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Gee I Wonder….

If the demographics in East Palestine, Ohio where that train derailed and the Feds set the toxic material on fire, creating what amounts to poison gas used in World War I, didn’t look like this:

And instead were more like Detroit, would the Biden regime and chief Transportation Fag-in-Charge Pete Buttplug at least pretend to be more concerned?


Update: Crap, I’m like a prophet or something….train derails outside of Detroit a few hours after I posted this.


  1. jrg

    Also note this past year when the hurricane Ian doing major damage to Florida (lotas Repubs there too), not much effort spent on rallying $$$ for their need. But Ukraine – there’s an emergency over there. Send the bux there.

  2. Alex Lund

    I read that the first train derail was in the middle of Amish country.
    If this is true, what if they spill deadly cancer-making chemicals in this area.
    The Amish didnt take the vaxx and their dying numbers are not elevated.
    But with those cancer making chemicals it may change.

    Another claim I found was that this will be used to pollute the Ohio river. That in turn will pollute all the territory south of East Palestine and spread the cancer chemicals even further.
    Are those people right?

  3. Gryphon

    Millions of Tons of Hazardous Materials are Transported Daily, all over the Country. The Fact that Accidents like this are quite Rare makes it all too easy for claims of “Conshpiracy” to be made. I am inclined to think the Train Wreck was Accidental and/or Negligence on the part of the Railroad, Until and Unless some Very Good, Irrefutable Proof of Sabotage comes to light.

    As far as the Decision to Burn the Hazmat on-site, however Stupid that was, it is much more likely that the Cost of safely Removing the Thousands of Tons of Chemicals was so high that it Strongly Influenced the Outcome. The impending Legal Actions against all ‘authorities’ Involved will eventually reveal the Decision-Making process, and Persons.

    • anon

      I feel differently due to their actions over many decades.
      They hate whites. Even if this wasn’t planned, it’s an opportunistic attack on whites by spreading the toxic chemicals by burning it. The govt’s response also makes me feel that way, how the ohio governor claimed it was safe to drink and the biden admin claimed the air was safe after evidence like dead pets, chickens, people reporting getting sick, and so on.
      Remember Rahm Emanuel: “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste.” He just said the quiet part out loud, they’ve always taken the chance to attack and steal more power whenever they could.
      Fuck them.

    • Exile1981

      There is a ‘book’ called the SDS binder that shows the correct response to clean up every hazardous chemical. If you look up the ones on the train you will see burning is NOT the approved disposal method. I suspect who ever approved the burning will be in a huge legal nightmare shortly

  4. Danny's not here

    Oh gosh guys … if the town was 90% black … truckloads of aid would be pouring in. Water, food, the National Guard to “maintain order” — but … uh … the town is mostly white people. Oh yeah, you white people — FUCK YOU.

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