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Our “Privilege” Was Paid For In Full

There are no lack of pernicious slanders that are hurled at White people, sometimes by non-Whites envious of our success and often by self-loathing Whites and pseudo-Whites. Few are as inaccurate and grotesque as the concept of “White Privilege”, a term that implies that White people operate under different rules and with unfair built-in cultural advantages not available to other races. As this video demonstrates, all forms of involuntary servitude have existed for all of human history and Whites were enslaved in various ways in the early days of America. The difference? We haven’t spent the last century bitching about it and blaming it for all of the stupid things our people do.

With very few exceptions, all Whites in America have an origin in some sort of suffering. Whether your forefathers came over on the Mayflower to a savage wilderness or they crossed the Great Plains searching for a better life or they came here in the great waves of European migration from places like Poland, Ireland and Russia, if you are living a comfortable middle or upper class lifestyle, at some point your family had to put in the blood, sweat, tears and often life itself to make that possible.

This is a topic I have covered before, particularly in this post: Repost: What My White Privilege Looked Like. Here is some of what I wrote:

Did I have a “privileged” upbringing? Sure I did. My parents have been married for more than 50 years. They read to me and encouraged a lifelong love of reading in me at an early age so I got to kindergarten an already pretty decent reader which put me way ahead of my classmates. They instilled in me certain moral standards that have kept me mostly out of trouble with the law in my life. They both went to college and expected me to do the same. I believe in the promise of America because I have seen it lived out in my own family. I had every advantage a middle class kid in Ohio could have had.

But what is really important to note is that none of the privileges I grew up with are racially specific or racially restricted. There is nothing that stops black couples from getting married before having children but only around a quarter of black children are born to married parents. There is nothing that stops black parents from reading to their children. There is nothing to stop black parents from instilling in their children a respect for the law and law enforcement and teaching them that breaking the law has serious consequences so don’t do it. Of course many black parents do these things and many black kids grow up with the same privileges I did and are successful in life. On the other hand, you can be White and end right back up in poverty if you don’t remember how you got where you were.

Sure my dad was a doctor and could afford the best for us but he grew up in a tiny home on a dead-end street in Toledo. He had no greater opportunities to succeed in life as a Polish kid in Toledo than any black kid has in the U.S. today. Given the scholarships, grants, student loans, etc. available today I would argue that the average black high schooler today has more opportunity to seize control of their own future than my father did in the early 1950’s.

While my parents have been generous with us over the years, where my wife and I are today is the almost entirely the result of our own effort. We have bought and paid for what we have. When times have been tough we have been able to ask for help from both sets of our parents but even then the money didn’t come from a secret Whites-only slush fund. My father put himself through medical school, paid his own way and built his own practice. No one gave him that. My father-in-law swung a hammer as a union carpenter all day and then came home to run a decent sized farm. If you think he came by the money he had without earning every penny, I would invite you to drive nails all day and then spend the rest of the evening baling hay. I’ll wait, you can tell me how easy that is later.

Virtually all of us share in our lineage similar stories. We were not given anything in this world. We took it. We earned it. We paid for it. For some of us, we can look back and see how that has helped us along the way and for others we can hopefully see how it is helping our children and grandchildren in the future. The “privilege” we enjoy is the culmination of centuries of toil and suffering. If we have more, it is because we have fought for it. We don’t owe anyone anything and no one has a legitimate claim on what we have. If you want more for yourself and your posterity, do what we did and earn it for yourself. To paraphrase the late John Houseman: White people made our wealth the old fashioned way. We earned it.

All this talk of “White privilege” and “reparations” is nothing but anti-White, ahistorical racial slander.


  1. Xzebek

    There is no shortage of anti-white, ahistorical racial slander. Part of the reason is that there is no disincentive for it. Each of us needs to push back against it as appropriate and available.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    The concept of white privilege makes perfect sense to the old money generational ivy leaguers who invented the term, who can’t remember anyone in their family lineage who had to work.

  3. Jsizzle

    When one thinks about attempting to determine who will receive these reparation payments, the whole logic behind this farce is shown to be nonsensical. I foresee all blacks of any origin, determinable percentage or shade to be granted the free loot. The race hate mongers now purport racism to be interwoven into everything from breathing to dog walking and they broadcast the message that every minority is deserving and disenfranchised and that every white is intrinsically, irredeemably evil and undeserving. We are witnessing the planned and organized crippling of the minds and wills of the last free, educated and armed group of people in the Western world. Once they are broken and helpless, nothing stands in the way of the people and beings who put these plans in motion. Nothing except the Name Above All Names that is. Until the sky cracks open and He trods out on a white horse for the final say, I do not see this madness improving. Prepare yourselves and families accordingly.

  4. Technopop

    Joseph Sobran was right about the resentment.
    If you get what you tolerate then West South Africa is coming.
    Thank the guilty liberal whites for that and they just love Bob Marley-Greatest Hits album because they can’t name another one by the Wailers.

    Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal. – Friedrich Nietzsche

  5. Danny

    “They” are just pissed off because the cue ball (white) is used to strike the racked up balls (of color) with force in order to put them in holes. In holes … where they belong.

  6. Moe Gibbs

    A very big part of the “White privilege” that I enjoyed growing up was the expectation that I would succeed in adult life, and do it without hand-holding, handouts or help of any kind from anyone else. Admission to any university I applied to and offers of scholarship monies were going to be earned, by golly, and don’t you doubt it. It was simply assumed, however, that non-Whites (and to an extent, non-males) “needed” help, which was generously offered without even subjecting the recipients to the indignity of having to ask for it.

    I won’t make an ass of myself by humble-bragging about my test scores and academic achievements, but let me state that I worked my arse raw preparing for the process of college admission. And I managed to get accepted to most, but not all, of the schools I applied to when graduating high school. My younger sister, by contrast, “accidentally” checked the box for ‘Native American’ on her demographic profile (she actually looked the part, and no one ever questioned her claim). Her SAT score, 200 points lower than mine, was nonetheless adequate to gain her acceptance to every school she expressed even a mild interest in. A few more tried to lure her with unsolicited tuition aid. Bitch was even offered a spot on the waiting list at Cornell, which lofty institution rejected my arse right out of the gate.

    Yes, YT, you sure are ‘privileged’. Privileged to be tasked with holding together what’s left of this wretched, failed experiment in egalitarianism. Privileged to pay your own way and that of a dozen more ‘dreamers’ clinging to your coattails. And when the power goes out, the well runs dry and the police don’t come, guess who is going to be held responsible for the inevitable civilizational collapse by the overly-entitled, unwashed masses?

  7. KDOG

    “…nothing stands in the way of (these) people … except the Name Above All Names…”


    Absolutely. Jesus is the ultimate Great Reset

  8. Locustpost

    I’m still paying for my white privilege. Work everyday. Pay enormous amount of taxes. Grew up literally pitch forking pig shit into a spreader while going to community college to get a business degree. My parents didn’t have it any better.

  9. Razorback

    Ok, entirely OT, but too effin’ good not to share…

    Wifey, back on Weight Watchers as of January 1st owing to the totes-not-her-fault evil, insidious effects of the holidays, just walked by me into the family room cradling a handful of thin mints, causing me to make my usual snarky remarks about her dwindling “points” allotment. “These are Girl Scout cookies!”, she indignantly insisted. “According to Weight Watchers, they don’t count.”

    Can anyone out there with any knowledge of how Whale Weight Watchers divines their mysterious “points” confirm that WW has gone so demonically “woke” that this is a legitimate claim? Do Girl Scout cookies really possess some vaginal juju that makes them effectively benign and guilt-free under the Weight Watcher’s calculus?

    I can’t stop laughing and Wifey is shooting me the stink-eye from across the room.

  10. AZFloyd

    What whites need to do is to do what blacks did with the word nigger. Blacks own the word nigger now. Blacks took a white epithet and turned into a word spell. Say nigger and watch how whited recoil.
    Whites need to take the word racist and own it. Brag Racist #1 Racist #1 Racist #1 . Address fellow whites Racist. ” “Hey racist, what is up?” “Dude I am so racist, I used my racism ti make the sun come up sooner today.
    You get the drift. We only let the R word be a talisman if we let it.

  11. Bear Claw

    My Grandfather worked the coal mines at age 12. We used the old carbide lamps when family camping because they were still around.

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