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One Of My Favorite Stories From Last Week

There was an ejection from a basketball game last week between Mississippi Valley State and Alabama A&M, two historically black colleges, but it wasn’t a player. It was a cheerleader.

As you might expect from a cheerleader from an HBCU, she was a sassy, powerful and brave blaque wahman of colour.

You can watch the whole thing here, pay close attention to the scintillating commentary from the 13%er announcers, both sounding high AF.

Basically the player for Alabama A&M took the ball after a made free throw and ran over to throw the ball inbounds, while the little cheerleading was jumping or something, and she decided he got too close to her doing her little stunt on the damn baseline. Doesn’t he know that the basketball game is secondary to some little bitch jumping around? Anyway, rather than just moving on, she waited until the play came back to that end and started barking at the player and it looks like making contact with the dude who is probably twice her size at least.

Sweetie, you are a cheerleader and are basically in the field of play during the action. GTFO of the way so the people the paying customers are there to see can play their game.

This is the inevitable behavior we get when a race of people are convinced that any slight, real or perceived, no matter how minor, demands an angry and often violent response. That player is lucky she didn’t have a piece or he might have been gunned down on the court, along with a dozen people in the stands behind him. I am sure she will have lots of lovely children that behave just like her before ending up as wards of the state.


  1. Steve S6

    neck tats on commentator
    Greg Ellifritz (IIRC), not everyone with tats is a criminal, but every criminal he interacted with had tats

  2. saoirse

    Doesn’t appear to be one white person employed by either side. Niggers apparently don’t have to comply with hiring quotas so dey not only gits lots of da jobs at whitey schools but dey gits to have exclusive Wakandan fiefdoms too!
    The o-ppreshun/slaybery racket pays big dividends!

  3. Moe Gibbs

    It amuses me to read about the alleged low self-esteem of blacks due to systemic racism, and then run across self-idolizing dindu names such as Messiah Thompson, who hit the game-winner in this latest installment of death match bassetball.

    They used to say, ‘It’s a black thing. You wouldn’t understand.’

    Damned right I wouldn’t understand. Proud of it, too.

    • KDOG

      My wife and I grimace when we hear a church referred to as a “black church”. It’s bad enough there are so many Christian denominations, but to divide churches by race is even more divisive, and counter to the Bible. There is only one church, compromised of believers of Jesus Christ.

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