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America Has Too Many Qualified Doctors And Pilots!

Mark Dice has been getting more based by the week and this is a great video on the “problem” of blacks making up only 6% of doctors.

As I commented, while blacks are only 6% of doctors they are at least 60% of murderers so that kind of evens it out.

This gets back to the issue of equity I have talked about. It isn’t enough to give them preferential admission to medical school, as they keep failing out. Nor is it good enough to remove the system of ranking students for competitive residencies, as again they fail. Nope, the goal must be a higher percentage of blacks in practice as physicians no matter if they are qualified or competent (see: We Wuz Otolaryngologists And Sheeit! and Is There A (White) Doctor In The House?). The same with pilots and engineers and every other competitive industry where lives are on the line. An incompetent toll booth attendant can’t do much harm but an incompetent diversity hire who designs bridges? That can and will be catastrophic.


    • saoirse

      Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. The bridge collapsed on a major thoroughfare next to the school.
      The general contractor (MCM) is run by a gaggle of incompetent Cubans.

  1. Trotsky's Ice Tray

    The Great Leap Forward where the mail room clerk is promoted to brain surgeon and the doctor is demoted to mail room clerk?
    Shh…don’t give them any ideas!

  2. Daniel K Day

    Jacqueline Howard holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism (remember “the Annenberg Challenge”, run by Bill Ayers?) and a BA in communication studies from the U of M-Ann Arbor. Just the expert on health America needs!

  3. saoirse

    We also must assume that the wokeness system is also making sure that the flood of future malpractice episodes will be covered up.
    Won’t be as easy covering up Captain Dindulicious’ mid-air collision or Captain Sharprell’s landing on the terminal though.
    Next up in the ‘no sperience necessary’ scam:
    NASCAR drivers
    Cruise/freighter/tanker ship captains
    Nuclear power engineers
    Air traffic controllers
    ____________________ fill ins da blank

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  5. Memebro

    I hate to break it to y’all, but what’s transpiring is very similar to what happened at the turn of the 20th century with “modern conveniences” “liberating” women from domestic duties. Women wouldn’t be free to be HR paper pushers if the vacuum cleaner hadn’t been invented.

    Technology is practically making it so that you damn near don’t even have to actually do anything to pilot a plane, or even diagnose an illness. Computers can do everything from take off to landing, and with the internet, I can dang well almost self-diagnose (and despite Elizabeth Holmes being a con-artist with her miracle machine….blood, urine, and other body fluid diagnostics have kinda-sorta obsoleted the expertise required by a doctor.)

    I literally wouldn’t be surprised if in 25 years, you’ll be able to walk up to a kiosk of some kind, swipe your credit card (or scan your biometrics), put your arm into some kind of slot, have a robot insert a needle to draw blood, and in a matter of seconds, have medicine dispensed out of the machine like a package of twinkies.

    Not that this makes me OK with diversity pilots and Kangz neurosurgeons. I’m just saying, this wouldn’t be happening if the way wasn’t being paved by technology. I, for one, welcome our future SkyNet overlords.

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