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Some People Simply Aren’t Suited To Freedom

Often I get to thinking about a post after I publish it and have more to say. That was true with my brief and rather snarky post yesterday about the mass shooting in Florida in celebration of Martin Luther King Day: Now Dats How You Celebrate The “Legacy” Of MLK!

There is a great deal of talk about the “legacy” of Martin Luther King and his purported legacy is almost entirely a complete fabrication. By most honest assessments MLK was a pretty terrible person, a heretical theologian and an avowed Marxist even if he didn’t quite use that term. He was a Christian minister who denied the basic tenets of the Christian faith and a clergyman you wouldn’t trust alone with your wife or daughter.

That said, let’s look for a moment at the state of blacks living in America before and after the “Civil Rights”* movement.(*assume quotes around all subsequent uses of the term “Civil Rights”)

Prior to the Civil Rights movement, blacks had lots of gripes and many were reasonably legitimate. There were barriers to all manner of mundane aspects of life in America, from schools to housing to voting. Some of the common complaints were a little more complicated than they are made to seem in contemporary retelling. It also is debatable whether some aspects like segregation were all that bad as black, Whites, East Asians, Jews, mestizos, Muslims, all tend to segregate naturally whenever possible.

That isn’t my real point though. The question I have is this: if you were to examine the life of an average black living in America for a few decades prior to the 1960s and the Civil Rights era and then compare them to how they live now, are their lives better now than before? Pre-Civil Rights blacks tended to come from married families with under 25% of black children being born to unwed mothers, versus over 75% now. Violent crime was a problem but nowhere near the levels they are at today. Many blacks seemed to be more likely to be gainfully employed and attending church. None of that is true now.

Usually that would be responded to with “well what about voting?” or “what about the Klan and lynching?”.

I wrote a post about lynching in 2018 (Do We Need A Lynching Memorial And Is It Helpful?) and made a few observations:

The memorial will commemorate the lynching of some 4000 blacks in America from shortly after the Civil War until 1950.

Visitors to the new National Memorial for Peace and Justice first glimpse them, eerily, in the distance: Brown rectangular slabs, 800 in all, inscribed with the names of more than 4,000 souls who lost their lives in lynchings between 1877 and 1950.

The period covered here is 73 years. 4000 lynchings in 73 years works out to 54 per year.

That is about once per week, which is a lot to be sure. I also pointed out that in just two years, 2010 and 2011, there were almost 5000 blacks murdered by other blacks. Now, I am not great at math, just ask Engineer Jim, but it seems to me that almost 5000 blacks murdered in two years is much more troubling than 4000 blacks killed over the course of 73 years. Note also that I wrote that post in 2018, pre-George Floyd. In just the last three years more than half as many blacks were murdered in just one city, Chicago, than were lynched over 73 years across the country.

Well what about voting? Fat lotta good that has done blacks. They have had the vote for decades and reliably voted for Democrats who in turn have done nothing but expect them to keep voting for Democrats (see also: evangelical voters and Republicans). Things are worse now for blacks in spite of (or perhaps because of) having the vote for most of the last century (again, see also: women).

I would and will argue that by any objective measure, the life of the average black living in America is worse now post-Civil Rights era and getting worse by the year. Violent crime, poverty, and of course out of wedlock birth which leads to most other social ills. Even if you buy into the narrative of the champions of the Civil Rights era like MLK, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, John Lewis and others suffering and dying to pave the way for new freedom for blacks, you have to ask: what have blacks done with this freedom?

They have taken those new found freedoms and took a huge steaming dump on them before turning around and demanding even more freedoms to abuse and squander. While other races have embraced the freedoms found in America, blacks have never figured out how to use those freedoms to advance their race, seemingly content to wallow in self-pity and paternalism from other races. It seems to reinforce the idea that not everyone is cut out to live in a Western style, high trust, liberty focused society.

Whites assume that freedom is an unqualified good and the more freedom you give people (or the less you take away depending on your viewpoint), the better off they will be. As the half century since the Civil Rights era has taught us, that is not always the case, not for every race.


  1. J. Smith

    Most people dont want freedom, thats too existential, they want controlled convenience. Some races need more or less. Blacks need a hand keeping it together and things inline more than most whites on that sliding scale, equality, diversity and multiculturalism doesnt work. So said two blacks guys that were once my neighbors in Arlington, VA, who both said, youre one of the best neighbors Ive ever known. These two were old school blacks, family, church, work ethics, etc…unicorns in the urban jungle. Contrast that to the black Panamanians with illegals living 20 deep to house next to me that required calling the cops weekly, and damn near turned into a mass casualty event, yeah, im not interested in living near the good or the bad anymore, i dont gamble.

  2. Clown car driver

    All the ” civil rights ” leaders, with the exception of Malcolm x, Marcus Garvey and Louis Farrakhan are sock puppets of the tribe. King was ran by Stanley levinson , they sent rosa parks and others to the ” highland folk school ” in Tennessee, the entire “civil rights ” movement was a tribe organized and funded op from the get go. Yes, blacks are a problem. But there’s a reason why that will have to be dealt with.

  3. Don W Curton

    That same particular topic came up back when George W Bush got us into another round of adventure in the Middle East. Instead of just dropping a few nukes (he totally could have gotten away with it at the time), he embroiled us in decades of low-grade warfare in order to bring “freedom and democracy” to a foreign people who absolutely were unsuited to it. Our concept of western civilization is best when both the leaders and the people are whites of European descent. Oher cultures and other races either don’t want it or cannot manage it. And much like the blacks, I’ve heard the brown-skinned muslims of that particular area have an average IQ bordering on the retard setting. Saddam Hussein might have been pure evil, but at least he knew how to rule his own people. We just don’t get it that not everyone is like us.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    I refer you (once again) to the IQ bell curve. The blacks on the upper part of it are doing much, much better than they were during segregation. No comparison at all. It’s the low end for whom absolutely nothing can be done. It’s the tragedy of our time that “good whites” are intent on contorting our entire civilization into a pretzel in a doomed effort to try.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is why I referenced the average black, plenty of blacks have figured out how to monetize White guilt but the vast majority in the middle are just as backwards as ever.

  5. Anonymous White Male

    “I wrote a post about lynching in 2018 (Do We Need A Lynching Memorial And Is It Helpful?) and made a few observations:”

    Concerning oppressed negroes and lynching: All the numbers indicate about a third of the lynchings were White, in addition to Indians, Hispanics, Chinese, and one Japanese. But, only blacks are important because, you know, oppression. They were always equal opportunity and blacks just didn’t seem follow the laws as well as other races, hence their larger numbers. Lynchings have always been an extrajudicial process, but it includes those that the judicial system did not punish. We should have a lot more lynchings. Especially politicians, media personnel, judges (mostly federal), and people that push drag queen story hour, or recommend gender reassignment surgery.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is a whole ‘nother topic. I assume a significant percentage of those lynched had actually done something lynch-worthy. A century ago a lot of crimes were dealt with locally without involving a judge, right or wrong.

      • Jeffrey Zoar

        My rule of thumb is roughly half of murder victims probably had it coming some way or another, just not in a way that the law recognizes as justified.

        For a “lynching” which requires some level of community organization, you can figure on it being a lot higher than half.

  6. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    There is a dichotomy in all things. Many solid outstanding youths do exist as I have for years observed my kids and their friends. Not perfect but solid good hardworking human beings.

    In my work life my two favorite bosses were black. One female and one male. Unfortunately we never hear about them in the media but that is the same in all cases of good in our world just like Jesus.

    May you all have a Blessed Day every Day.

    • Anon

      “I know two that were good therefore they all might be good! Judge them by their character, don’t be racist!”
      Character, culture are affected by genes too. We’ve been fed that color blindness shit for so long and it has been a poison the entire time. We would be better off with none of them, just among our own people. Of course none of these leeches, of any hue, will willingly or peacefully separate themselves. The fastest way to do it is for the system to break, for them to be unable to get their gibs, for cities to fall to ruin instead of being propped up, for a purging fire to sweep the nation.

      • Bear Claw

        Those were just two examples ANON. I grew up with many since they started busing in ’73.

        My parents kept us there and did not move out to white enclaves as that was the future. The male in my example and I had a few discussions about the same thing and that’s why he chose to do similar but in reverse for his kids and they were exceptional kids.

        Read the book “Hidden Figures” and you will see that the democrat sociopaths destroyed any opportunity for us all to live integrated.

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