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They Are Terrified And They Should Be

To continue on with my thoughts from In The End, The Good Guys Win.

As I noted, at least in the immediate near term it looks like it is game over for us. We are soon to be a racial minority in the very country our forefathers built from the wilderness. Our institutions have fallen and turned against us, one after another, until now virtually none are left. White labor is exploited and White wealth is looted to appease non-Whites and to dishearten and threaten our people. Older Boomer-aged Whites are growing old and dying off and my Generation X cohort is also getting older. Younger Whites are infected with self-loathing, embrace sexual perversion and voluntary genital mutilation and are either not having children of their own or having mixed race children, often without even the tepid benefit of having the father stick around.

People who were confident of their triumph over evil Whitey would be taking a victory lap but that isn’t what we see. Instead we see them ramping up their efforts to discredit and attempt to intimidate White advocates. Some of it might be the natural malevolence of these people but there must be more to it, and what I suspect is that they still view the tens of millions of White men, many heavily armed, pissed off and genetically predisposed to returning violence with more violence, as a powder keg.

So in spite of their seeming imminent victory, They not only haven’t let up on the propaganda, they have turned the knob to 11.

The most obvious example is the one-two punch of the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” rally and unarmed generally polite unauthorized tourism of January 6th. We still see clips from Charlottesville and you would think it was a bloodbath of violence, rather than a single person (a morbidly obese woman) who died from a heart attack after being struck by a car driven by a panicked driver named James Fields. On January 6th it was even more lopsided, the only person being murdered was a White woman who supported Trump, shot dead by a black cop for trespassing. The risible “January 6th Commission” existed solely as propaganda and the well publicized imprisonment in a gulag of political prisoners arrested for walking around a public building is intended to intimidate and silence opposition.

It extends to individuals as well. On social media, many political dissident choose to post anonymously to protect their family and career. While I have no interest in tracking down anonymous lefties and ruining their lives, assuming as I do that their miserable existence is punishment enough, it apparently is quite the validation for random soyjacks on social media to figure out the real name of a different random person on social media so they can make their lives suck as much as the aforementioned soyjack or obese gender fluid blue haired freak.

I received a few notes that my name appeared on some website called “Doxbin” which is pretty amusing because I have used my real name for decades on social media, hell it is right in the domain name of my blog, and thanks to my unique name combination I am pretty sure I am the only Arthur Sido anywhere in the world, now or in the past. So finding me requires essentially no effort. It is pretty hard to “doxx” someone that uses their real name on social media, and a lot of the stuff is not even accurate or is very old. I guess it is supposed to intimidate me or something but I mentioned it to my boss and I told myself not to worry about it, my job is safe. To be honest, it is quite an honor to be considered someone dangerous enough to be doxxed but like I said, I ain’t hard to find.

Then there was this. Vice ran a video hitpiece on Paul Waggener of Operation Werewolf warning of the danger of “The Pagan Far-Right”. It is unintentionally hilarious and the comments are overwhelmingly from people who follow Paul on social media and have found, as I have, his material to be positive and inspiring.

I left this comment

I already read all of Paul’s stuff and have been following Operation Werewolf for years, you don’t need to sell it so hard. It is interesting that someone who is nothing but positive in his messages is the subject of such vitriol and ugliness from the very people who claim he and OPWW are dangerous. I wonder what Vice is so scare of, perhaps that White men are finally starting to embrace our roots, something you would applaud from any other race?

Most of the other comments were also positive and very sincere. It was partially from some of Paul Waggener’s videos that I made the decision 18 months or so back to start getting into shape. After almost a year of hitting the weights at the gym, I am far stronger than I was and looking forward to getting stronger yet. The video prominently features a deranged guy I have never heard of who killed stabbed some people in 2017, Anders Breivik from a different country in 2011 and an act of arson in 2012. How many violent crimes have been committed by non-Whites during that time period, mostly against other non-Whites? Vice doesn’t seem to care because what Paul talks about scares the shit out of them. Paul also posted a mild, bemused reply video.

You could be forgiven for thinking the Vice video was either a delicious troll cooked up by Operation Werewolf to get people to check them out or a satirical video published by the Babylon Bee because the people on camera are such ridiculous caricatures, genuinely silly people complaining about more attractive, smarter and with-it people.

Ask yourself who you think seems like a more serious person, “far-right pagan” Lana Lokteff from Red Ice Radio who is mentioned in the video, a wife and mother who looks like she puts in some effort to take care of herself…

Or this disgusting pig, “researcher” Shannon Weber who is slovenly with the obligatory nose ring and hideous glasses?

They should include a picture of Shannon with Viagra to take care of those overly prolonged erections. I drew some glasses on Boss Nass from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and the resemblance is uncanny.

Or between Paul Waggener, a man that even if he isn’t your cup of tea certainly speaks like a serious man and clearly looks like someone who walks the talk….

Versus this whiny, low-T literal soyjack with the hilariously ironic name of Shane Burley.

Could you find someone less compelling to listen to than that guy with an “expertise” that mostly consists of calling Paul a racist in his high pitched, quavering voice? As a man, would you prefer to look and speak like Paul Waggener or like Shane Burley? I can’t decide if Shane was beaten up at school by someone who looked like Paul or if he is just aroused into a froth by videos of Paul working out, maybe both, but calling someone racist isn’t an argument.

I assume the video backfired because it would make sense that a lot of people might look more closely at what Paul and Operation Werewolf are all about and find it more compelling than being a pussy. Most people have never heard of Paul Waggener or Operation Werewolf so confident people would ignore them. That they don’t ignore them indicates that they are terrified.

Many of us have forgotten who we are and They are trying to keep us in that state but more of our people are waking up, and waking up angry. This scares them and it should. A reckoning has been long coming and has been delayed but I believe the day is approaching to balance the scales.


  1. anon

    Communist remover. He’s done far more to stem the leftist tide in his country than any controlled opposition “conservative”.
    His book is worth looking into as well.
    Of course, there is endless kvetching over him from all sides, how the right needs to keep the high ground and other shit that’s done nothing to prevent the tides of perverts and shitskins from flooding countries. He’s demonized because he was effective and too many copycats would throw the system too off balance.
    We should be totally peaceful and just vote our way out, yep.

    • rto-jerry

      Exactly right and why the movement never seeks a solution as they’d be penniless within a month. Dana Loasch, BRCC, Alex Jones, etc. on and on bunch of grifters and nothing more.

  2. Hell For Breakfast

    Those who fvck around are way overdue to find out.
    The comrades are welcome to roll on up but I don’t see any takers.
    The ballot box is long gone so we all know what that means.

    • Ghost Who Walks

      Besides your dig at sensible glasses, this is a great article. Will pass on to all, look into Paul Wagoner, read Mr. Brevik’s book (and also Leon Degrelle), and hate on every soyjack I encounter!

      TANSTAAFL, live free or die, and 1488!

  3. Jay L

    Well, I’ve never heard of Paul Waggoner or Project Werewolf, but you’ve piqued my curiosity.
    More importantly: “soyjack”?!?! Freaking perfect! I can assure you that I’ll be stealing that one!

    And yes, folks seems to be getting a little hysterical lately, don’t they? It’s easy to believe your own hype before and during a fight…but as things are looking like they are “winning” they have to look their “truth” straight in the face, and are realizing they can only lie to themselves for so long. A reckoning is overdue and they’re starting to recognize that fact.

  4. saoirse

    They’re terrified because they know that even if just 15% of white men went on the offensive it would be over for all of them. That’s why they have to keep up the assault on us and our kids from every angle possible.
    If you want true inspiration for whites then forget Breivik and the roid boys and read the works of David Eden Lane and William Luther Pierce.

    • anon

      Good fellows too.
      WLP’s broadcasts are on I believe. His books may be there as well but it’s been a while since I’ve checked. Look into all of them and more.
      “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” — Thucydides

  5. Danny's not here

    The attempt to stifle our access to food is what’s manifest now. They are betting that once the violence to obtain food erupts they will have the upper hand. I said the violence to obtain food.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    It’s a mistake to consider what the reasoning of leftists is. They don’t reason. They emote. Yeah the guys at the WEF might reason but we’re talking about these wastes of DNA like you have pictured here.

    Leftists consume MSM. Leftists believe MSM. Start from there. They also consume and believe far left media that is as deranged as clown world can make it.

    So taking all that into account, they 100% believe that “white supremacist domestic terrorism” is the #1 threat in the USA today. Of course they’re afraid.

    That they are white themselves is the final comedic twist

  7. McNasty

    I’m always amazed when an interview states that the guy has a subscription and charges. Like doesn’t everyone charge for their services? There is a subscribe on the bottom of the video to subscribe to vice. Is that so vice gets paid by youtube, and doesn’t vice get paid by hbo to be on their channel. I guess it’s only them that should make money.

    They go on about Paul’s tattoos but I don’t remember them mentioning azoz battalion using the same sunwheel.
    Guess it only matters who uses it?

    The soyjacks comment about you can only be Germanic to join, isn’t the norse gods from Scandinavia? What does German have to do with that?

    There’s so much more. They call this journalism?

  8. Gryphon

    Paul Waggener may be a little ‘Over the Top’ in his presentation, but he is Speaking Truth, in a Rational Way, that certainly Terrifies the soyjacks and their hambeast ‘women’.
    Whether the true ‘leadership’ of the judeo-communists is smart enough to Fear what Paul represents, I rather doubt it. (((they))) Hate White Men, and hold them in utter contempt.

  9. Ranger

    Somehow I knew this would happen, I don’t agree with paganism, yet I knew that you can only target a skin colour for so long until they seek shelter. In my mind I knew that eventually the enemies of the west would be able to conjure up the “evil whites” by beating, berating and blaming them for all evil. The enemies of the western free people needed a bogyman, as the predator class took down the culture. So, white supremacy became the punching bag, they need to co-opt all the other fragments (people of “colour”, gay, “transgendered”, feminist, communist, just “bitchy”, etc) to rally around a common enemy. Typical tool of tyranny, divide and conquer. I have no doubt that if these werewolves were left alone they would produce no more “psychos” than any other group, but the beast needs it’s enemy, and they’ve now provided it.

  10. Plague Monk

    Personally, I find tattoos and body piercings a very strong turnoff; even things such as simple pierced earrings and single rings irritate me quite a bit. I haven’t worn my wedding ring since about 1981. Project Werewolf sounds interesting, but I’ll pass, realistically. Like Ranger, I don’t agree with paganism.
    I spent most of my working career in the aerospace environment, first as a weapons mechanic in USAF, and later as a drafter and then designer. I regard people with these piercings and such to be both unserious and ugly. If I’m running a fast response design team, I don’t want the distraction of looking at people and wanting to throw up. Dress doesn’t bother me; I worked on a classified project where the lead engineer was a made man in the Hells’ Angel, and wore a shirt proclaiming that. No problem; we disagreed on some tech issues(he was right…), but he was thoroughly professional. After my first week of wearing the full suit in a Washington DC summer(non-A/C office), I went native as far as the clothing was concerned.

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