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She Relaxed

We have these sayings for a reason.

Everyone with eyes and a semi-functioning brain knows the rule:

Around blacks, never relax.

Other groups operate under a set of rules that have been developed by White people over the course of centuries to ensure that we can live as peaceably as possible with one another. From a young age we were taught “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”. In adult life that means that an argument or verbal dispute does not actually hurt us so we can just walk away before someone does get hurt. Now a couple of guys chirping at one another in a bar or hockey game? Well we understand another saying “boys will be boys” and generally that is accepted to mean that guys might thrown down if sufficiently provoked or drunk. The fights are almost always one on one and end when someone is knocked down.

As our nation becomes more vibrantly diverse and both our native African population slips the leash and we import new people without any social conditioning, those rules are no longer working so we need new rules like “around blacks, never relax” and “avoid crowds”. A tragic case in point.

The young mother in question was 26 year old Alexandria Borys, pictured below.

From what we can piece together, there was some sort of verbal altercation and Mrs. Borys thought it was over and was walking away. Her husband tells what happened next:

According to her husband, Borys was shopping at Kroger with her sister-in-law, niece, and nephew.

After packing groceries into the car shortly before 4 p.m., Tyler said an argument broke out in the parking lot between his wife and a stranger, later identified as 23-year-old Christina Harrison.

“From what I have pieced together, they had either concluded the argument or Alex was walking away. It’s indicating she was shot with her back turned,” said Tyler on Thursday.

Alexandria Borys, thinking that it wasn’t worth arguing with a stranger in a parking lot and with her 2 year old child and her infant in the car, turned around to leave. That is when she was shot in the back by Christina Harrison. You know what is coming next.

People get into disputes all the time, it is the nature of living in close proximity to so many other people, but adults with a functioning impulse control mechanism don’t let these disputes turn into murder. If you shoot someone in the back, that means they are probably disengaging from the argument but you couldn’t let it go. Even in what seems to be a clear cut case of unwarranted murder, some blacks still rally to defend the shooter for no reason other than she was black and her victim was White. Take for example this comment on Facebook from “Mike Stacey Leandre”…

“Sorry she had to lose her life”. Had to. I know 13%ers don’t generally have a great grasp of the English language but this person certainly seems to be suggesting that the only response to being spit on (and I don’t see any reports of Mrs. Borys spitting on Christina Harrison) was to shoot her. I guess African honor codes demand you murder a woman in cold blood, shooting her in the back, if your warped sense of honor was “dissed”. I went to the Facebook page of a local news station, a fair number of blacks also suggesting that she spit “at her” or “at her car” when Christina Hendricks nearly ran her over. Same people also implying that getting shot was not that much worse than being spit at. Others claimed she said something “racist” and that also justifies being murdered.

Alexandria Borys is dead and her husband Tyler is now going to raise their two children alone because she thought the rules of civilized behavior still applied. They don’t, not in some encounters. I hope Tyler raises those two children to understand that a black woman murdered their mom and that to avoid her fate they need to learn the rule:

Around blacks, never relax.


  1. Hedge

    Once the lights go out that 13 percent is going to drop like a stone in water. And remember… little niggers turn into big niggers. Can’t let that happen.

    • Castle

      That is why the lights will never go out. They will allow some minor stuff now and then but they must keep control. Only way we could possibly turn any of this around is to make it break down, force it, brake it all. We can’t win playing thier game with thier rules

  2. 4hawks

    Damn. This is one of those stories that just rained on my day. I hope I don’t see a story later about forgiveness for that piece of shit because it’s what Tyler would have wanted.

  3. Anonymous

    They are a failed race, under permanent custodial care. You and I will now support this sub-human savage (if we weren’t already) for the rest of its natural life. I pray that it will remain incarcerated at least through its fertile years so as not to allow it to procreate.

    That mug shot could be of a male, a female, or anything in between. All I am sure of is that it is not a photo of a human being. What do you want to bet that the almost-certainly illegal handgun this animal had loaded and ready in its vehicle was carried for the omnipresent “threat” of White supremacists bent on murdering innocent black bodies that our overlords insist is everywhere?

    Once more, damn you, cotton.

    • Mike Hendrix

      Don’t blame cotton; it wasn’t cotton that loosed the predators to feed on their hapless victims. That’s all on the damned-Yankee abolitionists. Personally, I support Johnny Rebel’s take in his song “Move Them Niggers North.” They wanted it, so they should get it, good and hard. Let them reap the full “benefits” of the plague they unleashed on the rest of us.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    If Mrs. Borys had said something “racist” I’m going to bet fully 1/3 of whites would see this as justifiable homicide. I think that’s a conservative estimate

  5. mrapp

    Not suggesting I know better, but isn’t there a way, isn’t it past time to start training our friends and families that they can no longer travel alone…..? with no “justice system”, with no rule of law and “with no social skills we now have to move as a squad and if possible armed….or is it that we are truly such a minority that we cannot convince and condition others to the reality of the situation……” 14 words” , it has to start meaning something…………..

  6. 3g4me

    Excellent comments by all – but too much focus on innate negro criminality, violence, impulsiveness, etc. generally means insufficient focus on what Whites must do to avoid it. So go tell your wives and children – no, you are NOT safe at your suburban grocery store. That ‘friendly’ cashier would casually stomp your head if you were to meet her in her natural social setting. Don’t let your children play with them. Gradually but clearly teach your children we are not all the same or equal, and that their socialized instinct to be friendly and trusting must be limited to their own. Don’t ever have your eyes on your sailfoam in public – maintain some degree of situational awareness whenever you are out in public.

    And for all the wives/daughters who will cry that it’s “too scary” or “too mean” to live like that, then the men made damned poor marriage and parenting choices. Mrs. Borys had some sort of conflict with a feral negro, so she obviously knew there were social and behavioral lines that they routinely crossed . .. yet she still turned her back on the thing. She did so with her two small children in the vehicle. She still felt that certain social norms and rules applied, and that her physical safety in public was somehow guaranteed by the state and rules of society.

    Whites MUST learn this is not true. Same assumptions ended up with a 73 year old White rancher in jail for firing warning shots and accidentally killing an immivading mestizo. I read it daily online – “Make your voice heard!” “You should sue!” “Write your ‘x’!” “Voat harder!” Get it through your head (and the heads of your loved ones) – the old rules do not apply. The old ‘murrica is dead and gone. No, you have no innate ‘rights.’ No, the police do not and will not guarantee your ‘safety.’ No, it’s is not a ‘free’ country. You live in 1984 crossed with Brave New World crossed with Harrison Bergeron. It’s miserable and it’s inhumane and it’s ugly and it’s dangerous. It is easy and tempting to give in to one’s rage at modern dystopia, but you must always operate under the assumption that everything you do and everything you say is being monitored, and that zero consequences will accrue to those who violate your person if you are White.

  7. wyomarine

    The brainwashing has been a success.
    Gonna be a lot of dead white people before the learning curve improves.
    Just like with the other “tribe”, whites won’t wake up. They are not your brothers and sisters.

  8. beau

    we do not have a race problem, we have a problem race. no law, rule, or regulation will ever be followed by that demographic.

    division with them given their own ‘nation’ is the ONLY SOLUTION.

  9. Ghost Who Walks

    The hominid in the photo should be tried and executed, yes, but the mattoid tribe of nation-wreckers that imported her and put her up to it needs to be given far worse treatment than that.

  10. Original Grandpa

    there was a big deal a while back, that niggers had to have “The Talk” with their niglets; because “racism”. It was a “woe iz us” story, because of “white racism”. It’s bullshit grounded in slight amounts of things bent to make it seem more real. It is time we add our truth to it. Yeah, mother effers; you should have the talk, and we will talk with our kids too. Yours are armed, ours will be armed as well – but also with better equipment and training. You are about 13% of the population, and mostly (per “the talk”) don’t like the police. Understand that the police and the rule of law – and our own morals and values – are all that “protects” you from us. Soon, sadly, skin color will be your uniform. And because of shit like this, you will all be slaughtered like the animals you’ve proven yourselves to be. When that time comes – and it will – sleep light motherfuckers.
    And in case you don’t know, Wakanda ain’t real. Your “brain” doesn’t function like that.

  11. Alex Hidell

    I have a lot of experience with these literal animals at the poker tables in Los Angeles. Many, many times I have seen them go on a violent (tilt) rage against other players and casino staff. Many times I have seen them dragged out kicking and screaming, fighting security and police officers under arrest. The ‘anti-white'(really anti-anything that isn’t black) propaganda is spread wide in their hoods and reinforced with their violent media and culture.

    Maintain situational awareness at all times. These animals favor surprise attacks. The ‘knockout game’ videos are a good example of this. A shooting and murder like this over perceived ‘disrespect’ comes as no surprise as their immature mentality and culture precludes (erases) self-control, accountability and remorse. There are numerous security camera videos on YouTube were blacks burst into sudden violent behavior (robberies, etc.).

    Best advice is to COMPLETELY avoid the dicey areas in major cities where blacks are numerous.

  12. Jennifer

    Weird, this. I am deeply in corn country. Without explanation, my local Kroger installed one way turnstiles in the night, and has started spicing up their muzak with the most abominable hiphop shytte. And, on weekends, the store is inundated with non local ferals. No idea where they come from, or why. They dance, act out in the aisles, argue with other customers, open carry, and have totally altered the landscape. With remus’ advice in mind, I switched to Meijer, where all the German Baptist ladies shop.

  13. Delta3Two

    I would suggest that folks step back from lumping all American negroes into one basket. I’ve worked with a lot of white trash. So….while bemoaning the presence of American negroes have you forgotten, dismissed, ignored the Caucasian scum like, to name a few, biden and his entire clan ? How about the Caucasian members of every level of American society who support diversity and in turn support and favor any race of human being as long as they’re not Caucasian ?

    In today’s Amerika we have multitudes of Caucasian scum who have long endorsed the elimination of their fellow, Caucasian citizens. I give you that every Caucasian Amerikan supporting the American fiat dollars going to support the NAZI regime ensconced in the shithole of Ukraine, is your enemy. Every American who is ignoring the invasion by foreign enemies across our once, southern border are your enemies. These same traitors have put Ukraine above their own country.
    biden and his cabal to include every CONgressweasel who have not endorsed the arrest of biden and his entire cabinet for sedition and treason, are your enemies !
    I could go on and on naming the thousands of traitors (and it’s not negroes) past and present who have brought Traditional America to it’s knees. Why should I ? If you don’t know by now who the murderers of America are, then all is lost.
    Unless Patriots wise up and organize resistance to the enemies within, America will be nothing more than a forgotten chapter of history.

    • 3g4me

      Delta3Two: Tu Quoque (you do it too) is not a logical rebuttal. No one has claimed all Whites are saints. No one has claimed there isn’t tiny, minute fraction of blacks who may possess the intelligence, moral character, and self control to live under White rules. None of this refutes the overwhelming body of data and personal experience indicating the vast majority of them are stupid and dangerous. IKAGO is not something you base a successful social policy on.

      And throwing out “Notsee!!!!” just proves Godwin’s Law yet again.

  14. Lance

    This low life criminal needs tried, convicted and executed post hast. Even then it’s not a deterrent to the rest of the low IQ blacks, but it’s one less. If you subtract the 13% from the criminal stats the USA becomes safer than Denmark.

  15. DM

    The only thing that shocked me about this is that I can actually pronounce the perps name. This occurring in the parking lot of a major grocery chain, you can bet every square inch of the parking lot is covered by the unblinking eye, so the odds are high this is all on video.

  16. Ruck Norris

    In theses parts Tyson imported 800 Somalis to work the chicken plant and settled them in a town of 1200. Previously 99% white and one feather Indian. Now, whilst the men are at work, the women wander all over town causing all kinds of mayhem. And in one of the few places in the region where property values are still affordable no one can give away a house. And they’re all Muzzies on top of everything else.

  17. Saber 7

    Things to avoid, the african, the jew, the muslim, the orc. Not in any specific order. Any interactions with representatives from these groups could end with you assuming room temperature.

    Harrison and her line should be worm food, all removed, the line entirely.

    Soon it will be acceptable to shoot whites indiscriminately. TPTB are indeed fostering this environment. Get your skills honed now and help others to protect themselves with deadly force.

    Whites need to move out of these areas where the african inhabits. Get around other whites. Shun the african for entering into white areas. Tell them they are not welcomed.

  18. AZFloyd

    … I’m going to bet fully 1/3 of whites would see this as justifiable homicide…

    Which is why I now withhold judgement now when I see nigger on White violence except for cases like that nigger bitch that beat up the kid on the school bus. Maybe this chick was a nigger idolator and being a stupid white normie, thought her Jewbook/Twitter virtue signaling would protect her. If she was a nigger idolator, ….well maybe she didnt deserve dying, but she earned it. So no sympathy for the victim until I learn whether she was a nigger idolator. Sure this pavement ape should be turned into fertilizer, but so do most of them. But a good portion of whites are out right traitors. At least you can spot a nigger easily. Race traitors, not much.

    • 3g4me

      AZFloyd: I don’t watch t.v., but my husband says they’ve been interviewing the deceased woman’s ‘best friend’ from work repeatedly on the news. And . . . yes, said self-proclaimed ‘best friend’ is blaq.

      The poor, foolish woman is dead, so she’s beyond any help. But her two White children will, undoubtedly, fail to be taught why their mother died when they were too young to remember her. And unless better taught, will repeat the same damned pattern.

    • saoirse

      Whites that fall prey to muds usually fall into two main categories:
      1 – Woke shitlibs
      2 – Clueless normies
      Anyone who idolizes said muds and defends, minimizes or forgives their sub-human attacks deserves what they get. Good riddance to them both!
      Unintended but favorable consequences from this are:
      1 – The elimination of undesirable whites (a.k.a. “culling the herd”).
      2 – Awakening whites that are still (amazingly) fence sitting.
      3 – Further radicalizing concious whites.
      So let the culling continue, even advocate for it to increase a hundred fold whilst sitting back and watching our enemies being liquidated by……. our enemies!

  19. Stealth Spaniel

    Sad situation, all around. Motherless young children, a father is now a single parent, and this elevated black will just be another one to take more taxes. Anyone but a white is now pushed in commercials, magazine ads, and your local school (non)education forum as enlightented; due SOMETHING, and more righteous than a preacher. It is all horse manure dressed up in ribbons. I will include the Hindus, most Asians, and the spanish speaking mulattos. Try working with any of these “minorities” and see what your day is like. Whites have got to become the New Preferred Tribe in all situations. WE built this country and all of it’s glory that is being plundered by every other racial group. We will never be one nation again, so folks need to get right with that idea.

  20. TechieDude

    I dunno.

    I’ve never seen or heard of a cute white middle class woman spitting on the floor, much less at another person. It’s not something they do.

    But they do tend to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, especially at that age. The problem is they don’t spend any time around negores, so they think (what they are taught) that feral black is just like them. When I was in my 20s, I had a job installing cable TV. Nothing will open your eyes wider than being in these peoples houses/apartments installing cable.

    I couldn’t imagine doing it now.

  21. Dirk

    One black, you should be ok, two or more, change sides of the street. Should they follow, you clearly understand their intent. Shoot the most aggressive Chimp first, “usually the armed chimp” Back away.

    If the other chimps follow, you are now a slave owner, put em down like their momma’s should have.

    Location has everything to do with criminal outcomes. Here you will get a fair trial. We’re all red necks here.

    Police your brass, move on and NOT report enemy contact.

  22. TheWatchman86

    Our local nbc affiliate’s comment section was the same. All of the brothers and sisters in total agreement- death was not only warranted, it was the only course of action imaginable. “Spitting on a black person is not the same as spitting on anyone else, it’s different” seemed to be the argument du jour.

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