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Shocker, The “Free” Tax Stamp For Your Braced Pistol Is A Trap!

Sending your information to the ATF, basically incriminating yourself for a felony, and then hoping they follow through and give you permission to keep your pistol, is just fucking stupid. I am not sure if this is a clever way to get people to volunteer themselves for the gulag or just another example of bureaucrats not thinking things through.

I am not a lawyer and am not providing legal advice, seek guidance from competent legal counsel etc. but whatever you decided, just know….


  1. Plague Monk

    As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has said many times, embrace the power of “and”. If I had to choose one, I would go with volunteering for the gulag.

  2. Steve S6

    Short version:

    BLUF. Your form has 88 days before it turns sour and gets automatically rejected. In other words, it times out. The ATF can’t complete approvals at their normal pace in < 88 days, much less with millions of gun owners submitting forms for SBRs. When your forms time out, it creates enforcement action for the ATF since you now have an unapproved SBR, for which you have sent your name, pictures, address, SS # and virtually every other piece of identifying information. Read that again. ENFORCEMENT ACTION.


  3. Shop Weimarmart

    What pistol? They all fell into the lake during a fishing trip.
    Why wouldn’t they take advantage of the terminal Peak Stupidity of civnat sportsball jocksniff grillers.
    Maybe a hard voting session will improve the situation in the Kwan. (honk, honk!)

  4. Gryphon

    Given the recent history of the whole “Pistol Brace” regulatory Kludge Operation, I think this is just another case of the bureaucracy “Throwing it at the Wall in hopes that something Sticks”.

    Also, chances of this getting past the inevitable Court Challenges, on a number of Grounds, does not look likely. Given That alone, anyone who provides Information to the Gestapo about their Guns is a F’kkin’ Idiot. If nothing else, it puts you on a List for easy Arrest, on any made-up “Gun Charges”.

    Yes, there is a “Record” of most of these ‘Pistols’ being purchased, but with the numbers over a million, and their complete “Legality” (at the Time) I think it would be extremely Difficult for those Records to be used to ‘pick off’ any given Individual for Violating some ‘regulation’ that is Amorphous at best.

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