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My Soteriology Is A Little Rusty…

…but I am still pretty familiar with the basics and this, well it certainly isn’t the Gospel according to the Christian Bible.

“When I say the African-American Church, I’m not talking about a church of only Black people. I’m talking about a church that understands that the gospel is justification by faith and social justice,” he (Pastor [sic] James D. Gailliard) explained.

The pastor then used a famous teaching by Jesus to encourage his congregation that by donating money to his church and other Black churches, they were helping to stop Black men from being brutally killed.

“We don’t live by bread alone but by our giving we provide a voice, we provide funding to the voice of change. And so when we don’t give particularly to African American churches, or churches that believe the gospel is justification by faith and social justice, when I don’t give to those environments, I’m perpetuating the Tyre Nichols situations of our society. So don’t be angry about it if you’re not going to fund the voice of change. That’s what giving is about,” he said.

In case you didn’t catch his drift, “the voice of change” means “the bank account of James D. Gailliard”.

That is many things “Pastor” Gailliard but “The Gospel” it is not.

There are plenty of White “pastors” that are grifters and hustlers, from the obvious like Joel Osteen to “prosperity preachers” that promise God’s blessings if you send them money. But the black “church” is deeply infected with not only “prosperity gospel” preaching but also plain old racketeering and hustling under the guise of “social justice”. blacks don’t seem to mind when their preacher is driving a six figure luxury car while his congregants scrape by on food stamps.

At least “Pastor” Gailliard is mostly literate, the other guy the article quotes? Rev. Terry K. Anderson of Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church sounds like he dropped out of elementary school in Detroit because it was too difficult.

The pastor then warned his congregation to be wary of White people they work with.

“Don’t you think ‘cause you’re in that office you’re one of them… Don’t you think because your name is on the desk or on the door that they’re going to treat you any differently. Any time they get a chance, they’re gonna bring you down! That’s why you better come back over here and meet us,” he said.

“How I make it tomorrow morning don’t depend on how no White man feels about me,” Anderson added.

“Don’t depend on how no White man”. That’s like poetry man.

The black community has all sorts of problems, most genetic and self-inflicted, but one of the deadliest diseases in their community is their own “church”.


  1. anonymous

    I don’t know much about the doctrine at the ATLAH World Missionary Church, nor do I know what kind of car Pastor James Manning drives, but from what I see of his message, he does seem to preach responsibility and none of the “Kangs” legend…

    Maybe they should take a look at his offerings?

  2. 3g4me

    Their “church” is not the same Christian church White Christians (with noted exceptions) follow. As the archived Faith and Heritage blog noted, the different strands of cultural Christianity are a real thing – from the White Jesus to the black or Oriental conception of Jesus. I don’t know if we’re all worshipping the same God, but we’re most definitely not following the same understanding of Jesus and His teachings.

    Personally, I do not generally regard blacks as human beings with souls. While there may be exceptions, a large plurality of blacks (both worldwide and the mixed population in America) are semi-sentient beings motivated by the basest senses and instincts – violence, lust, noise, chaos. Studies have clearly demonstrated they have no interior life of the mind – no real internal consciousness. They are creatures of external and immediate sensory input, not thought and introspection. They truly are not fully human.

  3. Xzebek

    He’s another Reverend Ike grifter. (If you don’t know look him up). Probably has multiple big homes and a pimped out Bentley compliments of his deluded “congregation “.

  4. saoirse

    Black christ-insane sheep are dumber than white christ-insane sheep but they’re both still sheep! For accuracy, ‘turn the other cheek’ should become ‘spread the other cheek’.
    While nigs are being primed for white hatred on all fronts, including the fleecing pens known as churches, whites sit in a cuckhold’s circle-jerk, preferring christlike behavior to militancy.
    Whites either jettison the universalist desert mind-virus and prioritize their race above all things or they wind up praising the lawd on the way to the abattoir!

  5. Plague Monk

    I have to agree with commenter 3G4ME as far as darkies are concerned, but I’m not even a fan of either Sowell or Thomas. When I believed, I worked a lot of 6 month contracts away from home(my designer resume is 9 pages long) and I would try to find a church to attend near the client. I liked to go in Sunday at 2 am, work until a short time before the service, go to the service, and run errands the rest of the day.
    Unfortunately, that meant that the only nearby church would be a dindu or wetback led community. Not always, but too many were. The pastors, especially at the dindus. always homed in on me despite my casual dress and wanted me to take out for lunch after, at my expense, so they could hit me up for donations. Even in the worst areas, the dindu pastors always had expensive cars. Frankly, it looked like the contractor parking lots at some of my clients.
    The contrast between the congregants and the leadership was jarring, yet the pastors kept asking for more money. I responded that my donations went to my home church, for tax reasons, yet they wanted extra donations or gifts.
    I finally resorted to writing fake but real looking checks from the Bank of Nathan Bedford Forrest with a phony account number and signature of James Ray Earl, telling the drooling pastor that I was going to help him out; I had been convinced by his love of Jesus that I should make a large donation to his church. I put it in an offering envelope, sealed it and left it in the offering box or dish, never to return to that church.(Naturally, I didn’t tell these people where I worked, what my name was, or my home address)

  6. Clown car driver

    This has been typical of black churches for years. Period. Anyway, in other church news, the people that are having a problem with the new Methodist ideology of extreme anal and trannyism, well tough shit for you. Your congregation can get involved in a different method ism tho, but you basically have to buy out the building, etc. Heard this from a few folks. Yeah whatever I guess. Haven’t been to church in awhile, don’t plan on it anymore either.

  7. Chris

    “” The pastor then warned his congregation to be wary of White people they work with.

    “Don’t you think ‘cause you’re in that office you’re one of them… Don’t you think because your name is on the desk or on the door that they’re going to treat you any differently. Any time they get a chance, they’re gonna bring you down! That’s why you better come back over here and meet us,” he said.””””

    Typical. Ni857ers bringing down fellow blacks from any achievement.

    I have heard this story alot and seen it first hand.

  8. SD Plissken

    Encore of G. Edward Griffin audio before hitting the racks as he read from a commie rag about racial tensions being the weak link in America being used to tear apart the fabric of society.
    The bird cage liner was called the Crusader and comrade commissar Billy Ayers copy pasted from it in his 1973 Weather Underground Prairie Fire manifesto.
    Content of character is part of by any means necessary.

  9. Reader

    Defy Tyrants youtube channel is run by Pastor Matthew Trewella. He goes after the American church in general that has preached an effeminate-masculinity and pussification of men, and he points out alof of the fallacies of misusing the “appeal to authority” when the real authority is God and His Son.

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