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A Dirty Dozen

A way back yonder in January there was a mass shooting in the lovely burg of Baton Rouge. In and of itself it wasn’t all that noteworthy as the great state of Louisiana has already experienced no less than five mass shootings to date in 2023: this one in Baton Rouge, three in New Orleans of course and one in Shreveport. What made this one interesting is that there were 12 people shot in the incident but it got very little attention at the time. Gee, I wonder why? The first clue is that 12 people were shot in a nightclub and no one was killed. The second clue was found in a CNN article about the shooting right after it happened….

A law enforcement source tells CNN around 1:30 a.m. local time, witnesses at Dior Bar & Lounge said a fight broke out between two groups of customers, and multiple people pulled out guns and started shooting…..

…..An Eventbrite listing online indicates the club was hosting a “back to school party” for Southern University and A&M College and Louisiana State University students at the time of the shooting.

Southern University and A&M College is a “historically black” university. A fight broke out and escalated to gunfire. Ding, ding, ding!

Anyway, with 12 people shot it had the second highest number of total “victims” behind the Monterrey Park, California shooting and yet it receives almost no attention. Arrests were just made and you can see why….

The 13%ers in question are: Nikeal Franklin, 19, and Jy’Shaun Jackson, 19. Franklin is charged with 12 counts of attempted first degree murder and Jackson with 12 counts of principal to attempted first degree murder. Both 19 and looking at a long stretch in the Louisiana penal system, and I am sure that is a lovely place to spend a few decades of life.

The Lügenpresse can lie to you by telling you a direct falsehood but they can also lie by omission, by focusing on some stories and ignoring others. That is on display daily with mass shootings. A White mass shooter using a scary gun gets covered non-stop for years but the vast majority of mass shootings, 80% or more, are committed by guys that look just like Nikeal and Jy’Shaun. Just remember, They are lying to you all day, every day.


  1. saoirse

    Two fine black studies doctoral candidates be goin’ to da University of Angola to finish dey dissatayshuns.
    Just like the last post, “higher education” is a blatant farce!

  2. Ned Kelly Armor Suit

    Does the bubble gum ever run out? (h/t-Nada)
    That “gangsta” sideways grip just kills the accuracy or is marksmanship a construct of the white male patriarchy?
    The Bolsheviks will never rest until FUSA is a burning crater of socialist ruin where all will finally be equal digging in dumpsters for meals.

    “They Live is a documentary.”

    Roddy Piper, 2013.

  3. Locust Post

    We’re planning a driving vacation through Louisianna at the end of February. In planning the trip, we mapped the route to avoid crime areas–the crime level in some LA cities are incredible. I mentioned to my lib friends that we’re avoiding mass shooting towns. I don’t have to mention they are always majority black–they know although they won’t talk about it. They don’t like to hear this but reluctantly acknowledge America has ethnic no-go zones.

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