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Run. Don’t Walk

If you have a Faceberg account you need to check out this thread….(fixed the link, sorry!)

That is straight up We Wuz Kangz shit and the grammar? Delightful. “IMAGINE What we have been if we wasn’t interrupted”. That is like poetry and stuff.

The comments and memes are lit af, here is a sample:

Referencing of course Courtney Edwards, the Alabama mom sucked into a jet engine because she refused to be mansplained about staying away from a running engine (see Adventures In Third World America! if you are unfamiliar with her tale). I thought I was going to pass out I was laughing so hard.

Reading those comments restored some of my faith in humanity.


  1. TechieDude

    OK, I damn near spit out my coffee at that meme.

    Far as if they wasn’t interrupted – Most of Africa wasn’t interrupted, and indeed still isn’t.

    Not one of them has figured out anything as simple as a wheel.

    We also have local examples of them not being interrupted – Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, Flint…

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Yazzzz, let’s ponder the possibilities, had ‘uninterrupted’ proto-D’Ontavious and antecedent Shan’iqua discovered and populated the New World, rather than those evil science-promoting, civilization-creating European White devils.

    Today’s skyscrapers would tower nine feet above their dirt floors, the gleaming glass and metal of YT’s erections replaced by buffalo shit and straw.

    The much loathed and White patriarchal greenback which folds so neatly into a wallet would be replaced by irregular pieces of sun-baked cow pie, useful not only as legal tender but providing a handy snack in an emergency.

    Scrap any notion of interstate travel. Roads and rails would be unnecessary, of course, since absent the invention of the wheel, long-distance hauling amounts to piling one’s earthly wealth on one’s nappy head and hoofing it.

    Minus written language or the impetus to spread knowledge, what we know today as universities and libraries would be wholly absent, the accumulated wisdom of generations amounting to little more than learning not to shit where one sleeps.

    In short, the land would look not much different than the Jungle Book scene where King Louie and company eek and ook their idle days away amid the ruins of a forgotten earlier civilization. Kinda like Detroit.

  3. Alex Lund

    I think the last unknown piece of Africa was explored around 1850 or so.
    So what did we in the West do from 0 to 1850?
    Roman Empire, West Roman Empire, Holy Roman Empire German Nation, Spanish Empire, English Empire just for starters.
    We sailed around the entire world, we build the Coliseum, tore it down and build gigantic churches.

    And what did Dindu Nothing build?

    • Mike Austin

      The negro and the Asiatic have no answer to Socrates, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Jefferson, Hobbes, Michelangelo, Caesar, Hammurabi, Solon—and on and on. The negro has always been sub-IQ, and he has never advanced much beyond the mud hut. The Asiatics have always been what Aristotle called “natural slaves”.

      Western Civilization IS civilization. It is in its entirety a creation of the White Man.

  4. JJ

    Imagine where we’d be had whites not imported blacks into the Americas?

    Given “no interruption” I’d bet anything that Africa today would still look like Africa today.

    • Arthur Sido

      It would look worse, there would be no roads, no railways, no airports or hospitals, ports or building taller than a single story. That is assuming that some version of AIDS or Ebola didn’t wipe the whole thing out.

  5. mike fink

    My 5th grade teacher at the JFK Dewey Camp* circa 1975 used to push this nonsense in class. He was a German immigrant and a big fan of ancient history, the Romans most particularly. According to him, The Carthaginians were actually negroes and not related to the Phoenecians. He explained that the reason for Europe being so advanced and Africa being so primitive over the centuries was that Carthage the center of the Negro African world and that its destruction in the 3rd Punic War allowed Roman (white) Europe to rise while Carthage and everything south of the Sahara were suppressed. It was plausible enough to sell to 5th graders. but his theory could not stand up to simple scholarly examination. The trouble is that he was selling it as a fact.

    *public school

      • mike fink

        He would talk at length about growing up in the ruins. WW2 history was big with boys my age at the time and was still a strong theme in pop culture film, etc. The BBC World at War series had been broadcast a year or so before that, so he had a lot of credibility with us when he spoke about that particular event from personal experience. I do not believe he was in the tribe, but that is certainly a possibility. It does not really matter, he was wrong about Carthage, and I don’t think he managed to fool anyone in the long run.

          • mike fink

            Agreed. The results of that war were certainly a Carthaginian peace for them. Their manhood was wiped out and their national consciousness nearly so. The supposed lesson that was inflicted on them( Nationalism=bad), was also applied to the victors, the rest of Europe, and the greater Western culture. The 3rd world barbarians are brought in to kill and replace them and they do nothing. True in Britain, France, and America too, proof that the victors have also be neutered.

  6. Gryphon

    Excellent Meme!
    I was in Commercial Airlines for 10 Years or so, and the few Black Guys who worked then as Ramp-Rats (Ground Support personnel, Supervised by A&P Mechanics) were all Skilled and Intelligent, the best were ex-Navy Carrier ‘Deckrats’ and great to Work with. That situation existed Only because the Hiring, Training, and final approval of Anyone who worked On or Around the Jets was based solely on ones’ Knowledge, Skills and Ability to Understand and Do the Job, Safely and Quickly.
    Nothing like that stupid ‘boon ever would have gotten past the first Interview with the Personnel Office.

  7. Dan

    Perhaps the one thing that “those people” are universally good at is blaming anyone and everything for their failure to ever amout to much culturally…..except for a culture of violence betwixt themselves.

  8. Just Me

    A blanket, a bowl, and a stick.

    In the matter of racial comparisons.
    The media shouts to heaven and back.
    About all the historic achievements,
    of the Redskin, brown and the black.

    Yet strangely when strolling museums,
    the white man’s creations stand thick.
    But all we can find of those others,
    is a blanket, a bowl, and a stick.

    No telephones, time clocks or engines.
    No lights that go on with a flick.
    No airplanes, rockets, or radios
    Just a blanket, a bowl, and a stick.

    Not one Sioux Indian submarine.
    No African ice cream to lick.
    Not a single Mexican x ray machine,
    it’s a blanket, a bowl, and a stick.

    So, remember when history’s the subject,
    and revisionists are up to their tricks,
    the evidence tells quite another tale
    of a blanket, a bowl, and a stick.

    Author unknown.

  9. Ghost Who Walks

    You spoil sports who love to gloat that Africans never invented the wheel are just simply wrong?
    Africans new all about round things and circles. Many Africans built dwellings by anchoring a vine at a central point and using that as a guide for placing sticks, stones, and even mud bricks equidistant from that point. It doesn’t get more round that that, does it?
    No. Where the Africans fell short is they never invented the AXEL — that crucial component that turns a mere circle into that useful machine we know and cherish as the wheel!
    Just so ya know!

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