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Another One Of Those Days

Friday was nuts all day and just when I thought I was done and I had the evening free, I got the “baby is coming” call which led to running an Amish woman to a midwife an hour and a half away. Damn near didn’t make it, not joking within less than five minutes of her husband literally carrying her into the midwife’s they had their third boy. I came back home last night and then drove back to get them this morning, so six hours of driving from around 7 last night until 10 this morning.

Needless to say, blogging was on the backburner but things are (hopefully) settled down now.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Would that my workday was anywhere near as exciting as yours! I bang out C code for a dot-mil contractor so that gender-benders and illiterate orcs can pretend to be soldiers while bricking multi-million dollar weapon systems with their supreme incompetence. At least you’ve got a great story to tell at the end of the day.

    Dunno if it was an exaggeration or not, but I read somewhere on the ‘net recently that if the Amish birth rate continues apace, they will become the dominant White population in this country in a few more generations.

  2. Bear in Indy

    The Amish are wonderful people. Had the opportunity to work with them in your neck of the woods, several years ago.
    They do take care of their own, unlike many legacy Americans today.

    The left has truly destroyed our culture, and our way of life.
    Great people.
    Bear in Indy

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