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Careful With Your Junk Too

Just a month ago I warned the ladies: Don’t Let The Witch Doctor Near Your Hoohah

Apparently I needed to broaden my exhortation thanks to “Dr.” Rudel Saunders….

What did the good “doctor” do? Well all I can say is “yikes”.

In a Notice of Summary Suspension, board members said Saunders convinced the first of five male patients to come to his apartment for exams that had “no legitimate health care purpose.”

The board said Saunders falsely told the patients he needed to perform a certain number of exams as part of a training program.

During the first exam in question, board members said Saunders did an ultrasound on the genitals of a man labeled “Patient 1,” while secretly videotaping the process.

Similar exams were done in Saunders’ bedroom up until about a month ago, according to the notice dated Feb. 8, which let Saunders know his medical license had been suspended.

What in the actual fuck? Seriously. Who gets an ultrasound of their genitals in the “doctor’s” bedroom?

Lesson learned. Fellas, keep the witch doctor away from your junk.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    This one doesn’t seem so much about race IMO. This is about how our society has been irrevocably warped by ubiquitous porn. And I suspect that goes for the “victims” as well as the perp.

  2. Jennifer

    Yes it is, in the sense that these are the people given preferential treatment in med school admissions, residency spots and hiring. And they are some of the most incompetent doctors I’ve ever worked with. In a just world, he’d have never gained admittance.

    • Bear Claw

      And his apartment. I think this is a bullshit story like most everything put out by the see eye aaa, eff bee eye, enn sss aaa, em ess em. They looking for entertainment because they are sick sociopathic people. Please try not to repost their bullshit, that’s what they are hoping for.

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