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The Future GOP

It might seem like the stuff of nightmares but we are less than a year away from the first primaries in the 2024 U.S. Presidential “election” cycle. Iowa and New Hampshire will hold their caucuses/primary in January with Nevada following close behind on February 6th, 2024. “Super Tuesday” is March 5th and that means the whole thing should be decided as to the two major party candidates in about 54 weeks from today.

2024 promises to be the first Presidential election I have skipped since I have been old enough to vote, although I might toss in a vote for Orange Man Bad should he be the nominee just for the lulz. 2024 will not be an actual free and fair election, those are a relic of our past, but the lead up to the election should remind us of how futile the “VOAT MOAR HARDERER!” rhetoric truly is.

While the main event promises to be Trump versus DeSantis, behind the scenes the neocons and Beltway GOP are working to try to find an alternative that They find more palatable. No, I’m not talking about Mike Pence. Take for example one of the most inexplicable candidacies thus far: Nimarata Nikki Haley.

Nimrata is a Punjabi Sikh that was born to first generation immigrant parents and eventually “converted” to Christianity, although she attends a United Methodist Church so I can’t say she is all that enthusiastic about it. The former undistinguished governor of South Carolina served for around six years before becoming Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations. During her time she oversaw the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds and why wouldn’t she? She isn’t a heritage American and her family has very little connection to the historic American nation. After a couple of years as UN Ambassador, Nimrata left that role and has been lurking around waiting for another gig. Despite declaring she would not seek the nomination if Trump was also running, she recently declared that, j/k!, she was going to seek the nomination.

I doubt many rank and file people really know who she is so why would she go through the trouble of running, especially when facing two powerhouse candidates in Trump and DeSantis who will suck all of the energy out of the room? Who is her constituency other than thirsty Boomercons with a hankering for some dark meat (see also: Tulsi Gabbard)?

Haley is almost exactly a month older than me, making her 51, so she has plenty of time for a second run. Her 2024 campaign seems most likely to be aimed at putting her in place to be the nominee in 2028 and she has a lot of what the GOP wants in a future candidate: she isn’t Trump, she isn’t White and she isn’t male. Of course she also bends the knee as required for any candidate to be blessed by the GOP establishment, performing oblation toward Israel. On her campaign page “Record Of Results” (archived here) the single largest entry has to do with “Defending Israel”…

Remember she was the U.S. Ambassador to the UN but apparently to Nimrata that means putting the concerns of Israel first. Her “Defending our Second Amendment Rights” section is allotted just 66 words while defending Israel was given 191 words, almost triple the attention. She claims to be against illegal immigration but seems perfectly content with loading the country up with her fellow Indian subcontinental folk.

Then this guy I had never heard of before.

Who the hell is Vivek Ramaswamy? He is apparently yet another Indian, only 37 years old, and an entrepreneur. He is the executive chairman of Strive Asset Management and his wife, Apoorva T Ramaswamy, is a laryngologist at THE Ohio State University cancer center. So another high achieving Indian couple, with an estimated net worth north of $600 million. What is Vivek all about? Generic “conservatism” of course but also this (emphasis mine)….

“Yes, I’ve accomplished things but so has everyone else who would be running in this race too. I think I am running on a vision that I believe I can articulate what it means to be an American in 2023,” Ramaswamy said….As the son of Indian migrants who legally came through America’s “front door,” Ramaswamy is a strong supporter of merit-based immigration and would not grant leniency for those who broke the law when entering the country.

What it means to be an “American” in 2023 is in stark contrast to what it has meant to be an American for all of our history apart from the last couple decades. As a “strong supporter” of legal immigration, he is also all in favor of making America a place for his fellow Indians to move to in order to get away from their fellow Indians, coming to the country White people built and getting rich.

Ramaswamy is young and has a hard to pronounce name and no one knows him, clearly he isn’t likely to be the nominee so again what is the point? 2028 is the point.

People that want to be President have a necessarily long term outlook. You don’t wake up and decide to run a serious campaign, you have to put the wheels in motion well ahead of time. Vivek Ramaswamy is a self-made multi-millionaire with deep connections already to the GOP establishment. Nimrata Haley has a guy named Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar in her corner, and he has deep pockets having donated millions to Trump, and is also a money guy in the Republican Hindi circles. While there aren’t that many of them, Indians living in America have been wildly successful, by some measure having the highest per capita income of any racial subgroup in the U.S.

My point being, the Republican Party is already quietly looking past 2024 and setting the stage for a non-White nominee for 2028. Having been complicit in the Great Replacement, they are now looking for avenues to keep the Grand Old Party relevant in a majority-minority United States. While blacks and mestizos look nice in TV commercials, South Asians have deep pockets and that counts for more than sheer numbers.

The future of the GOP doesn’t include Whites. We had better start thinking differently about the future because our political power is gone.


    • Brother John

      Oh please. She’s easy on the eyes but that’s the long and short of it. Her entire career has been spent in *that* party and her come-to-Jesus moment was but a few ticks ago. She gets the attention she does because Carlson can’t stop slobbering.

  1. Xzebek

    Your point about Heritage Americans is an important one. Just as one can’t absorb all institutional knowledge in a business in a short time, one also cannot absorb and integrate (not just learn) American history as newcomer. This is not denigrating newcomers (if they actually want to become Americans) but I believe that the full depth of our history and how it has affected generations of our people is not something that can be appreciated in one generation. The Confederate flag is a good example- it is ancient and forgettable history to the first generation newcomer. It’s the same way they cannot really “get” groups like Daughters of the American Revolution or like even VFW. Its like new wine vs aged wine; the aged will have more depth and complexity. That is one of the reasons that I am not in favor of immigrants being able to run for public office at any level (not just the prohibition for the Presidency).
    Nikki Haley has nothing of great note to offer and won’t be on the race long, I believe.
    Btw Tulsi Gabbard is practically an albino compared to Haley- and I think a lot better looking.

    • 3g4me

      Steve S6: Longer than that. There are plenty of third-generation Ellis Islanders who are ‘American’ only in the Straussian sense. Hell, there are now third-generation Hindus, and they will always retain their ancestral genetics and instincts and the culture that was created therefrom. Some Jews are 4-5 generation but their American patriotism consists of zionism and minoritarianism.

      With rare and ultimately irrelevant exceptions, only White Christians can acculturate. And that generally takes until the youngest generation has no memory of or contact with an ancestor who was not American born and raised. And all of that still depends on a confident native population that demands assimilation (which means far more than jeans, pizza, and some sort of English).

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    It should at least be of some entertainment value to watch the dance they must now perform: Making it look like we have representation when in fact we have none

  3. saoirse

    Add those shitskins above (including Tulsi darling) to the Morbark list that every Republicunt (and donor) is already on.
    Trump’s on it too.

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