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Celebratin’ Life By Shooting Each Other

Here at Dissident Thoughts we believe in following the science and the science is irrefutable. There is a definite hierarchy of situations where people are more likely to get shot than in other scenarios. My extensive research has proven that the top three scenarios that are followed by random gunfire are….

  1. Any venue where an “amateur rap video” is being filmed.
  2. A funeral or “celebration of life” involving a deceased Looter-American
  3. Whenever a hookah bar is open for business.

This can be compounded, for example if you film an amateur rap video in a hookah lounge the probability of gunfire is near 100%. On the other hand, I have been to many Amish funerals and have yet to experience a drive-by, and that may explain why the local constabulary doesn’t hang out at those funerals “just in case”.

Case in point….

Preliminary information from the investigation indicates the shooting happened in the parking lot at the conclusion of a celebration of life event that was attended by many people. An altercation reportedly occurred, and shots were fired in the parking lot.

A motive in this case has not been determined, although investigators do not believe it was a random shooting. No arrests have been made.

You learn via the scientific method to glean important clues from news reports. An “altercation” leading to gunfire and the old “no motive but not random” are indicative of a 13%-on-13% shooting. We have few other details at this point.

This isn’t the only recent “celebration of life shooting”, the same story recalls another memorial service shooting just the prior day, also in the once nice city of St. Paul, Minnesota….

This is the second shooting with multiple victims in a many days in St. Paul. Three teenage boys were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds Friday night after a shooting at a memorial service for Devin Scott – the victim of the fatal stabbing at Harding High School.

This is Devin Scott.

So let’s follow the chain here. A student named Devin Scott is stabbed in an “altercation” at Harding High School. From what I am reading, it was Devin’s first day at Harding High School after transferring from St. Paul Humboldt High School. Harding is a very diverse high school….

Only 6% White in an “American” high school with a majority of the students being “Asian” of some sort, 18% black and 17% mestizo. The school he transferred from, Humboldt High, is similarly diverse, fewer Asians (44%) and more black (26%) with even fewer Whites (4%). Now St. Paul as a whole is almost 50% White, around 20% Asian and 17% black so clearly these two schools are located in the more diverse neighborhoods of St. Paul. He was allegedly stabbed to death by a very German Lutheran sounding fellow student named Nosakhere Holmes, apparently as part of a longer running dispute in the school:

In an interview Tuesday night, Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that the fight between Scott, the other student and Holmes traces back several months to a dispute between two separate groups of kids and is tied to another murder case.

The family of Holmes claims he was a good boy. They always do.

Scott was stabbed twice as he walked backward away from Holmes after school staff had broken up the fight, according to the court filing.

A security staffer said that just before Holmes was subdued, the teenager repeated, “They jumped me. They jumped me,” the filing said….

…Holmes appeared Tuesday afternoon via Zoom at a juvenile court hearing attended by his parents. His father, Ambakisye Holmes, fought back tears as he told Judge JaPaul Harris that he hopes his son is released home.

“My baby has never been away from me, his brothers or sisters,” he said. “He’s not a bad child at all.”

My baby, a 16 year old kid who stabbed another kid to death. Ambakisye Holmes appears in searches for a lawsuit against the City of St Paul for an arrest for domestic violence that apparently was dismissed. Both Ambakisye and Nosakhere sound like African names so again this looks to be African-on-African violence.

So Devin Scott is murdered and a memorial service is held and of course…..

Three teenage boys were injured Friday evening in a shooting on the West Side of St. Paul, after a funeral reception for the teenager fatally stabbed at Harding High School earlier this month. Another teen boy is in custody, according to St. Paul police.

Police were called to El Rio Vista Recreation Center just before 8 p.m., according to St. Paul Police Sgt. Mike Ernster, after police say someone fired from a white sedan into the rec center….

…Police stopped a 16-year-old boy running away from the area, Ernster said. Police said he was carrying a modified handgun. The boy was taken into custody, but police said they are still trying to figure out what his role was.

Any guesses as to the racial demographic group the 16 year old might belong to? They can’t even have a damn funeral without shooting each other, and this happens over and over again.

The rule hierarchy goes like this:

  • Avoid crowds
  • Especially avoid crowds with more than zero blacks
  • Especially, really especially avoid crowds at funerals for blacks.



  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    The one famous movie made about crime in Minnesota, it was all white people shooting each other. Go figure. And the producers were named Coen. Weird.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Once, just once before I exit this mortal coil, do I want to hear some baby mama say, “Yeah, dat D’ShitStain waz trubble f’om de moment he leave mah cootchiepop. Him was a no good bad nigga gwine t’ hell fo’ sho’.”

    Have a little perspective, La’Trina. You came from dirt. An’ yo’ baby daddy, if you even ‘member which one planted his seed ’round dat monf’ was also from dirt. An’ so y’all ebil spawn ended up gwine to dirt, too.

    Regression to the mean is not merely some White maff nonsense. It’s the LAW.

  3. Hardern the Fudd Up

    It’s really funny because it shows just how easily it could be done. But yet not a single white will pull down the sports ball long enough to make a change. If you lived someplace that is almost all white why are you not making good groids anytime they show up in your area? Would look like more ape on ape and zero cares

    • Gryphon

      In the South, (there used to be) a Tradition of “Sundown Towns” that were often Posted as such, by a not-small Sign by the Roads into them. It was understood that any blaq (that wasn’t Working for a White Man or Business) was…. Unwelcome… after the Time of Day where it became hard to see them. This didn’t mean Shooting them on the Spot (then someone had to Dig a Hole) but just some White Guys following them around while obviously Armed. Often, in Towns where the Railroad ran through it, there was the “Wrong Side of the Tracks” and blaqs and whyte trash knew better than to Cross them after dark.

  4. Xzebek

    The renowned impulse control on glorious display again. These diverse neighborhoods breed nothing but mayhem and death. The sad part it when it is visited on those from outside the diverse neighborhoods who either didn’t know or disregarded the rules enumerated above.

  5. Exile1981

    Betwen 2016 and 2021 the city nearest me went from 3.6 to 5.2% african and 2.8 to 3.2% middle eastern. In the 70’s the total non european % was 2% including natives and asians.

    I bring this up because prior to the great dumping of refugees in 1990 the city had a murder rate below 1 per 100k. Two gangs ( native vs african) fighting for turf in 1992 saw the rate skyrocket to 4.2 where its been for 30 years now. Petty crime is up, every metric shows the city getting worse but they keep electing idiots who blame it on racism.

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