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What Is The Point Of These “Jobs”?

While there are plenty of real jobs out there, many unfilled because no one wants to do any actual work or get dirty, we still have an excess of workers in the labor pool thanks in large measure to feminism driving women into the workforce (see Bullshit “Jobs”: Another Result Of Feminism). As fewer people farm and manufacturing moved overseas, the jobs that were lost in those areas were replaced by new jobs that were mostly in the “service industry”.

The service industry is a broad term that covers a lot of territory from restaurant waitstaff to retail workers, call centers to most “customer service” jobs. What most of them have in common is that they don’t add much in the way of value in the sense of taking a raw material and adding value by modifying it in some way, and also that most service industry jobs suck because most people suck. Most of my normie corporate jobs were some sort of customer service function, even if I had a fancy job title in financial services my jobs were basically the same thing as being a greeter at Walmart.

These jobs also tend to be self-replicating. By that I mean that the more service industry jobs exist, they in turn create even more service industry jobs. Daycare workers exist because moms are in bullshit jobs in the service industry. The same is true for Waiter on the way, because women are at work and don’t have time to prepare meals so instead families order some crappy carryout food, prepared by service industry workers who are simply warming up food rather than cooking it, which is then delivered by Uber Eats or a similar service. We aren’t far from a time when every adult will basically be a clerk at Dollar General.

I had been hashing over some thoughts about this and then John Wilder posted something that encouraged me to flesh those ideas out in his post this morning: The Shape Of Things To Come. The basic gist is that we are on the cusp of a major recession that will winnow the workforce at a lot of companies. He quoted some recent job losses:

In the news recently, the layoffs have already started at “big tech”:

  • Amazon®: 18,000
  • Alphabet® (Google™): 12,000
  • Meta© (Facebook®): 11,000
  • Microsoft® (Microsoft™): 10,000
  • Salesforce©: 8,000
  • HP™: 6,000
  • Twitter®: 3,700

That is a lot of “jobs”, nearly 70,000 just at 7 large businesses. While business is certainly slowing, these jobs were easy to ax because I can say with some confidence that they were almost all bullshit jobs that didn’t do anything productive. I don’t mean to suggest that the people doing these jobs weren’t working hard, although most weren’t, but you can work hard and be super stressed even if your job is meaningless. It might be even more likely as a lack of any productive output can itself be pretty stressful. A guy who puts a new roof on a house can look at what he accomplished during the day and have a sense of accomplishment but when you are a cubicle meerkat knowing that nothing you did all day really mattered and a fresh hell of high stress nonsense awaits you the next day? That makes you want to snap.

The “remote work” or “work from home” thing was starting to catch on years ago, in my last job in financial services from 2010 to 2014 I “worked from home” a day or two each week, sometimes more if the weather was bad or I was really sick. Then the “pandemic” came along and everyone in these offices went to work from home. With the “pandemic” now over, workers are refusing to go back to the office and a lot of employers don’t seem to care. The buildings where I used to work in downtown Fort Wayne with thousands of employees are now empty. More than a city block of office space with no workers.

Working from home sounds cool but it really isn’t. It is easier to screw around but it is also harder to get away from your work. Back before cell phones and laptops, when you went home you were done for the day but now you are never done. Not to mention, companies are on to people screwing around when they should be working….

Remote worker ordered to repay employer for “time theft”

A Canadian accountant has been ordered to repay her employer for “time theft” after the company’s tracking software determined that she was performing personal tasks while she claimed to be working. The court ruling marks one of the first instances in which such technology has been used to order a worker to repay an employer for slacking off on the job.

Karlee Besse, an employee of Vancouver Island accounting firm Reach CPA, initially claimed she was wrongfully dismissed and that her employer owed her $5,000 in unpaid wages and severance pay. Besse’s employer said it terminated her because she engaged in time theft and filed a countersuit seeking just over $2,600 in wages it paid her while she allegedly wasn’t working as well as part of an advance she received before her employment began.

The court decision comes as more companies install tracking software on workers’ computers to detect keystrokes and clicks to ensure they focus on work-related tasks while doing their jobs remotely. Some critics say this kind of surveillance amounts to spying and infringes on employees’ basic rights.

It looks like Karlee needed Homer Simpson’s co-worker in a hilarious episode that predicted the work-from-home craze decades ago in November of 1995.

If you are a smart remote worker, you only use your laptop for work stuff but sit your laptop next to your gaming computer where you can do “non-work” stuff. Or so I have heard from other people who are bad employees.

Anyway, these jobs that were cut at tech companies and all of these remote jobs now have something in common: they aren’t really doing anything.

So why do these jobs even exist when they cost a bunch of money and produce nothing of any actual value? I have a working theory as to why as a society we not only tolerate but tacitly encourage all of these bullshit “jobs”:

Most office jobs have the same basic purpose as public schools: they are a place to warehouse excess people so they don’t cause mayhem.

Without something to do, people get restless and restless people cause trouble. We saw that when people were forced to stay home during the “pandemic” and pretty quickly they started to get loony. You can only watch Netflix for so long before your brain starts to short-circuit. Humans aren’t meant for endless stimulation with no activity and mental illness and depression really seemed to skyrocket during the lockdowns. So even if it is shuffling digital papers or pushing the Y button over and over, these jobs give people some sort of perception of purpose.

There are other factors of course, like farming people for their labor and productivity (see: Like The Matrix But Without The Cool Outfits) but I am really leaning toward these jobs being veal calf pens for adult humans.

The notion of an excess population that needs to be culled runs deeply in a lot of Their worldview and many human beings are simply seen as superfluous. It isn’t a secret, They have come right out and said it, as I posted here, quoting from Yuval Noah Harari: They Don’t Need You And They Don’t Want You

“Now, fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population… because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bio-engineering, Most people don’t contribute anything to that, except perhaps for their data, and whatever people are still doing which is useful, these technologies increasingly will make redundant and will make it possible to replace the people.”

We are in the early 21st century and the vast majority of the population that “we”, iow him and his globalist elite buddies, just don’t need is….you. The globalist vision is a very small population, controlled by people like Harari (a homosexual, go figure), and the majority of work is done either by serfs selected by Them or by AI/automation. That project is in process but not quite ready to launch yet so they need to do something with all of the soon-to-be-liquidated “excess population” until they are ready….and that is where all of these meaningless “jobs” come in.

The fact that a lot of these jobs are being eliminated now is pretty worrisome as it indicates that They are entering a new phase in Their planning. I suspect that things like “reparations” and an annuity stream of White guilt money along with the “universal basic income” are the next stage to keep people from realizing that they are no longer needed or wanted. The stage after that? Mass extermination seems most likely.

The world looks a lot different when you start to look past the surface level, obvious stuff and begin asking “why” things that don’t seem to make much sense are happening.


  1. anon

    He’s not just a homosexual. He’s of the tribe. So many of them push the same shit; they want their goyim slaves and the rest to be killed off.

  2. Greg

    “You’re gonna be replaced by a robot!” Well, maybe, if your job can be done by a robot. But as I’ve been yelling for years now: “Who’s gonna fix the d–ned robots?” Because ‘droids are idiots, and usually can’t even tell you what’s wrong with them.
    Another, related, idea is that if you know a kid who likes to take things apart to see what makes ’em tick, I say “Give that kid a tool set for Christmas!”
    I have highly trained (from a half century of hard won experience) skills at troubleshooting and repair. Whether now, during the boogaloo, or post-collapse, I will be able to have gainful employment anywhere. As for all the drones you write about, nobody will give a rip when their “self-esteem” gets bruised.
    I’m almost through reading Alex Jones’ new book The Great Reset, and it is very well written. He doesn’t waste your time, and he’s been correct far more than he’s been wrong. I can also highly recommend Dr. Robert Malone’s book Lies My Gov’t Told Me. He is beyond steamed at how he’s been schnookered over the years, and is now on a mission to expose all the propaganda and psyops of Fifth Gen Warfare that is underway.

  3. 3g4me

    Just saw at Daily Mail that among the Google layoffs were 27 masseuses. God I’m old – never any masseuses or yoga classes or deluxe coffee makers at any of my jobs. We couldn’t even use computers due to security concerns – it was IBM selectrics all the way. One can also see where blaqs get the idea that Whites don’t really work and it’s all a scam – since barely 1% of them are capable of doing real work like engineering or lineman etc., they instead get office jobs with fanciful-sounding titles – just like women – and get paid for sitting on their duffs – just like women.

    I’ll agree with the WEF that a large portion of the world’s population is superfluous – just not the White part they are hard at work destroying. If the entire population of Africa and Asia disappeared, would it have impacted our lives in any way, before we off-shored our manufacturing capability? Would their have been any need of a ‘green revolution’ and genetically-engineered seeds if there weren’t billions of subcons ‘needing’ to be fed?

  4. Ice Ice Trotsky

    In real communism the hammer and sickle represents labor.
    You aren’t allowed not to work and if you are unique fork with bent prongs or you just don’t want to work…you line up against the wall.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    Before the empire of free money became that, back when it was still more accurately called the USA, there were few of these meaningless make work jobs. If any at all. Even government, which was much smaller, hardly had any. By free money I don’t mean gibs, I mean unlimited fed “printing” thanks to global reserve currency status. I see a very strong connection between the free money and the meaningless jobs. The macro that powers the micro. Without the free money, people would not be paid for doing things that produce no value.

    What the USA had back then, instead, was lots of subsistence farmers and lots of people working in factories, the former gradually giving way to the latter, which later gave way to meaningless make work jobs after the industrial base was gone.

    It’s hard to say what will become of all these apparatchiks if the free money ever runs dry. It’s not as if they have a farm to go back to.

  6. Moe Gibbs

    There seems to be a huge, gaping hole in the thinking behind such things as reparations and universal basic income. While everyone is fixated on the insurmountable cost of such giveaways, I want to know what the recipients of this largesse will be able to spend that money on, if no one will work for chump change once they are provided for.

    If every potential low-level service worker is receiving UBI and/or reparations handouts, WHO is going to be working those low-level service jobs? Sure thing, Shit’avious, you’re now a millionaire and can buy all the KFC you never could before. But if there is no one left in the workforce to staff your local outlet, whatchugonnado? Robots and AI will never be able to cover it all. Some flesh-and-bones workers will always be necessary, even if the ‘bots are doing the heavy lifting. And Karen is always going to want to speak to the [human, flesh-and-bones] manager.

    We can’t all be kangz living indolent lives of luxury, now, can we?

  7. Billybob

    Mr. Gibbs
    In the 70’s I remember reading a book about good and silver money.
    The author told a story based on the black plague.
    He related that so many people died and left real money, not to mention things, that the Kingdoms of Europe had no one willing to work.
    No blacksmith, butcher, baker or candlestick maker.
    THEY decided to invent new taxes, soon the people had to go back to work.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      I have long suspected that an underappreciated part of the current “labor shortage” is a product of inheritance. The GG, Silents, and Boomers accumulated an unprecedented amount of wealth, somebody is inheriting it, and I’m guessing more than one somebody in that position is saying “you know what, I don’t need to work this stupid job anymore.”

  8. Bob Barker

    I’m curious how many of these are jobs with an actual body already connected, and how many are open positions that just won’t be filled.

  9. J. Smith

    Its working welfare, especially fed gov civil service and civilians especially working for the DoD. I spent six years stationed at the Pentagram, I managed military, contractors and civilians (GS) types, every boss up to the General (6 in total) was black and most were women (highly educated and wholly unqualified) as my chain of command. I had two blacks working for me, caught both committing crimes, fraud, etc…the one committed felonies, he was running his real estate business while at work using gov equipment, mind you while in a SCIF. Two of the laziest POS I ever had the displeasure to work with, both making six figures. Nothing was done, not even a reprimand. When the plandemic hit, 75-85% of the pentagram went to tele-work, as i understand no one really has come back to their office spaces yet, and i dont foresee that changing. I said day one, this just shows us how superfluous most of these people are, me, I had to come to work everyday, the watch doesn’t watch itself, nor from home.

  10. KDOG

    Lots of meat in this post/topic. I read a comment some months ago where someone said they consider ‘work from home’ to be a euphemism for ‘sitting behind a keyboard, producing nothing of value.’

    Case in point is my Millennial stepdaughter, who goes to the gym and chiropractor appointments while she’s supposed to be ‘working’ from home.

    When Covid started and there were travel restrictions, I remember they separated people into essential and non-essential occupations. This was a foreshadowing of what is to come.

    I’m so glad I have a trade and like to fix/build things.

  11. Captain Coleman

    I retired from a job which only existed because the people who were officially assigned to their positions would leave them in 1-3 years because our organization was an “up or out” system which encouraged amateurism as a profession.

    This. Is. Fed. Govt.

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