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Russophobia And Them

The Zman does frequent posts on his subscription sites at Subscribestar and Substack on the topic of what is actually going on in Ukraine, analysis you generally don’t get at normie news sites. I still take it with a grain of salt but they seem to ring more true than the “valiant Ukrainians led by Zelenskyy on the front lines in his green t-shirt smiting the Cossack hordes” bullshit. As a broad characterization, we are being lied to almost as much about Ukraine and Russia as we were and are about Covid-19. We are lied to by our betters at every turn and on every topic, even when there is no reason to lie, because they just like lying to us thereby making normies question their own sanity.

In a full length podcast, the Zman looks at the origins of much of the over the top hatred toward Russia: A Ukraine Primer. Embedded below in Spreaker or Odysee:

Listen to “EP 260 A Ukraine Primer” on Spreaker.

Pretty good stuff, I think he misses the mark a few places but generally does a good job filling in the blanks. Long story short, the Russian incursion into Ukraine wasn’t something that was whipped up out of thin air by evil Vodka Man Bad. It doesn’t even start with the 2014 coup orchestrated by the U.S. to remove the Ukrainian leadership, now occupied by degenerate Zelenskyy.

What is really boils down to, no shocker to most on /ourside/, is the crazed hatred of all things Russia by the neo-conservatives that have dominated U.S. foreign policy for decades and completely control the Republican party. As the Zman points out, on most topics these guys are generic leftists which explains why people like David Frum and Bill Kristol so effortlessly jettisoned normie conservatism once it no longer was useful to Them. They pandered to evangelicals especially using the “Muh Chosen Peeps!” garbage courtesy of dispensational theology driven by the Scofield Reference Bible and the Left Behind books, throwing them crumbs on topics like abortion and gay “marriage”, only to later show that they didn’t give a crap about traditional marriage or defending human life. The neo-con con-job since the end of the Reagan years has been one of the greatest hustles in U.S. political history, a grotesque masterpiece of convincing millions of voters to vote against their own self-interest in order to support the agenda of a religious minority that hates their guts and holds them in the lowest possible esteem.

Anyway this was a useful primer for me, even though I knew a lot of it already it brought it together for me. Maybe worth sharing with your normie friends and family.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    There’s an article on the Unz Review now, maybe you’ve seen it, suggesting the possibility that this kerfuffle over Biden’s classified documents is an attempt to coerce him into sending troops into Ukraine.

    Seems like I can recall other times when there was a presidential scandal immediately followed by some military action. Suggesting the possibility that this has been done before.

  2. Mike Austin

    The Cosmopolitan Chosen head the State Department—the Kagans and Nuland—the CIA, most of the FBI, the punditry class and the White House. It is they who have cooked up such Russia hatred in the USA. It matters not at all to them that their machinations will lead to another World War, the destruction of Europe and a US Civil War. It is not their people after all who will die.

    It is no wonder that since the Diasporas under Titus and Trajan that these creatures were expelled from every single nation they had occupied. I look forward to the day when they will be expelled from ours.

    • Robert Wood

      The craziest thing is that these people are delusional if they believe that anything like a World War or a 2nd US Civil War won’t affect them. Because once that particular Pandora’s Box is opened, then all bets are off.

  3. Cultural Marxism

    The experimental gene therapy for MIL was relaxed due to a need for cannon fodder.
    A 70 year old engineer buddy is coming out of retirement to work for MIC because the diversity inclusion equity rainbow stew isn’t working.
    WWIII is a feature and not a bug now that the COV-LARP is collapsing.
    One side has been preparing for the Big Show while another is in WOKE La-La land.
    The hollowed out welfare colony will be the Punchy Palooka.

  4. Bear Claw

    That Russian hatred comes from ignorance of those so blind as not able to see and will never see till it’s to late or the blinding light.

    Remember, the useless idiots are the first to go which gives me a little schadenfrued.

  5. MN Steel

    Hell, I believe this all started after the Rus Empire finally crushed the Khazar Empire, the one that both the Mongols and tge Eastern Euros called The Name Stealers.

    But I’m just another asshole Yooper Finn living in California Light resting for the first winter in his life. I’m tired of being lied to and the retarded gaslighting attempts thereafter.

    I’m wondering when the Golden Death Cross happens, when people drop dead of the shots and famine faster than supplies are being consumed from city warehouses…

    • Gryphon

      MN Steel – That is the Root Cause of the Hatred being projected at the Rus – they were the first People who Put the Squash on the Khazar Tribe, the vermin of eastern Europe. Want to know where all the faggotry, perversion, pederasty, bestiality, and Ritual Human Sacrifice has its origins in? Do some research into the khazarian/ashkenazi from the Ukraine. And look up how many Times they have been Expelled from Nations, States, Cities, and Towns, in Europe, for the same Grifting, Parasiting, Lying, Cheating, and Murdering that they engage in to this Day.

      Hopefully, Tsar Vladimir and Co. will be able to Crush them again, badly enough that their entire, World-Wide Scam falls apart.

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