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The Difference Couldn’t Be More Stark

Back in the early to mid 1990s when I was in college, graduating in 1995, my chosen major of political science with a minor in history meant that even at a cornfield surrounded Midwestern school like Bowling Green State University my professors were overwhelmingly leftist. In fact the only openly Republican prof I had was a relatively young black guy. One professor I liked a lot had worked tirelessly on the McGovern campaign as a youth and another was an unstable Marxist who spent summers with the Maoist Shining Path. Despite my youth and inexperience we often got into spirited debates in class and my senior year I was asked to write a regular column for my school paper. While the powers that be in charge of the school were liberal to the core, they accepted and in many ways encouraged debates.

If anything I would describe liberals from my formative years in the 80s and 90s as people who wouldn’t shut the hell up. Ever. Just endlessly yammering but at least they were engaged in debate. They also claimed to be against war, distrusted The Man and be on the side of working class people but that’s a different topic.

That has been changing, starting slowly I would say under the W. Bush regime where they were convinced W was literally Hitler until his later rehabilitation in their eyes and really accelerating when Orange Man Bad announced his candidacy for the Presidency. Contemporary leftists have no interest in debating you, they only wish to silence you via any means necessary.

In many ways I don’t blame them. If my position was that a dude putting on lipstick and stuffing his junk into panties magically turned him into a woman, I wouldn’t want to have to defend it either. Or that even though we all know most violent crime is committed by blacks, they would have us believe that “White supremacists” are the greatest danger to our society. It reminds me a lot of “apologetics” from some of the more fundamentalist sects of Christianity “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it!”. Modern “liberals” are not only anything but liberal, they are as simplistic and goofy as a snake handling Eastern Kentucky Primitive Baptist.

Just yesterday some goofball on Faceberg was screeching at me that he reported my account for being a fake account and giddy that I would have to do some sort of ID verification. I guess he figured that by getting my account suspended I would somehow be silenced, as if I couldn’t make another account in about 30 seconds and as if I didn’t already have a back-up account. I used to report obviously fake accounts, usually some chick with huge tits in a skimpy outfit from a foreign country who wants to be “friends” and their current friend list is full of African dudes, dudes from India and creepy old White men who leave them suggestive comments, but I stopped bothering because Faceberg doesn’t care if your account is “fake”, they just want lots of accounts. But as a rule I don’t try to silence weirdo lefties on social media for one simple reason:

The most compelling argument that can be made by /ourside/ is simply allowing the other side to speak as often and freely as possible.

Libs of TikTok made an enormous impact not by putting out three hour podcasts or 10,000 word essays but instead by simply showing what these maniacs are already publishing publicly. It isn’t secret Project Veritas style stuff, these nuts put these videos out hoping people will watch them but then got mad when normies saw them and were outraged. A meme of Richard Levine wearing his girlie “admiral” uniform does more to make my case about trannies than a dozen blog posts.

The difference is enormous. I want people on the Left to speak, openly and loudly, about what they believe because I am confident that I have the better argument. People on the Left don’t want people like me to speak because they also believe I have the better argument. The last thing you want to do is interrupt your enemy when he is defeating himself.

Then this morning I saw a clip from Tucker talking to Lauren Southern. Lauren is an e-thot who did some good work but mostly got paid by thirst Boomercons who watched her videos in the hope of seeing the outline of a nipple through her shirt. She stopped being relevant a few years ago but They never forget, and recently her parents were informed that they were not welcome to use Airbnb because they were related to Lauren, who is also apparently banned from the service.

This isn’t really new, I have been getting threats for a long time from various loons that wander the internet, often referencing my family. I guess they think that will silence me, but as you can see it has not. Quite the opposite actually.

On the other hand you can count on one hand and have four fingers and a opposable digit left the number of times I have threated the family of some leftist online. In his video I referenced a few posts ago Paul Waggener made similar comments.

And that is exactly true. I don’t want those simpering soyboys to suffer any violence at this point and I am certainly not going to hunt down and harass their family. But the flipside? Yes, they really would love to see Paul and his family destitute and his new baby boy starving to death. They would have no problem harming you or your family, partly because they can’t debate our ideas, partly because terrorizing the families of dissidents works and largely because they are malevolent, ugly people who are aroused at the idea of harming someone, with their political ideology simply providing them with a twisted justification.

Whatever your belief, whether it is political or cultural or religious, if it will not stand up to intense scrutiny and opposition it is certainly a false belief. I’m willing and eager to test my ideas in the rhetorical Thunderdome. Their refusal to engage proves their beliefs are false. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean they will surrender, it just means they will resort to intimidation and actual violence to silence their opponents. The saying has never been more true: it is time to harden the fuck up.


  1. Ice Ice Trotsky

    That deception was part of by any means necessary in the Long March to burn down America and merge it with the global soviet.
    You could tell the commie Idiocracy was coming with that MTV Rock the Vote horsesh1t and the boxers or briefs question for the saxophony Rhodes Scholar Slick Willie.

  2. Sean

    Don’t know how long it will take, or what will boost it into being, but the leftists are doing these things now as training for when they go into the real thing. The real thing being physically harming people for thoughtcrime, starving them, gulags, etc. They’ve already engaged in doxxing and getting people fired from their jobs, harassing families in their homes, schools, restaurants. Ramping it up to full fledged communist persecution isn’t far away. I believe we’re in transition time, twilight if you will, at the moment. Kind of like Vichy France, as the Germans slowly strangled France, stealing everything of value in sight, murdering resistance, shipping whole factories and industries into Germany. The difference between what we were here, and what we are now, couldn’t be more stark either.

  3. Big D Little irk

    When you speak the language of your enemy,,,,,, you have become “Them”.

    When you spend even a minute sifting thru the communist propaganda sites, what do you hope to learn, that you didn’t already know.

    Only one thing going to change this shit show, that’s shooting them in the face.

    Tic Toc

  4. anon

    What’s irritating are boomers who still proclaim shit like “I may disagree with what you say but I will die defending your right to do it” defending those who want to kill him and people like him for having thoughtcrimes.
    I am fine taking rights and more from my enemies as they have already done so and more to people like me.
    There is no peaceful cohabitation with them.

  5. george 1

    IMHO the reason they are importing the third world by the millions is that they intend using them to supplement the Brownshirts already here. When the food shortages come to the U.S. the powers that be will just tell them that the reason they are hungry and poor is because white people are trying to kill them by stealing their food.

    The idea will no doubt be well received.

    • Super-Gerbil

      George 1, good comment. But for the love of Pete, could you think about not equating Maoist maniacs with the Right? Nazi Brownshirts were fascist street brawlers and as such were a phenomenon of the Right! And if I got my Weimar history correct, were spun up in response to communist agitators such as the Anti-faschiste brigades.

      • Unknownsailor

        Imagine thinking that the commies who wrote the history of WWII were correct to call a totalitarian ideology like Nazism right wing.

      • Doc

        Nazi is derived from National Socialism. Hitler was a socialist – NOT a fascist and was at the extreme LEFT!

        The left side of the political spectrum is complete control and authority is from the state! The right side is anarchy or complete absence of control and authority. Proper balance as defined by America’s Founding Fathers is right in the middle.

  6. KDOG

    Arthur wrote, “Contemporary leftists have no interest in debating you, they only wish to silence you via any means necessary.”

    This is our new ‘culture’ in a nutshell.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    Leftists would love to have us all in camps where who knows what is done to us………… as long as somebody else, not them, is doing the dirty work. Even if they could find people to do that dirty work, they still have the problem of there being way too many of us.

    So they have to resort to intimidation and selective, well publicized persecution, to encourage the rest of us to keep our heads down. Which is the real reason they put Lauren Southern on Tucker with her AirBnB story. Lauren probably doesn’t know that. Tucker may not even know that. But the people running that network, they know .

  8. Razorback

    The left miscalculates badly when they suppose that there are fearsome storm troops who will be at their beck and call to go door-to-door, confiscating weapons or rooting out heretics. Where in hell do they suppose those troops are going to come from? Have you SEEN today’s soldiers, guardsmen, LEOs and other potential jackboots lately? Fey, obese, tatted-up soibois. Laughable AA hires. Chubby little females with manicured nails and daddy issues.

    True, nobody is coming to save us. But I really question just who it is that is coming to enslave us. If I see some fat, squishy pansy decked out in tacti-cool gear waddling up the path to my front door expecting to bully me out of my Constitutional rights, I may just die laughing as zhe stops to catch zxer breath halfway along.

    • Castle

      Guess you haven’t heard but they are bringing a couple Millon MAMs over the border each year. Those are the ones that will not go to the door. They will just burn the house down


        Well, you are probably right. It will be like The Purge on steroids. Looking on the bright side, they will be easy to identify. Here in Winterfell (North ID) the lines of drift near our home are under observation and the range cards are all filled out. Bleib ubrig.

  9. Russell G.

    The term I use is “medieval”, whenever they wish.

    BTW: You were apparently operating post secondary in the 90’s. That date was the headwater of the current problem. I can literally show you column after column of data, weighing in at about 60 pounds printed, that clearly identifies the loss of scholarship at that point and the start of the mentally lazy practice of social justice in all academic fields — It was called “No Child Left Behind.” Who was responsible for that? That brought in federal student loans. That brought in the unqualified. That brought in dilution, illusion, and Marxism at an accelerated rate. That also spawned worthless Ph.D.s in all academic areas. Pick any “new” Ph.D. (meaning start in 1990 and add 4 to 12 years for them to get a job) and then count their first author/single author citations in Science Citation Index. QED, ol’ lads.

  10. Bear Claw

    I get peace from knowing a lot of them will be starving soon.

    I posted elsewhere that it’s comical to see the bidet/trump rally size comparisons because all of the attendees don’t even realize they are hoping someone in goobermint will save them.

    Graham’s Combat House Rule is the only one that applies.

    No one is coming to save you.

    ps Learned a piece of history this week. During the Civil War Karl Marx was even reporting on it in his location.

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