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Future So Bright I Gotta Wear Kevlar

In my post Savage Skools I started off by writing:

American public schools used to be places where American kids learned the basics of an education. That was back when American schools were full of American kids. Today, many of our schools look like juvenile detention centers, mostly because that is what they essentially are.

The “solution” we are always told is to “adequately fund” our public schools. When asked how much money would be required for these schools to be “adequately funded” the answer is always: more.

But then we look at something like this and have to ask some serious questions:

From the article:

Baltimore City’s math scores were the lowest in the state. Just 7 percent of third through eighth graders tested proficient in math, which means 93 percent could not do math at grade level.

But that’s not all; Project Baltimore combed through the scores at all 150 City Schools where the state math test was given.

Project Baltimore found, in 23 Baltimore City schools, there were zero students who tested proficient in math. Not a single student.

Among the list of 23 schools, there are 10 high schools, eight elementary schools, three Middle/High schools and two Elementary/Middle schools.

Exactly 2,000 students, in total, took the state math test at these schools. Not one could do math at grade level.


Project Baltimore found three additional schools where zero students tested proficient in math, which we did not include in the list of 23. One of those schools is for incarcerated youth, and the other two are for students with disabilities. And it’s important to note, another 20 Baltimore City Schools had just one or two students test proficient in math.

An entire school dedicated to “incarcerated youths”? Two more for yoofs with disabilities, presumably a large percentage being habitual and violent behavior problems.

Back to the main point. At least 2,000 students that cannot do the basic math required for “proficiency” at 23 schools, and you can be sure that the standard for proficiency is so low that it would mean an utter lack of any understanding of math principles to achieve.

2,000 yoofs that probably couldn’t make change for a dollar. This is not really surprising, according to the website of the Baltimore City Public Schools, their classrooms are quite….diverse.

The typical response to something like this, a school system that is 3/4 black with 2,000 students that can’t do basic math, is to demand more “investment” for the sake of “equity” but as it just so happens, money is not the problem here:

This is in 2021. From the article….

Baltimore public schools spend more than $17,000 in taxpayer funds per student.

The district ranks No. 3 for the most money spent per student in Maryland, according to a 2019 report from the Maryland Department of Legislative Services….

….Of the 100 largest school districts in the U.S., Baltimore gets the fifth most funding per pupil, a 2020 U.S. Census report shows.

The fifth highest funding per pupil among the largest school districts in America, at least $17,000 per pupil. Let’s say an average class size of 20 students. Each classroom accounts for $340,000 in funding. You know that isn’t all going to the teachers, instead a ton goes to infrastructure for the buildings, administrators and of course the Baltimore City School Police Force, because what would an urban school without armed guards be? Regardless, how much more would need to be spent to bring them up to “equity”?

That is the real kick in the nuts. There isn’t any amount of money that would turn these schools into schools turning out rocket scientists.

Like the nation of Haiti and all of sub-Saharan Africa, our urban public schools are a problem that has no viable solution.

You can’t fund them enough to change biology, nor can you do something smart like require all of these kids to take vocational classes so at least they have some marketable skills. We can’t just cut our losses and let them run free because then they would be rampaging through town, and we can’t send them to Africa. What we do as a society instead is warehouse them, hope to reach the handful of kids who are not future criminals or welfare queens, and pray no one gets killed during school hours.

With students graduating incapable of performing basic math or with a GPA of 0.13, what exactly is their future? For the thousands of kids in Baltimore City Public Schools their future is mostly hopeless. They won’t be able to perform basic job functions so more likely they will either do menial work, or no work or take to a life of crime. With generations of “graduates” like this already in these cities, cranking out li’l replicas of themselves, this trend will only get worse and we are seeing the results of generations of this on display in the exploding violent crime not only in obvious places like Baltimore and Detroit but also once fairly nice cities like Indianapolis and Memphis.

Wiser people than us would cut their losses and instead direct funding toward the shrinking pool of students who actually have a future but of course creating an enormous perpetually dependent underclass is all part of Their plan.


  1. Jay L

    Pretty soon we’ll need to start walling off /certain/ areas, as in Escape from New York. Baltimore, Detroit, etc. should be left to their own devices, and let the problems take care of themselves…without taxpayer subsidies.
    As an aside, I was watching a documentary the other night that took place primarily in Memphis in the early to mid-70’s. YT folks everywhere, things were pretty neat and orderly. Compared to Memphis today, it was like a other planet in only 40 years time. Imagine Baltimore, circa 2060. The mind reels!!

    • mike fink

      There will probably be no need for a literal wall, though they would not allow one to be built at any rate. That would only serve to clue in the inmates that being in town is not the ideal place to get through this. The clear trajectories of several of the various survival challenges coming to a head now, (crime, economy, urban systemic collapse, supply chains, fuel shortages, famine, disease, drug epidemic, homelessness, social chaos/open racial warfare, etc) should all ensure that the urban plantations wind up largely depopulated. A long term grid collapse in a northern winter of a desert southwest summer could kill millions from a lack of heat or air conditioning in the particular case of each.. While it looks like this is all inevitable given the scope and scale of these challenges, the best way for Heritage Americans to avoid exposure to the problem is to avoid the cities at any cost. Avoid the airports, the sports, the cultural attractions, the restaurants, the lot of it. That rule should probably apply to the greater suburban zones around these cities. I’m sure they will lash out when they get hungry, but until then they should be left to stew in it.

      • 3g4me

        mike fink: Well said. And excellent conclusion. Since no individual can affect any policy, it’s best to keep one’s head down and keep away from the mobs – both of blaqs and Joe Q. Normiecons as well. As you note, the airports (and the planes) are almost daily sites of chimpouts, and diverse pilots with incipient heart problems are not your friend. Sports – find something better to do with your time and money than follow blaq sportsball players – none of the teams are ‘your’ team. Cultural attractions, restaurants, amusement parks, local parades – any public event that is officially open to the public will be destroyed by any notable non-White presence. Whites no longer have a country. We no longer have rule of law. We no longer have any inherent ‘rights.’

        Look out for your own. Separate and come out from it all. Do what you can to sustain your own until the rest finish destroying it all in a fit of spiteful mutant pique or an orgy of feral rage. Ensure your progeny are part of the remnant that may perhaps attempt to build anew.

  2. Gryphon

    Before “welfare”, all the Cities had lots of Black People- who had plenty of work in Service and Construction Industry. They didn’t live ‘uptown’, but made a Living without Handouts. I’m old enough to remember the Newspaper Jobs pages – “Employment, Colored” columns of jobs like Dishwashers, Warehouse Workers, Construction Labor, Drivers, etc. and those Jobs HAD to Pay a Living Wage, because there wasn’t any “subsidy” to Employers by way of “welfare”.

    There was Crime, but it mostly existed in those “low-income” parts of the City. It was very rare for Black Criminals to go into the White parts of Town and even Shoplift- never mind deal drugs, or rob Whites. The People, Police and Politicians just. wouldn’t. allow. it.

    To answer why these Great Cities that White Men Built have fallen Apart, one only has to look for (((who))) is responsible for the “welfare”, “affirmative action”, degradation of the schools, acceptance of crime (because its Raaayycisss to punish non-white criminals). It is a Greater Crime, IMO, how a Culture where the Majority of Black Children grew up in two-parent Families, was Destroyed by the Cultural Marxists, when despite the lower intelligence of the average Black Person, they had a place in a Society that Functioned.

    • why

      IIRC, it was Thomas Sowell who mentioned that welfare did in 40 years what 400 years of slavery couldn’t —- destroy the black family.

      • 3g4me

        WHY: Bullshite. Sowell, so beloved of conservatards who cannot stand up for themselves and need a numinous negro to take their own side on their behalf. There NEVER was a blaq family similar to the stereotypical nuclear White family. In their own native homelands, blaqs routinely practice polygamy, serial adultery, physical mutilation, and general malfeasance of all sorts. They carried this pattern with them wherever they landed. All legitimate and documented research clearly demonstrates blaq illegitimacy and criminality rates many multiples of White rates, regardless of social class and/or income. Contrary to Sowell’s supposed rising black tide and stable family myth, black dysfunction was merely kept in check by segregation, White social mores, law, and White violence when norms were violated.

        There is no place for blaqs – numinous or otherwise – in any functional White society or nation.

  3. Anonymous

    There really is no solution, or even any truly viable alternative to what has already been tried. They are unteachable and unreachable, a useless pox on civilized society. But after admitting and acknowledging as much, just what in hell can be done with them? In earlier times, the useless and dangerous portions of the population were dealt with harshly – prison colonies, asylums, corporal punishment befitting their crimes. We don’t do that any longer, more’s the pity, much as we might like to.

    There has always been a measurable percentage of the populace who are simply unfit to live among the rest, but in modern times the percentage has grown enormously. And the most explosive growth has been among the descendants of former slaves, who are nothing but fish out of water in today’s technological world. In the bad old days, one either found his niche or perished. Today there are legions who have no niche to find, but we don’t let anyone ‘perish’ any longer.

    Aiming a money cannon at the utterly intractable problem of black incivility is, of course, not the answer. They cannot be brought up to White and East Asian developmental levels at any price. It’s a fool’s errand even to try.

    Ultimately, the answer is separation. Even this is no ‘solution’, for repatriating the descendants of former slaves to Africa, or settling them in a designated portion of this country will require indefinite subsidy from the developed world. Never has the phrase “Our cross to bear” been more apt than in describing the inextricable web that binds us forevermore to the awful legacy of our “peculiar institution”.

    Damn that cotton.

    • 3g4me

      Anonymous: While there may be no viable solution while Whites adhere to current day morals and behavioral standards, when/if things sufficiently degrade then all options are on the table. Whites struggling to survive will either insist on fighting according to the old rules and die, or they will jettison the dead weight of the past and determine to live. Spiteful genetic mutants are only one’s ‘cross to bear’ if one insists on making oneself subservient to modern notions of what is and isn’t possible. As things fall apart, new rules will apply.

      Whether future blaqs perish or flourish is utterly immaterial to me, as long as they live in their own nations – without any White support or payment – far away and are never permitted into White nations under any circumstances. Death, exile; doesn’t matter – there simply must be utter separation under any and all circumstances.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    If you look at this from the perspective of an educated idiot, they must truly tremble at the power systemic racism has to produce these test scores. Since there is no other possible explanation.

    But they can fight against it by graduating these kids anyway and making airline pilots out of them

    • urban observer

      Pay to renounce US citizenship and presence. Repatriation Now.

      good deal for undesirable nonproductive citizen who has avoided Felony.
      Accept within 90 days of legislation, 5% of payment in advance, balance over 5 years with no right of survivorship for the payments or offspring. Immediate arrest for detected presence on US soil or territory.

      Felons get mandatory expulsion and denationalization with a small payment in the foreign country (2 months median wage in USA) along with our thanks.

      Non-Citizens merely expelled with caution that being apprehended in the USA or Territories will result in hard labor for 364 days and forfeiture of all assets under US control. 90 days to get out. Go with our thanks.

      Will Liberia offer Citizenship to US Blacks, considering the huge amount of wealth they will arrive with and payments over next 5 years? Betcha its cheaper than any war.

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