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Stuff You Can’t Make Up

Read the headline and you can already guess…

An armed robber in Chicago was arrested because he stuck around to eat his victim’s fried chicken

If there was any doubt….

Dey luv dem some fried chicken.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    A judge will show mercy, for after all, it is Bleak History Monf’. Chicken Bone Capone will plead to the lesser charge of finger-lickin’ and be directed to a 12-step program for overcoming his addiction to Kentucky fried. Don’t laugh. A fried chicken jones is no laughing matter.

    • Jim Wetzel

      Lee’s, maybe.

      I saw this early today on my laptop while sitting at my coffee place, drinking, you know, coffee. Came close to finding out whether my laptop is coffee-spray-proof or not. Arthur S. should maybe consider putting a swallow-first warning on posts like this.

  2. Danny

    Anyone who is not prepared to defend himself at any time can just suffer the consequences. Those savages in the big city could be put down quick.

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

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