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Our Retarded Neighbors To The West

While most of Illinois is quite nice and very similar to Indiana, the state is unfortunately dominated by the dimwits and criminals that run Chicago. Chicago has long been a city infamous for corruption and crime (Al Capone anyone?) and of late has become a massive shooting gallery run by a diminutive lesbian negress who looks like a swarthy hued Beetlejuice and dresses like The Penguin from the Batman comics. As noted in Windy City Three-peat!, Chicago has seen over 700 murders for three years running and already has over a dozen on the board in 2023 with 74 people shot to date. Of course the Powers That Be, including the revolting land whale elected as governor of Illinois, one J.B. Pritzker, won’t look at who commits the crimes. Rather they have decided to go the politically expedient route…

Illinois already has goofy gun laws that do nothing to stop actual gun violence, typically blaming that on Indiana as if our peaceful and law-abiding guns suddenly are possessed by a malevolent spirit that forces blacks to shoot each other with them once they cross the border.

The law not only bans “assault weapons” but also magazine capacity “Long guns will be limited to 10 rounds per magazine and handguns cannot have more than 15 rounds.”. As the Bee article notes, that isn’t all…

The ban also includes .50-caliber rifles and cartridges and rapid fire devices known as ‘switches.’

How many people have ever been killed with a .50 caliber rifle in a criminal act? Not just in Illinois but anywhere in the U.S.? I am guessing the number is close to or at zero. But the .50 is a useful weapon against vehicles and that has obvious utility in a Big Igloo. Very few people are killed with rifles of any sort, much less assault rifles, so statistically speaking this ban won’t do a damn thing to lower gun crime. Not to mention that “switches” or auto-sears that turn Glocks into little machine guns are already illegal. Perhaps making them much more illegallier will convince Da’quiffalicious to not install one on his stolen Glock?

Of course lawsuits will be filed immediately and given the state of SCOTUS rulings there is a great chance of getting an injunction and eventually the bill being overturned. Meanwhile the looming threat will encourage Illinoisans to buy ARs/AKs and “high capacity” magazines in huge quantities. You can get 27 round 9mm Magpul Glock mags for under $20 all day long and Gen 2 PMAGs for your AR for under $10 if you are a smart shopper. For those that don’t already have dozens of each, I expect they will soon as many online stores like Palmetto State prioritize mag shipments to places under the threat of bans.

The state of gun rights in America is really bizarre mishmash, some states are dramatically expanding gun rights while others are clamping down on gun rights. More evidence that we are two different nations living within the same border.


    • Arthur Sido

      A local guy in Fort Wayne was just sentenced to 10 years for being a felon in possession of a firearm, he had already been previously convicted of 9 felonies. Guess the race!

  1. saoirse

    Think of Shitcago as just another giant infected cyst on the back of Murka.
    It can be lanced and drained from time to time (a la Ness vs. Capone) but unless you excise the (((roots))) it just grows back again.

  2. Mike Austin

    Just more evidence—and why is more needed?—that lines are being drawn in preparation for the coming civil war. Illinois needs to insure that when that spicy time comes, that those rural types outside Chicago will have a reduced ability to defend themselves.

    This law will fail of course. Ammo and guns will freely be transported from Red States to states like Illinois.

    Laissez les bons temps rouler.

  3. Xzebek

    Eliminating the chimps would do much more to reduce the crime rate than eliminating any type or class of firearm or ammunition. If the crimes committed by darkies between 15 and 35 were removed from crime statistics the US would have an extremely low rate of crime. That demographic is the problem, not a rifle or pistol.
    They are incompatible with civilization.

  4. Goodfellas

    Beetlejuice Lightfoot?
    That’s a man!
    Please don’t tap on the aquarium sides just to bug its eyes out.
    Haven’t been to Chiraq in 30 years and won’t be going back anytime soon, not even for the Stuka and the Type IX U-Boat.

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