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The Constitution Is Dead And Buried

Jared Taylor expands on what I talked about in Another Glimpse Into The Future with a video titled How They Plan to Shut Us Up.

With a few and rapidly diminishing exceptions, the protections of the Constitution that we take for granted as White people are pretty much gone. Due process, speedy trial? Ask the people languishing in political gulags over misdemeanor trespassing on January 6th about those. Free speech, freedom of religion? Don’t make me laugh, chortle, guffaw or otherwise express amusement. The 2nd Amendment? We are in a nation with two very different and contrary sets of laws regarding firearms. In my state you can carry concealed without a permit and can buy any firearm or accessory on the market while just next door in Illinois it is becoming hard to buy much of anything more tactical than a side-by-side shotgun and we are only a few Congressional seats away from a new batch of Federal laws restricting our right to keep and bear arms.

Unless you are very old or “die suddenly for no reason whatsoever”, you are probably going to face a choice at some point in the near future. Will you give up your firearms or really embrace molon labe? Will you shut your mouth and keep your opinions to yourself or will you face fines, loss of employment, loss of access to basic services and even jail time? Will you permit the government to force you to cover your mouth with a useless piece of paper and get a shot that might kill you or will you accept the consequences of dissent?

We haven’t had to make those sort of existential decisions for a long time but they are coming and soon. Better figure out now what you will or what you will not do.


  1. 3g4me

    Wholeheartedly agree with your post, as usual. As just another petty example of the farce of democracy and rule of law, I present Mikey Weinstein, former AF I belief, and founder of the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation,” aka the standard Jevvish anti-Christian foundation, who demanded (on behalf of 18 people, 5 of them Jevvs) that the Merchant Marine remove the painting of Jesus protecting sailors lost at sea. It’s now covered with a curtain so the evil will not be bothered by such a display.


    I urge everyone who reads this to acquire a copy of HOLOGRAM OF LIBERTY by Kenneth Royce. The author documents how the fix was in from the time of the Constitutional Convention. And then acquire a copy of THE ECONOMIC INTERPRETATION OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION by Charles Beard. This country was destroyed by the International Banksters and their agent(s) such as Alexander Hamilton, from the get-go. So pathetic.

    • NorthGunner

      Hi Dweezil, good to see you here brother!

      Be careful out there, the adult diaper league bagel bois don’t like
      being mentioned by name…a recent caller to a program in the ‘FUK’
      got shut down by the host because she said his use of the term
      globalists was ‘antisemetic’ and therefore ‘hate speech’.

      Yes I have both the original and expanded versions of HOL; will check
      out the second book that you mentioned, thank you.

      Yes it is pathetic, still here the NPC’s/normies here in my AO saying,
      “We just need to wake people up to make the case.” and “We’ll get
      them in 2024!!”.

      The worst are the uber religious types…constantly saying how everyone
      MUST respect and obey the government without ANY question because
      that’s part of ‘God’s Plan’….

      Totally disconnected from reality and not at all inclined to see what’s
      in front of their noses.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. Freedom Of Association

    That system was meant for white people with some skin in the game and it has been deleted since 1964.
    The imported voting bloc and dumbing down are done for a reason as well.

  4. saoirse

    Jared “jews look white to me” Taylor has the mud scourge down pat, but they are only the overt symptoms caused by a virulent covert disease (and it’s variants) that he’s too pompous and willfully ignorant to challenge. He’s going down at the helm of his country club. Want to founder with him, go ahead.
    The January 6th debacle was the classic “fools rush in” situation. NOTHING of any substance will ever be attained by demonstrations or voting!
    The choices mentioned above are not hard to make. Just envision your children’s/grandchildren’s total enslavement, mental and physical.
    In addition: Come to the cold hard realization that ALL of your cherished myths aren’t coming to save you.
    No muh democracy
    No muh constitution
    No muh military
    No Trump
    No Republicunts
    No muh capitalism
    No muh savior jeeeezus
    Nobody left but you and the conscious whites that you put above of all the aforementioned delusions.
    An underground cadre organizing, networking and prepping is worth more than all that crap put together.

  5. Shinmen Takezo

    For the last three or more generations they’ve been driving busses through the US Constitution–as were tour busses going though Madonna’s pussy back in the 80’s.

  6. Waldgangers

    @ SAOIRSE,

    Reality, it’s what’s for dinner.
    Any cavalry off in the distance will be infiltraitors. (my spell)
    Just like that scene in the Good Bad and Ugly where they slap the dust off the uniforms with gloves and it reveals…Yankees.

  7. Gryphon

    I’ve been saying for Years that “As long as the Lights are On, and there’s Food (or some plastic facsimile) in the Grocery Store, not enough People will be Pissed Off Enough to do anything about it”. We are getting Closer to that Point now more than ever, and once the coming War with Russia (being fomented by the (((usual suspects))) ) gets going, the Economic Disruptions it will cause (Intended or Not) will push things into a state of Chaos that the ‘government’ will not be able to ‘control’, and no ‘Order’ will come out of it.

    I’ve long ago passed the point where I give a Flying F*kk about the “political situation” that people like Mr. Taylor rants about – anyone who wastes their Time trying to “Change Things by Political Means”, and/or ‘wake up’ stupid normies and sheeple is beyond Naive and won’t, in in the end, matter a Rat’s Ass.

    The only thing that matters Now is for Individuals, Families and Groups to prepare for Local Events – and make Local Lists of Local ‘enemies of the People’.

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    said the same thing yrs ago at WRSA, even challenged a few to read Hologram… and if they didn’t like it, I’d buy it from them, nobody took me up on it. They don’t want the truth, they’d rather believe the lie for it would otherwise challenge their default system.
    So here we sit among the illiterate masses who refuse to read anything bigger than a Cabela’s catalog, none of whom want education. It’s easier to parrot your idiot box.

    • leonard cook

      I was at a free state wyoming meet, Kenneth Royce was there selling books. I made a comment about the CONstitution. You’d have thought I said something hateful about Mom, apple pie and the flag for all the hate looks I got. One of the worst, most angry and belligerent looks for my comment had a copy of Hologram of Liberty in his hand.

  9. MntnMole

    Lee is a product of her constituency in Houston, the third largest blue hell-hole in the US, and a direct reflection of the majority it seems since she’s basically a lifer in DC now. Her district is a gerrymandered as any. I hate the place, but the Pappas family has a whole slew of great restaurants there.

    She introduced the same bill last session as HR 7955. It died in committee, as this one will. But it’s telling that she’s comfortably retarded in her leftist self enough to introduce it again, with a committee head who will probably not even bring it up for a vote there, so it’s all showboating and a waste of taxpayer money that she should be fined for. But that will never happen either. Let’s just all hope she’s up-to-date on her COVaxes.

  10. NorthGunner

    The main and unseen weakness of the conservatives, whether they are republicans or not (it’s ALL Uniparty, but that’s a discussion for another time) is that they still function and believe that they’re still the “majority” in America.

    The truth is, no, they are no longer a majority whether it’s due to demographic replacement or a white birth rate that has shit the bed worse than Amber Herd.

    The only hope for conservatives and traditionalists in this country whether they’re white or not, is to adopt the idea of forming their OWN communities for their own benefit and protection, just like the Irish, Italians and others have done in history.

    This has been proved successful with such groups as the Amish, Muslims and Orthodox Jews among others.
    When you have a community that numbers at least 10,000 people, all based on the same CULTURE, no one
    is going to tell you what you’re community is going to do – for proof of this, just think about how many ‘pride
    parades’ of ‘drag queen story hours’ have been held in either Lewiston Maine or in other majority Muslim

    There is NO political solution to the problem..but there is a completely peaceful and successful option
    as I just listed above. All it takes is for people who hold a like culture to create enmasse a community
    based on that culture with the goal of at least 10,000 or more (the more, the better!) with creating their
    OWN support and means of providing for themselves and they can in effect detach from the sinking
    ship that America has become.

    And the most important thing that individuals of such a culture MUST remember is that women
    are NOT given the privilege of voting in their new community; otherwise those women WILL
    destroy that community just as they have historically done to America since 1920 onwards.

    No ‘voting’, no ’empowerment of women’ and ‘no education past high school’ and no
    holding of ANY office or having ANY job outside of the home’!

    women’s ONLY job IS to be the Mother and homemaker under her husband’s rightful
    and wise authority. It’s called Patriarchy, and civilizations have survived and flourished
    because of it throughout history.

    When those civilizations gave women ‘freedom’; especially the freedom of sexual license,
    those civilizations ALWAYS collapsed due to the internal weakening of their culture by
    those now ‘freed and empowered’ women.

    Don’t believe me?….just read history and see for yourself.

    So, peacefully create communities of like minded individuals based on a common culture (10,000+).
    And don’t let women vote, hold any office or be empowered.

    As a side note, when you re-enact Patriarchy, your birth rates WILL successfully increase as well.
    A ‘Win-Win’ for your surviving and now thriving community!

    So, what are you waiting for,…Jared to finally figure the above out and ‘proclaim it from on high’?….
    Or are folks still hedging their ‘bets’ on a utterly stupid race war and Jesus astride a Pegacorn
    with sunshine and tasty skittles beaming out of it’s ass to bless the NPC’s/normies?….

    Create your OWN “Lifeboat” based on the above and survive and thrive while you still can!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • mike fink

      “, just think about how many ‘pride parades’ of ‘drag queen story hours’ have been held in either Lewiston Maine or in other majority Muslim communities?….NONE!!”

      Now there is a great idea for a political warfare psyop. Call the local school boards where this particular bunch of vibrants is squatting and demand DQSH is the schools..

    • anon

      “white or not”
      No. The non whites can join the rest of their ilk. I don’t give a shit how “conservative” they are, they open the gates for the rest of their kind while boomers and other vermin go on about “just judge each of them individually! Not ALL X Are Bad!” Meanwhile, another city is burning and it isn’t even notable anymore.

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