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Things In The Windy City Are Going To Get Worse

This is the slate of candidates for Mayor in Chicago…

At the end of the month, on the 28th, voters in Chicongo will go to the polls to choose between 7 blacks, a Mexican and a White guy. The White guy used to run the Chicago Public School systems and the older black guy in the bottom right, Willie Wilson, was a successful businessman but the rest seem to be people without any sort of actual skills or credentials. The leading contenders are incumbent Mayor Beetlejuice, aka Lori Lightfoot, the Mexican Jesús “Chuy” García who is a current Congressman and the White guy, Paul Vallas. It is likely that no one will get the needed votes to win outright so a run-off will occur at the beginning of April.

That Lightfoot is even in contention after the disastrous past three years in Chicago is largely the result of her support from White liberals because she is a dyke and from black “faith leaders”

As I keep saying, black clergy are the most corrosive influence in the black community, doing more damage and hustling more cash than any other subgroup among Basketball-Americans. Why would black clergy support a lesbian who has let crime run amok in the city, mostly with blacks being the victims of other blacks? Because black clergy by and large don’t care about blacks and seem to have become clergy to get wealthy while avoiding gainful employment.

With a candidate slate like that, things in Chicago are only going to get worse.


  1. 3g4me

    Zero sympathy for residents of Chicago. Only problem is that, as usual, the escapees pollute and destroy everywhere else they migrate to. Absolutely incapable of accepting that they were part of the problem. “But I’m a jenooowyne konservative!” That’s what all liberals fleeing the consequences of their own choices or inaction claim.

    • rto-jerry

      This invasion of “liberals fleeing” is ruining a lot of once tranquil rural locations around the country. Not hard to spot such self important assholes out an about in your AO as they can’t shut up.

  2. Yankee Terrier

    Chicongo is for now beyond help. A force majeure will be needed to put in place mechanism and human skilled leaders that can effect a true positive outcome.That force majeure is the sort of thing that cannot be spoken of for now.

  3. Don Curton

    Saw a meme the other day, Snake Plisskin running for office. His platform? Putting a wall around New York, Chicago, Detroit and a dozen other cities and just let them rot. He’s got my vote!

  4. Xzebek

    Not surprising that Chimp town is likely to elect a Chimp as mayor.
    Smart animal packs in nature would never let the dumbest fools be its leaders.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    Nothing changes as long as they mostly keep it out of the north side

    Of course nowadays any white folks up there get killed, their next of kin will probably call a press conference to express their forgiveness, so maybe it doesn’t even change then

  6. Michael Collins

    I am so glad i left Arlington Heights back in 97, Chicongo was a shithole then…They deserve everything that comes their way…

    Cabrini Green was operational and i had clients to call on nearby, was always strapped….

  7. Danny

    It’s already gotten worse than we dreamed it ever could. Not only in Chicago — EVERYWHERE. Things are not right. There is no longer a sense of right and wrong.

    Questions is — will the people with any semblance of what is right prevail?

  8. Mike Hendrix

    Chicongo I knew about, but here’s one you probably don’t unless you’ve ever been a truck driver: the I-285 beltway around Atlanta is known among us trucking types, even the darker-complected ones, as the “ring around the Congo.” The commuter train line’s acronym, MARTA, actually stands for Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta. And the OMNI stadium/arena/concert venue is One Million Niggers Inside.

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