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What If January 6th Had Been An Actual Insurrection?

This post is presented for entertainment purposes only and should not be viewed as encouragement or incitement for any specific actions.

It is worth the reminder that had January 6th been an *actual* insurrection, in a nation with something like half a billion firearms and millions of pissed veterans, it would be fairly obvious. The heads on spikes in front of the Capitol building would give it away. A mildly unruly crowd wandering around a public building does not an insurrection make.

If we are to believe the 2020 election results, and you are a dolt if you do, something like 74 million people voted for Donald Trump. Let’s say half of them were male, that is 37 million men. Further let’s assume at least half of those men are reasonably hale and hearty, not elderly old men. That gives us 18.5 million able-bodied men. 

Had Donald Trump gotten in front of some cameras, broadcast and livestreamed around the country, and uttered something resembling a call to arms, would anyone have responded? Things were different two years ago. Today Trump is a clownish caricature but two years ago he still had some authority. People were pissed. They had watched an election stolen in real time. It wouldn’t have taken much to get people to do something.

How many men with serious iron would have had to show up in D.C. to overwhelm the Capitol Police? The CP sure were tough when they were shooting unarmed White women for trespassing but a few hundred guys with AR-15s and body armor? I suspect most of the Capitol police would have meekly stood aside.

Then what would have happened? Maybe the D.C. police show up or the military, and maybe gunfire gets exchanged and perhaps dozens of Trump supporters were killed rather than one single woman. You can see how it could snowball. I am only about 8 hours from D.C. but there are how many people in places like West Virginia, rural Pennsylvania and Tennessee that are much closer? How many angry vets and hillbillies with small arsenals are just 4-5 hours away? What if trucks and vans started rolling in to D.C. with 2-3 armed dudes at a time and we suddenly had small skirmishes all over the Capitol.

Then imagine our looter-American population when the cops in D.C. were distracted by fights all around the district. I am sure they wouldn’t take the opportunity to engage in mayhem and looting, that would be very unlike them.

We saw things get out of hand when chaos descended on some cities after George Floyd died of a heart attack, if D.C. was under siege just imagine what would happen.

This is just a stream of thought kind of post, but it is interesting to ponder what might have happened if Trump had actually called for an actual insurrection rather than urging calm as he actually did. A lot of those people who have endlessly been talking about the assault on our democracy might have seen what an actual insurrection looked like and they probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it.


  1. Skeptic

    I’ve said this for 2 years. There were 400,000 people there at the rally. If, say, 5% had gone there intent on doing business instead of just to have a party, there wouldn’t have been a Congresscritter left alive.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    I’ve always said if it really were an insurrection it would have succeeded since there wasn’t much to stop it. And THAT’S what scared the congress critters.

    The right has this way of pointing the finger at the BLM riots in response, and they’re partially right, but they need greater specificity. It was one particular part of the BLM riots which bears scrutiny: the assault on the White House. We all saw that on TV. Hundreds of secret service turned out in riot gear (with no help from the DC police) to hold them off, with numerous SS agents injured. The president was moved to a bunker somewhere. Nobody in the media called it an insurrection, and the DOJ didn’t press any charges.

    It’s pointless to call out leftist hypocrisy, so I’m not really going down that road. But it’s easy to see why folks would have thought, mere months later, that they were free to raise some hell in DC. Think back to the harpies at the Capitol for the Kavanaugh hearings.

    On a personal level, I was upset about the 2020 election, whether or not it was “stolen,” it was certainly rigged. That was the election that decided the border issue once and for all, I knew that going in, and wondered why the Trump campaign didn’t make that a more central campaign issue, but I digress.

    Like everybody else I saw all the calls to come to DC on the 6th. “It’s gonna be wild!” I recall the gist of it being. I wasn’t really sure what that was supposed to mean. And some portion of me did want to attend. But I knew that besides just being fruitless, that whoever was there was making a target of themselves. I knew the feds were, at the least, going to make some kind of database of who was there. And I wonder why those who showed up didn’t understand this, and what they really hoped to accomplish. Sometimes I think they must be the dumbest among us. I really don’t know what else they expected. I don’t have a problem with their motives but did not a single one of them think through what they were really getting into? Evidently not.

    But being a moron is not against the law. The continued detainment of some of them is a disgrace which is just more evidence of our decline from constitutional republic to despotic empire. Trump’s failure to ever say one word about them is another disgrace which disqualifies him from future consideration. He may not be able to do anything about it, but the least he could have done is use his bully pulpit to stick up for people who stuck up for him.

      • Mike Austin

        In the past few weeks Trump has bowed down to sodomites, to Israel, to globalists and to abortionists. Trump has morphed into a clone of Kevin McCarthy, whom he has supported from the beginning, and for whom he fought like Hell. And as yet another January 6th has passed, Trump mentioned nothing about those still held in prison for the heinous crime of supporting him. Not one damn word.

        Thanks Donald. Ashli Babbitt says hello.

  3. Xzebek

    An initial attack on the Capitol would not be the wisest strategic choice but the spark that lights off a powder keg occurs where it occurs. Had things broken as you imagine the CP would have been completely overwhelmed and the good old boys on the road would likely have found other targets of opportunity as well. The hostilities would have spread out from the ground zero of the Capitol grounds. Assuming, as you did as a thought experiment, that this had been a real attempt at an insurrection.
    And, because you mentioned him, I want to congratulate George Floyd on his continued sobriety.

  4. Mike Austin

    Nations are not overthrown by spontaneous riots or “insurrections”. It took one hundred years (133 – 30 BC) for the ruling elites of the Roman Republic to finally go down to defeat and annihilation. These were a group of men who remarkably resembled our own greasy and corrupt ruling class in Washington DC.

    I see no Sulla or Caesar on our horizon, which means that our “system” cannot fix itself. It will take some external disaster of immense proportions—a terrible military defeat could not be hidden, and it would suffice—to at last put “paid” to this pedophile, warmongering and bankrupt government that claims to rule over us. The depredations of the Athenian Empire—an empire that acted just like the American Empire acts today—were finally ended by its defeat in the Peloponnesian War (431 – 404 BC).

    It was not pretty for the Athenians. It will not be pretty for us.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      America, thanks to its near perfect geographic positioning, cannot be defeated militarily in a war the way Athens was. Even a weakened America that can no longer win wars abroad cannot be defeated at home by a foreign nation state. No enemy army can or will cross the ocean to invade this vast land, it is folly. Nor does the naval balance of power permit the prospect of a blockade, anytime in the foreseeable future.

      • Mike Austin

        Athens was defeated by Sparta even though Sparta did not bridge her Long Walls. Sparta with Persian money destroyed her navy. England was last invaded in 1066, but her power disappeared anyway when her navy shrunk to little more than a coast guard after World War II. The most powerful empire in Europe between 1500 and 1650 was Spain, yet her empire melted away after the destruction of her navy in 1588. The US cannot be invaded, but an enemy does not need to do so. A destruction of her fleet would see to that—no matter how many transgendered and sexually degenerate admirals Biden appoints. And any defeat in Europe would lead to civil war at home. Sic transit gloria mundi.

        • Jeffrey Zoar

          Let’s say somebody can destroy the US fleet, which doesn’t appear in 2023 to be within the realm of possibility, but for the sake of discussion let’s say it happens. America remains an agriculturally and energy (when it wants to be) self sufficient continent sized nation, whereas Athens was a city. The wealth of empire would drain away but it remains unclear (to me) that this automatically leads to civil war at home. The population didn’t look too rebellious to me in 2020 when told to mask up and lock down. The geographic/resource distinction of America is still what sets it apart from all these other comparisons. America can be a self sustaining nation whenever it wants to be. It chooses empire, it doesn’t need it.

          It was my understanding that sparing the city of Athens was a choice made by Sparta, that there wasn’t much stopping them from doing what they wanted with it at that point.

          • Mike Austin

            If America lost her fleet, what you wrote would certainly be true. But the loss of her fleet would mean the loss of her empire, which would also mean a tremendous loss of influence around the world. So no more “rainbow flags” flying over US Embassies, no more transgendered and the sexually depraved roaming around the world representing US interests.

            An overseas military defeat might lead to a civil war—even now as I write these words half the nation hates the other half—as tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans were sent home in body bags.

            What would happen in the US if she lost a major European war—and Ukraine certainly qualifies—is what happened to the South after 1865.

            Your comment that Athens was spared because Sparta chose to do so is exactly correct. But within 30 years Sparta might have had reason to regret her choice, as after the Battle of Leuctra (371 BC) Athens rebuilt her empire. Oops.

            • anonymous

              “Half the nation hates the other half”

              Absolutely true.

              But which half is self-reliant and self-perpetuating?

              It seems to me that the starbucks-quaffing, transgender, homo-positive, gov’t/union worker, marketing executive, grievance-studies, social media, virtue-signaling, fat-body-positive, welfare-leeching, millennial-snowflake, aging-boomer-hippy, spiritual, fast-food-drive-thru-eating, feminist, extinction-rebellion, main stream media consuming NPC, baby-daddy, get-your-vax, looting, insouciant half is not gonna last past three weeks without clean water.

              Then, when the other half becomes the “whole” by default, what are the chances for a civil war?

              Some movements are only viable when there is easily accessible excess surplus wealth. Just like parasites are only viable as long as there is a healthy host.

              Kill the host, cut off the gimmes, and nature returns to the mean.

              • Mike Austin

                I have wondered for quite some time what would happen if the “gimmes” and “gib dats” are suddenly shut down, that all EBT cards show a “zero”. It happened for a few hours some years ago here in Oklahoma. The joggers simply loaded up their carts and strolled out of the stores. The managers of said stores told the workers not to lift a finger to stop them—a wise decision, all things considered.

                If this happened nationwide, think of the drama! The parasites would fill their carts enough for a few days—mainly with malt liquor and Chips Ahoy— deliveries would stop to the inner cities, and then? Damn! The problems of welfare and joggers would be solved in a few weeks.

                Your last sentence sums it up nicely.

  5. Clown car driver

    One good thing that’s come of the 2020 “biggest erection evah” is that it has shown us beyond a shadow of a doubt that the serfs of Murcia have absolutely zero representation. There’s no saving rotten ass plantation Murcia. I am glad to see folks have finally started giving up on Zion don. Seeing him for what he is, along with the rest of the knucklehead gritting, traitorous circus known as the us goobermint. How about the “election ” of the “speaker of the lower knesset”, we’ll keep voting until we get the results we want. LOL, actually I see this as a good sign. As for the ” you’re fired ” reality tee vee guy, he’s never been anything but another kabuki actor.

    • Gryphon

      Exactly. Were Mr. Sido’s proposed scenario ‘play out’, the initial Takeover of the Capitol would soon be Defeated by the Military- with a Body Count that could not be ‘spun’, ‘covered up’ or ignored by the (((media))). Then, “Local Response”would begin, Patriots within a few Hours’ Driving Distance might head to the Swamp. Highways would be Blocked, and Firefights would begin at those ‘Checkpoints’. A nationwide “State of Emergency” would be ‘Declared’, along with a Ban on Interstate Travel and Closure of Airports. At that point, there would be so many Pissed-Off People that any Federal, State, and Local ‘government’ offices and bureaucrats would become targets.

      Much over 36 Hours of this kind of Chaos, and the Looter-Americans would go to Work, and City thugpigs would likely just Flee. The Blue Hives would rapidly devolve into Mad-Max conditions, and no Resupply (Trucks) would be coming, even at “Orders” of the feral ‘government’. Once the Cities got Cut Off from the Power Grid, the situation would become “Unrecoverable” until and unless a New Government was formed, that was Acceptable to the majority of Patriots. And I don’t see that Happening, given the Total Corruption of the Congress and Military General Staff.

      One could only Hope that the mid-level Officers in the Strategic Missile Forces would have the Sense to stay on the Job, and call their opposites in Russia and China, to tell them “Don’t try and Sketchy Shit, we’ve got you Covered”.

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