. Then she too disappeared into the limousine.

Mario Puzo. The Godfather (Kindle Locations 1158-1163). Signet. Kindle Edition.

This is added to the story to demonstrate the depravity of Hollywood and Woltz in general, a 60 year old man with incredible power who preferred very young girls “She was no more than eleven or twelve”. Her mother gleefully offered her up to the old man so she could be a star. That scene was a little too much for the movie, in fact most people haven’t read the book and don’t realize how dirty it was for the time, although many also don’t know that the girl that played Michael’s Sicilian wife Apollonia and appeared topless in the movie, Simonetta Stefanelli, didn’t turn 18 until after the film was released in 1972. The 70s were a very different time.

My point is that the practice of trading sex for parts in Hollywood was a well known “secret” in the business, one I am quite sure still goes on today albeit less brazenly. I suspect some men go into the production end of show business specifically because it gives them access to and leverage over beautiful young women (and men) who otherwise wouldn’t give them the time of the day.

That has been the practice for decades in Hollywood but lately it seems that the casting couch has given way to a new degenerate practice to unlock access to parts in film and TV. Young starlets, at least White or “White” ones, now seem to be required to identify as some sort of sexual deviant in order to get a part.

I started watching the HBO adaptation of The Last Of Us even though I don’t have an HBO Max subscription (let the reader understand). While I haven’t played the video game, I always am down for a dystopian post-apocalyptic show. It was Ok the first two episodes, and then Episode 3 which was a transparently unnecessary episode focusing on a character from the game who was a homosexual but dragged out his backstory for an entire hour including a homosexual sex scene with the guy who played Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation, a scene I skipped over entirely along with much of the entire episode. There were some amusing moments as long as you suspended disbelief (a gay survivalist who apparently has nothing more advanced than an old pump shotgun and a deer rifle?) but overall it was a gross exercise in trying to score virtue points.

Anyhoo, one of the main characters from the video game is Ellie, a teenaged girl who is immune to the fungal infection that turns people into zombie-like monsters. She is played in the HBO adaptation by Bella Ramsey, who became famous as the precocious 10 year old Lady Lyanna of House Mormont in Game Of Thrones. Now she is 19 years old and has not aged well at all.

I was looking for information on her to see how tall she was of all things and ended up discovering that not only is she only 5′ 1″, she is apparently “gender fluid”. What the actual fuck does that even mean? Well…..

In her interview with the New York Times, Ramsey opened up about gender identity, saying, “I guess my gender has always been very fluid.”

The actress added, “Someone would call me ‘she’ or ‘her’ and I wouldn’t think about it, but I knew that if someone called me ‘he’ it was a bit exciting.”

Ramsey also said she would tick “nonbinary” as an option if filling out a form. “I’m very much just a person,” she shared. “Being gendered isn’t something that I particularly like, but in terms of pronouns, I really couldn’t care less.”

So that is clear as mud. She thinks being “gendered” is something she doesn’t like, even though it is the single most significant characteristic in her entire existence. Parents used to get excited to find out if they were having a boy or girl, and virtually all parents still do, but now kids are apparently deciding that regardless of genitalia and chromosomes, they can decide to be “gender fluid” or “nonbinary”.

This really took off with Ellen Page, another fairly homely girl who now calls herself “Elliot” and has had her breasts carved off, proudly showing off her surgical scars in topless photos. The thing is, she is still a topless girl in those pictures, just one with her breast tissue removed. Ironically she has won a few “Best Actress” awards along the way but now that she is famous, she decided to start pretending to be a boy. I suspect a lot of it is because a) she is a lesbian, formerly “married” to an incredibly homely lesbian named Emma Portner and b) Ellen Page is also pretty homely as mentioned and wasn’t aging well (see a pattern here?) so no one was going to cast her in roles that involved a female lead that wasn’t homely.

Or Emma D’Arcy who portrays Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in the Game Of Thrones prequel, House Of The Dragon. She is reasonably feminine looking in that role and actually quite good…

In real life she goes out of her way to make herself unattractive and of course is also “non-binary”

They added: “I’m a non-binary person. I’ve always found myself both pulled and repelled by masculine and feminine identity and I think that plays out truthfully here. She can’t attend court in a way that comes easily to other people.”

But in a delightfully moronic statement that demonstrated an absolute lack of any self-awareness or irony, she declared that she is quite good at playing women.

Uh, that is because you are a woman. She would be terrible and unconvincing playing a man….cuz she is a woman. That is why she was cast as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen instead of Prince Daemon Targaryen. All of the articles I was reading about these chicks used “they” and “their” as if that makes them no longer women. Plot twist, it does not make them stop being women just as a dude putting on panties doesn’t make him a woman.

For the hot actresses, they can just be hot actresses. Maybe they become lesbians for a time but they don’t play this “non-binary” or “gender fluid” bullshit but for unattractive actresses, the new casting couch is apparently declaring yourself to be some sort of female trannie.

Just in case you needed a reminder to stop subsidizing this madness with your money.


  1. Vito Don Vito

    We gonna put a horse head in the bed just to let them know that you don’t refuse an offer.
    Didn’t Marlon say something about who actually runs Hollywood long before that was cool?
    The gas pump just had some crap about Disney being 100 on the screen and no wonder FUSA is so fuxxored, gaslit by movie set Psyops.

  2. saoirse

    Hollywood is wall-to-wall jews, since it’s inception. Ditto for most other media platforms. With that comes the decadent filth that has gradually materialized before our eyes.
    The evil perverted jewish worldview is very close to being wholly consummated in the minds of white people, especially the younger generations.
    A complete and aggressive separation from the influence of “the chosen” is the only way out of this miasma!

    • Gryphong

      Yep, Straight out of the “babylonian talmud”, which says that having sex with (rape) of children over 3 Years of Age is ‘kosher’. After all, the Goyim (no-jew) is just a “…Beast in Human Form, created by yahweh to Serve the jew”.

    • Jsizzle

      Her facial features look like cleft palate but no sign of correction surgery. Odd look. Her personality is tiresome and the opposite of charming. To be honest, I’d have let the brat fall into a hole or get eaten by a mushroom man. I find the show tedious and not very engrossing. Episode 3 was a vomit inducing middle finger to the very people who would actually survive any sort of apocalyptic scenario. These people hate us. I give up on this steaming pile of shyt.

  3. Bear Claw

    Just like Yellowstone in the first episode. A few years ago It started out well thought I could stay with it until the sex starved alcoholic had to have sex on a piece of furniture.

    Totally unnecessary for a show that friends still rave about. Tried to watch some more of it but when the dipshits started dynamiting the hill behind the casino I think it was it had gotten too stupid for me. Haven’t watched it since. Plus Cozzner cannot play any character without his mumbly grumbly voice, it’s always the same character.

  4. George True

    I have been to maybe one movie in the last ten years (the scifi film The Martian), and I have not owned a television in probably at least fifteen years. So I don’t subsidize any of the gay or trans or LBGTQXYZ bullshit with any of my money.

    But I am just one aging baby boomer. We are a dying breed. And the follow-on generations are literally addicted to television and movies to an extent that most young people are marinated in a practically 24/7 diet of the trans agenda and indoctrination. As a result, they come of age thinking that it is normal and acceptable.

    I do not see how it is ever going to be reversed. I keep hearing about how the blatant, in your face trans and gay agenda is generating all kinds of backlash and pushback that will turn things around, but I don’t really see it. Perhaps I am being too pessimistic.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Yeah I am not seeing a ton of pushback against this from younger whites. Most seem to approve. And most of those that don’t stay quiet. Everybody knows the price of speaking up. It’s harder to tell what younger hispanics and blacks think about it. Their opinions on the matter don’t seem to be represented in any media I see. Whenever I see stuff about the transgender movement among youth it’s always whites. Leading me to suspect maybe hispanics and blacks aren’t really buying into it so much.

      • Arthur Sido

        The trannie stuff is all aimed at Whites because they want our children to not reproduce but are all in favor of Laquandalickus having a dozen little 13%ers out of wedlock.

  5. Don W Curton

    I’ve watched the first two episodes and kept thinking, when is this going to take off? Incredibly slow and drawn out. The girl looks unusual, almost in a retarded sense with odd facial features. Not pretty at all. Didn’t watch GoT so don’t know who she is. After reading your take, I’m not sure I really want to watch the third episode. Seeing a gay Ron Swanson is too much.

  6. Anonymous White Male

    Speaking of The Godfather: I believe the girl was supposed to represent Elizabeth Taylor, although the movie was based after the end of WWII. Elizabeth Taylor did Lassie Come Home in 1943 and National Velvet in 1944. But, she did have a stage mother, an ex-stage actress, that knew how the system worked. Like he did with Frank Sinatra, who was represented by Johnny Fontana, Puzo liked to sprinkle his characters with real life people.

    Actually, I have no sympathy for the #MeToo actresses. They all took advantage of the chance to become stars, regardless of what was involved. Harvey Weinstein must have made some serious jewish enemies because the casting couch still exists and other executives, producers, directors, and actors dipped their wicks in any willing star wannabe, and have not been called out. Like declaring yourself a tranny in Hollywood now, #MeToo was just a way to get publicity. And any publicity is good publicity in Hollywood.

    • Arthur Sido

      Oh for sure, those girls know what they are doing. Girls figure out in middle school that they can trade their sexual availability for social status and it just expands from there as they get older. If you are so desperate to be a star that you would go down on Harvey, it tells me you are probably a horrible person anyway

  7. McNasty

    I played the last of us. The first one was pretty good. Great really. I guess the guy was gay in the game, which I don’t remember at all, so it must have went in one ear and out the other.
    But their second game was dog shit. My kids all played the first one, and only my son played the second one and he stopped mid way because he was so sickened by it. He only finished it because he paid for it, never to touch it again.
    It soured him so much he stated he was refusing watch it when it started filming.(Ironically it’s filmed where I live, we could have went and watched but didn’t even bother)
    The game publishing company when putting out the second game basically told everyone to fuck off if they didn’t like it because they are a woke company and nothing is wrong with their bs.

    Oh well, they don’t get any money form me. I was going to watch it the same was as you, but now think I will pass. Probably something older on reruns that’s better anyway.(reruns being torrents, I don’t pay for much more than internet now) Funny how they all want to go bankrupt.

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