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A budding criminal career nipped during a car theft before he could even drive.

12-year-old car theft suspect fatally shot after shootout with owner in Denver

A 12-year-old car theft suspect died of a gunshot wound after being confronted by the car’s owner, according to the Denver Police Department….

….The car’s owner tracked the vehicle using an app and found it stopped in the area of West 12th Avenue and North Decatur Street.

“When the vehicle’s owner approached the car, he was involved in an exchange of gunfire with occupant(s) in the stolen vehicle,” according to investigators. “A juvenile male then drove the stolen vehicle to the 2900 block of W. 10th Ave. where he was found by officers to be suffering from a gunshot wound.”

The car’s owner was questioned by the police, gave a statement and no charges have been filed. The little fella in question is one Elias Armstrong and you guessed it….

I am surprised a news outlet in 2023 would publish a photo of a little black criminal, that is one reason I archived the page.

I remember getting into some shenanigans as a 12 year old, especially since we were just starting to notice girls, but I don’t recall any shoot-outs with adults. That is probably because I never stole any cars, not at 12 nor later in life.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    You would think this would be the new Current Thing. Lovable little 12 yr old black fella gunned downed by vigilante white supremacist. Why is this not at the top of all news feeds already?

  2. saoirse

    What, no uppity self-righteousness indignation or pongoid street theater?
    Is the car’s owner white, or even dark white?
    Maybe there’s a moratorium on vi-o-lence til after da suupah bow be played.

  3. Anonymous

    Somewhere out there is a person, or possibly several persons, who would otherwise have run afoul of this cretin at some point in the future. They have been unknowingly blessed.

    Plant a negro, save a life.

    • Arthur Sido

      That’s the really ugly part of this. His death now likely saved, at a minimum, an enormous amount of money wasted to incarcerate him later assuming he didn’t end up killing someone (or several people) later in life.

  4. You Put Your Weed In It

    Denver is now the leading place for car theft with over 100 per day.
    The CPUSA owns everything, mayor, governor, state legislature, attorney general.
    Almost 400,000 Californicators have migrated there and turned into East California.
    The first instance of “Polar Bear” hunting was recorded in Denver back in 1999-2000.
    That is where some gullible white goes walking around at night alone in downtown.

  5. Exile1981

    If he is an armed car thief at 12, the chances are very high he would have progressed to murder by 18. His death likely saved a few other lives.

  6. Xzebek

    I’m sure many dozens of crimes will go uncommitted because of the demise of this budding criminal.
    What we really need are laws specifically stating that one may protect one’s property with deadly force. There would be many fewer car thefts, larcenies and burglaries and an increase in the body count of criminals.

    • Arthur Sido

      The laws about that are a patchwork around the country. In Indiana you can use “force” to protect your property but only can use “deadly force” if it is “justified”. I assume some little thug shooting at your is considered justification for shooting him in most places around the country.

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