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Savage Skools

American public schools used to be places where American kids learned the basics of an education. That was back when American schools were full of American kids. Today, many of our schools look like juvenile detention centers, mostly because that is what they essentially are.

The news articles about the latest violence in our schools are so frequent that they barely make the news, unless something especially egregious like this happens:

Of course the perps, one who apparently is 14, were black.

They weren’t just hitting a smaller, younger girl but were pummeling her. The older 13%er in the pic above was whaling on her with both fists, one after another. At first it was thought the girl was White but after seeing an interview with her mom, it is apparent she is a lighter skinned mestizo. From my brief investigation I am thinking this school, Coconut Palm K-8 Academy, is almost entirely mestizo and black. A couple of adults, the driver and an “aide”, were on the bus but did nothing, but what are they supposed to do? The correct thing to do would be to beat that kid’s ass but doing so would get the adults arrested, sued, fired and driven from the state so they did nothing.

It is all over the place….

Again a crowd of black girls.

Another black girl this time attacking a black teacher.

As usual, I didn’t have to go seeking these stories out to meet a predetermined agenda. They are all over the place.

Most public school teachers are unarmed and untrained corrections officers, just hoping to make it to summer break and then retirement without being killed, while they supervise yoofs on behalf of the state until they graduate and can be sent to prison. I maintain that schools are basically veal calf holding pens and teachers, at least the ones that didn’t become teachers to have access to kids they could molest, fall into a couple of categories

  • Young women who became teachers because they just luv kids!
  • Degenerate freaks that became teachers to subvert White kids
  • Liberal do-gooders who think that they are going to reach those inner-city yoof who could be great if only someone believed in them
  • The people who became teachers to get a ton of vacation time.

When you look at public school teachers, you mostly see either creepy soyjacks or obese women with pink/blue hair. Long gone are the mature women and men who commanded respect and dressed like adults. Now school teachers are wearing jeans and hoodies, and the students are often wearing what looks like pajamas.

The line between penal colony and public school is getting blurrier. In many urban settings the local school letting out is akin to turning locust loose in a wheat field. Summer break is chaos as the urban yoof are unleashed and unsupervised. In Detroit the local juvenile detention center is overflowing with “troubled yoofs”

“This facility is unsafe and these issues (need) to be addressed immediately,” according to the email obtained by the Free Press, which does not identify the employee. The letter was first reported Friday by WDIV-TV (Channel 4).

“They are being confined 2 and 3 in cells which then has been causing conflict and inappropriate sexual behavior and tension.”

How charming! I am sure they are being rehabilitated and will be productive members of society in no time. The youths at the Wayne County juvenile jail have figured out how to get out of their rooms, assault staff and often destroy the facility.

Some juveniles have destroyed their cells and escaped the rooms, the employee wrote in the email sent to Wayne County Circuit Court officials.

“When the juveniles destroy their cells, which causes sewage and water to leak into other areas of the holding facility, which then in turn began to smell and become putrid and toxic,” the employee wrote. “There is no where for staff or detainees (juveniles to go).”

A few weeks ago they took all of the 13%er youths and shipped them to a vacant adult jail just to try to get them under control: Wayne County empties troubled juvenile jail, sends 120 youths to former adult lockup. At least in an adult jail the facilities are more attuned to the violent and destructive nature of the youths. These juvenile criminals are just the ones that were caught, prosecuted and then ordered to be detained. What percentage of the “juveniles” in Detroit are some sort of criminal?

On the bright side, there is a nascent organ harvesting for reduced prison sentence movement starting in the U.S.

US inmates could soon be trading their organs for freedom

State legislatures around the United States are keenly watching the fate of a Massachusetts bill allowing prisoners to receive up to one year off their jail sentence by donating their organs.

According to reports, Bill HD.3822, called the “Act to establish the Massachusetts incarcerated individual bone marrow and organ donation program,” would allow participating prisoners to receive a minimum of 60 days and up to a whole year off their sentence. It would be set up in a special parole hearing based similarly on commuted sentences for “good behavior.”

It is comforting to know that each day brings a new fresh hell. Perhaps now we can start talking about the public school –> penitentiary –> organ harvesting pipeline? It might make it more convenient for the elites to get their blood and organ transfusions to prolong their lives indefinitely….


  1. Moe Gibbs

    So now even the school-to-prison pipeline has sprung a leak. Too many of those who deserve and were destined to be incarcerated for a significant portion of their wretched lives are out loose in society because we just can’t afford to keep them locked up securely.

    But just imagine how effective incarceration and detainment would be if the vast majority of the perps were light-skinned, European-descended miscreants rather than the usual suspects. Somehow we’d find a way to rid society of such an obvious menace.

    So, so sick of this one-sided shitshow.

  2. 3g4me

    This is the sort of thing Sailer covers again and again and again. His commentariat – particularly the Jevvs who insist all Jevvs are great, or the Orientals who insist their hapa kids are whiter than white – all generally concur that blaqs are a problem. But their acknowledgement of HBD reality never extends to themselves and their own people. Noting blaq pathology is, in many ways, a cope for people. Because a lot of those same people then insist Whites ought to ally with ‘natural’ conservatives like Mestizos or Orientals. Focusing on the natural behavior of feral semi-sentient proto-humans does not seem to extend to acknowledging that all the races are fundamentally different and naturally create cultures and societies that suit their different genetic natures. It’s a noticing ‘dead end’ that funnels frustration over a cratering society into justifiable anger over the most alien of the alien. But they’re all alien and having them as neighbors is unnatural.

    That is where the conversation needs to move on to – that this doesn’t happen accidentally and why is it continuing and in whose interest it is. Not the faux-Christian ‘they want to divide us’ or ‘it’s culture not race’ or ‘I know a good one.’ But why is the US (and Canada and Australia and England and Western Europe) suddenly a racial sewer in every sense? Who pays for all the squatemalans to pass through the Darien Gap, gifts them new sail foams and track suits, and gets them to the US border? Of course now the NY blaq mayor is sending them up to the Canadian border. So how was that coordinated? How could all these people possibly suddenly agree on this fundamental transformation of their once-White nations?

    This is funded and planned and coordinated. It is a world-wide invasion that has been done deliberately and with malice aforethought.

    • Arthur Sido

      You cannot really talk about 13%er crime stats unless you also acknowledge the role that their enablers play, a group that is overwhelmingly Jewish. 13%er crime is just a lot more obvious.

    • George True

      @3G : You are not supposed to notice the deliberate browning of America. It is the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan shifted into high gear. It is of course planned and funded by Soros and other billionaire Marxists whose stated aim is to destroy America by replacing White Christian Americans with the brown and black teeming masses of Muslims and other non-Christians. It is not only allowed, but actively facilitated by our own government. And you are right…they are doing it intentionally and with malice aforethought. And we are not allowed to discuss actual solutions for fear of running afoul of the thought crime police.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    The son of a friend lived in Detroit I guess it was 5 or 6 years ago. Gave me a tour of the city when I was up there. I thought it was quite charming, in July, in its rusted, burnt out way (as a rule I don’t travel north of the gulf coast between Labor Day and Memorial Day).

    The neighborhood he lived in looked like a ruin, but evidently that was the good part of town, because there were other parts he was scared to be in after dark. He said so, in those words, as the sun was going down, “We have to go, we can’t be here after dark.”

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      I’m familiar with federal courthouses. I used to do contracting work that took me to federal courthouses all over the country, from Alaska to Florida and in between. The federal courthouse in Detroit had armed guards with automatic rifles posted on all sides of the building. Only one where I ever saw that.

      • Arthur Sido

        Most of the banks around there are more secure than a Federal pen. I went for a job interview once and thought I was going to be body cavity searched. After 5 PM you can’t get food delivered and when a baseball or football game is over, you beat feet to get the hell out of the area and hope you don’t take a wrong turn and end up in one of the neighborhoods with zero street lights (something we did once after a Tigers game)

  4. Brother John

    In another forum, I was taken to task for saying that, on the surface anyway, I don’t have any particular problem with the early-release-for-organ donation idea, because any voluntary arrangement that increases the available supply should be considered. There are enough ways to safeguard this process (yes, I know) to keep it from getting out of hand: conviction of certain crime makes one ineligible, etc.

    But now that you put it as “school –> pen –> organ harvesting,” I’m thinking twice.

    • Arthur Sido

      Harvesting organs from black prisoners is just the opening gambit to get people used to the idea, how long until people deep in credit card debt will be able to trade an organ to get their debt expunged?

  5. Red State Love Letter

    Learned at a young age that chivalry and altruistic traits aren’t in all races when trying to save a classmate from getting pummeled on the playground of some section 8 dump when parents got divorced.
    Thankfully we moved from there and at the next school had a teacher who told me about the Long March in the 6th grade after we read Animal Farm.

  6. Steve

    “The correct thing to do would be to beat that kid’s ass…”

    Or maybe fit a loop around that kid’s ankle, toss her out the back door of the bus, and head on to school. I pretty much guarantee behavior would return to what’s expected in a civil society posthaste.

  7. KDOG

    Arthur wrote, “A couple of adults, the driver and an “aide”, were on the bus but did nothing, but what are they supposed to do? The correct thing to do would be to beat that kid’s ass but doing so would get the adults arrested, sued, fired and driven from the state so they did nothing.”

    In the 70s and early 80s, when I grew up, that troublemaker’s ass would most definitely HAVE been beaten, as it should be.

    And violent ‘yoofs’ definitely should be in adult prison.

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