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Savages Will Be Savage

I will have more to say about this shortly but I wanted to get something on record now. A 6′ 6″, 270 lb 17 year old black yoof was upset because a teacher’s aide (?), a much smaller White woman, took away his Nintendo Switch he was playing with in class. Why he was playing with a Switch in class is a different topic but of course as you would expect, the yoof took it in stride and apologized for being a disruption in class.

She is out when she hits the ground and still he kicks and pummels her while a guy who looks like he is wearing a Marine Corp uniform nonchalantly strolls up, put down his coffee cup and then intervenes in the assault. WTF, I’m glad he didn’t spill his coffee. The other thing I noticed from the video is how many of the adults, including the school cops, are incredibly obese. Absolutely disgusting.

This incident follows the standard pattern for black assaults:

  • The victim is smaller
  • The victim was not expecting the attack
  • The victim is older
  • In this case the victim is female

You rarely see a black guy attacking a peer sized and aged White guy who is ready for the attack. They prefer to assault those who cannot fight back. As the kid is 17, hopefully he will be tried as an adult and charged with aggravated battery at least, preferably attempted murder. More likely he will get anger management classes and perhaps an apology from the school for having his Switch taken away.

More about this later as we get further details.


  1. 3g4me

    Sent this to a friend about 20 minutes before I came here. Along with the message that I could send similar stories almost daily. Because blaqs are not fully human. They are a soulless subspecies. And no one’s IKAGO will ever be more than a curiosity – whose own children will regress to their natural genetic mean and outcomes.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    As I’ve mentioned before, unarmed blacks “fight” about as well as they shoot. After the first sucker punch, nothing that animal did looked particularly effective at delivering a blow, which I suppose was the point of all that flailing. If he was truly bent on harming that prone woman, at his size he certainly should have been able to do better than flail away like that.

    And, oh lordy Jeebus, the monstrous proportions of at least half of those in the video is just staggering. Was this filmed through some sort of circus mirror filter that makes people look twice as wide as they are tall? I am only recently relocated from the frigid north to South Texas and the difference I see between the folks back home and the waddling landwhales down here beggars belief.

  3. saoirse

    Amazing how the porker and two JROTC instructor types just stand there and survey the situation. No attempt at first aid for the victim and no cuffing the nig beast.
    Three school staff apparently assuaging the fucking dindu and only one helping the KO. She finally gets rolled onto her back.
    School porkers are deadbeats and short-timers that get assigned to watch the kiddies. Most all are fat slobs with attitudes who’ll be conspicuously AWOL or late when a crisis occurs.
    After Parkland the Miami-Dade school district received lots of reoccurring stimulus funding for added ‘security’.
    What did they do? They hired droves of low IQ Leroys, Dindulicious’, Miguels and Marias, gave them shirts with embroidered badges and let them sit at card tables (complete with boom boxes) checking ID’s or stroll around campus bullshitting.
    Needless to say that none were stimulated to work very hard.

    • mike fink

      The attack was over the top murderous in its nature. The victim was clearly unconscious and defenseless. The rapid kidney punches were life threatening. The obvious course of action for the Marine was to grab the bastard by the brillo pad haircut with both hands and take him back and off of the victim. I nice knockout punch to the face to stop any further resistance if required. This eliminates the riskier move that would put his hands/arms near the negro’s mouth and teeth. Of course, everyone in the room was worried about the optics of daring to interrupt a negro in the middle of an unjustified homicidal rage. It is Negros Are Wonderful Month (*Trademark) after all.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    There is a lot of civilizational decline in this video beyond just the assault

    Evidently things were already bad enough for 3 uniformed officers to be on hand before the assault ever began

  5. AZFloyd

    This is one of those cases where I can’t get worked up until I learn more. Was she a nigger idolator? Was she spreading pedophilia or faggotry? Is she a Karen? If any of those answers is yes, then I wish I could mock her to her face. “Hey, how is that virtue working out for you?” Teachers are one of the primary vectors being used to undermine what was once our country. Therefore, I start with the rebuttable presumption that they earn whatever violence comes their way

    “Once upon a time, we knee how to deal with this kind of thing.”

    Exactly. Why do we need a trial? If the victim was one of us, they should have dragged this nigger straight out to the closest tree with a sturdy branch. Maybe if students came to school finding niggers like this on the school flag pole, that might teach some impulse control to the rest of these feral subhumans.

  6. Castle

    Would more would you expect from the “South”, the land of the nig nog, fat trash and welfare. The good news is if the .gov ever cut the welfare off it would take a good 4 months to starve the fat out of that place.

  7. 3g4me

    Now a white cucky c*nt is saying nog is a ‘child’ who has emotional needs and is ‘not a threat.’

    I hope she dies at the hands of a nog.

    I am so very tired of Klownworld and diversity. The frustration and rage become exhausting. And at the same time, you don’t want to complain to the ‘authorities’ or cops about anything done by any non-White these days, because you just become a bigger target. I’m trying to sort and pack 30 years of stuff to move in a month and I just keep reminding myself that I will soon be far, far away from all this. And I won’t have to see anyone at all unless I choose to drive into town. I am going to have to become more creative at using up what’s in the pantry because I’m not going to leave our mountain more than once every 10-14 days. And as I get better planning and networking with local neighbors for produce/eggs etc., perhaps I won’t have to go into town more than once a month.

    • Locust Post

      I moved to a remote mountain location some time ago. I actually like going to town because the people are friendly and talkative. There isn’t any riff-raff or vibrant predators. You don’t have to lock your car doors. No one panhandles you at the gas station or grocery store parking lot. Escape while you can…..

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  9. Colombo Salvage & Arsenal

    Flagler county / Palm Coast was a decent place 30+ years ago. yankee lib shit hole now in the built-up areas with all the pretentious vapid virtue signalling and diversity that followed. When the economy finally crashes palm coast will be entertaining from a distance.

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