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MSU You Know Who

Mass shooting last night on the campus of Michigan State University. As of this morning three dead and five wounded, I am not sure if that includes the shooter who apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to the Detroit Free Press the shooter was “not affiliated” with Michigan State University. At this point no one seems to know what the hell happened, why he came to MSU and shot the place up. His motives should be interesting to discover as we have a surveillance photo and, at least on Fox, a description to accompany the photo.

A short black male. CNN reports he was 43 so they know his name and at least a little about him.

I’ll try to update the post as news is released. We used to live in Okemos, Michigan, a town that borders East Lansing and both our home and where I worked are just a few miles down the road from the campus of Michigan State. It is a pretty nice campus but like any public space it can be enriched by vibrant diversity at any time.

As usual you can expect most coverage and commentary to focus on “gun violence” while wearing racial blinders in the discussion. We will get the usual platitudes about needing gun control and the “uniquely American plague of mass shootings”. What will be swept under the rug is the main point that needs to be addressed:

America doesn’t have a generic gun violence problem, we have a demographically specific gun violence problem.

Of course no one will point this out, not even “conservatives”, and if you won’t even talk about the problem you sure as hell will never solve it.


According to, always ahead of mainstream “news”, the shooter is one Anthony McRae

It is always handy that so many of them already have mugshots on files

The suspect, who also went by the name Anthony D. McRae and Anthony Dwayne McRae, died in the city of Lansing, Rozman said. He had multiple magazines and a second gun in a backpack and died of a gunshot wound to the head, according to scanner audio.

No motive yet.


  1. J. Smith

    Campus corner store must have been out malt liquor and young white snow bunnies, they get big mad when that happens. Erban maff (-1 = -6) don’t apply here seeing he reached the ripe old age of 43, a feat for a NAPA and likely already spawned 4-6 illegitimate, future criminals. Him offing himself is another down all the same and not at the hand of any crackers to blame, except the cracka system writ large as usual.

    Whats to say that isn’t known or hasn’t been said?

  2. mike fink

    TPTB have the dindus fully spun up and they are torqueing the situation more with each passing day. The anti-white hate is full throttle 24/7 and they give them every indication that they have the right and the duty to kill whites, because, you know, 1619 and stuff. The daily incidents of middle school beatings, mall and restaurant clashes, and targeted violent attacks against whites and asians continues to get worse. The lid is going to blow off of this thing soon. These creatures have very little impulse control as individuals, but when they get into a pack of monkees mindset and anger is added to the mix there is no stopping it without deadly countermeasures. People who have not gotten themselves out of close proximity really are about out of time. Bugging out is not a great option if you have a choice, and that may be the only option left at this point for most of them.

  3. Harbinger

    Another St. Valentine’s massacre, blackened version. During Bleak History Monf’, too, which is a nice touch.

    Got any of that ChatGPT shit laying around? We need to spin this story to whiten the shooter.

  4. Locust Post

    It’s incredible how government people pretend black violence doesn’t exist. Yesterday I ran into a friend who manages a government run museum that includes sections dealing with black slavery. The museum is fairly neutral for this day and age–it is not all anti-white (yet). He was installing very expensive cameras and panic buttons throughout the building as a staff member feared “white supremist violence” is imminent because of the museum subject matter. I asked if there were any threats of any kind from white supremists? He said “no, nothing”. They are spending on extreme security anyway. At the same time, less than two years ago, 20 blocks of the shopping district a few blocks away had every window broken, fires set and violence were innocent white people were beat up at the hands of antifa and BLM looters. The police were instructed to stand down.
    The shopping area of the town hasn’t recovered. There are no steps being taken to guard against this real and proven violence. Just steps to guard against the white boogey-man.

    • mike

      “… fires set and violence were innocent white people were beat up at the hands of antifa and BLM looters. The police were instructed to stand down.”

      Any of you popo fellas out there should be aware that if that happens again and you stand down to let it happen, you will not be allowed to roll in after the fact to investigate whether someone had a right to defend themselves or not. You may as well just put on the BLM uniform or find something else to do for a living.

    • george 1

      Yes. Together with all of the agriculture infrastructure destruction we must consider this to be possible hostile action. Maybe even probable hostile action.

      • George True

        @ George 1 – A quote from the writings of Ian Fleming : Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times Is enemy action.

        ALL of the freak and unexplainable fires and other occurrences that are destroying our flocks, stocks, herds, and food production facilities are deliberate enemy action. That enemy is our own Globalist controlled US government.

        And notice how “they” handled the train derailment in Ohio. First of all, I doubt the derailment was accidental. Secondly, Why the fuck was such a deadly toxic and carcinongenic cargo being transported in the first place?,* And why by train? And why all of it together on the same train?

        And then for some as yet unexamined reason, the “officials” on the scene decided that instead of doing the logical thing and have a hazmat team carefully and methodically remove the cargo, tank by tank, and derailed car by car………no. They decide instead to light it on fire and let it all burn, spewing the most deadly cloud of toxic gas and chemical fallout ever in history over literally thousands of square miles of some of the most fertile and productive farmland in the entire US of A. The resulting contamination of the soil, streams, groundwater, and the water table could last for years and very possibly for decades.

        This is the greatest ecological disaster since the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. And yet the MFM (mainstream media) is oddly unconcerned about it. Their reporting of it has been minimal, with no uncomfortable questions asked, and no “officials” even being identified. The MFM (including Fox, sadly) are nothing more than government Deep State mouth organs, very much reminiscent of Tass or Pravda of the old Soviet Union.

        All these things…..this latest derailment, the mysterious fires and explosions at food processing facilities, the ‘discovery’ of bird flu in chicken flocks requiring the culling of tens of millions of birds…..all of these things are being done deliberately, and they are being done TO us by an enemy that is actively waging war against us, with the ultimate goal of KILLING tens of millions of us through starvation and disease. World War III has arrived, and like it or not…..we are all in it.

  5. 3g4me

    I correctly assumed it was a black male from the start (the Daily Mail article this morning went out of its way to avoid mentioning that). I also assume, given that no description of the victims has yet been made public, that he targeted White students. I will also guarantee that every one of those students will excuse the shooter because he needed ‘mental healthcare,’ or because he was in despair, or because he was a victim of rayciss White murrica. From skimming the Daily Mail article, it sounds as though all the students locked themselves in various classrooms while fearfully peeking out the windows. Perfectly encapsulates the present state of White murricans.


    I wonder what would have happened if just one of the students had a firearm and shot back. I am sure he/she would have been kicked out of that woke, syphilitic-thinking “Institution of Higher Learning.” But, lives would have been saved. This is cruel to say, but incidents like this need to be happening more and more. The more they happen, the more white people will wake up. And maybe parents will start insisting their children attend colleges in other states not controlled by red-diaper-doper-babies. Arm up. Educate others. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  7. West South Africa

    This is a middle aged protected class comrade of West South Africa, the younger ones do in fact believe that they are 007 licensed to kill crackas.
    I’m surprised that the race was even revealed at all or that the corporate media reported it.
    It could be part of the Bolshevik plan to get the guns by any means necessary?
    Then you won’t be able to resist housing some vibrancy in the spare bedroom or if the comrades take a liking to your wife or daughter.

    • mike

      “It could be part of the Bolshevik plan to get the guns by any means necessary?”

      That was always half the plan, merely the prelude to either mass elimination at the hands of Dindu baboon packs or at the hands of Communist Party executioners. This particular one was not young, but he took his license to kill whitey to the nearest source of white privilege he could find and shot down a few party members in training, (anyone in a college is being indoctrinated by the party). The dead should at least rest easy knowing they served the party well.

  8. Lance

    Knowing the TOGETHER WE WILL nature of this institution thankfully these students and staff were fully vaxxed and boosted. It could have been much worse if not.

    If only they had the same desire to give students the opportunity to defend against real threats. Carry a weapon and even the odds regardless of campus policy. Live to pay off your student loans.

  9. saoirse

    My concern for (leftist fully-indoctrinated) college brats ended a long time ago. If they or their parents hate everything white (themselves included) then they’re fair game.
    What better irony than to have a sacred nigger end their time on earth! Wouldn’t give two shits if there was a daily hit on every campus, it’s what they deserve for being woke “revolutionaries”.
    It’s the same as abortion – never step in and prevent your enemies from destroying themselves!! Just move far away and observe the festivities.

  10. Danny

    Oh darn it … you’d think that after all the pandering over the weekend — all the pandering — during Super Black Bowl would have calmed the savages. HA HA — that doesn’t mean shit to these animals. They scoff at it.

    This particular vermin decided it was time to head out and kill whitey. And, as we all should know by now, the criminals know where to strike. Fucking coward.

  11. Satan's Penis

    The black shooter killed a black female, a white female, and white male. To honor the effort, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer proclaimed today as “Equal Opportunity Shooter Day”. In solidarity, Detroit Public Schools will close for the day.

  12. iggy

    The shooter killed himself??

    How convenient.

    An MSU student also was present @ Sandy Hook??

    Another cohencidence.

    I’m thinking a Professor Raoul X had involvement here.

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