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Now Dats How You Celebrate The “Legacy” Of MLK!

Could there be anything more deliciously predictable than 8 people, presumably all black from the video I saw, being shot at a MLK Jr. Day event?

There is a video in the original article showing lots of people, every single one I saw black, running from the sound of gunfire including a fair number of enormously fat black wahmen who haven’t run that fast since….well since forever.

Fort Pierce, Florida is more than one third black making mass shootings a statistical near certainty and they didn’t disappoint once again. 8 shot with one in critical condition and no immediate fatalities screams “altercation among blacks that escalated to gunfire”.

Even on the high holy day for blacks, celebrating the life of a serial adulterer who frequented underage prostitutes, a man who plagiarized huge sections of his doctoral thesis and is credibly alleged to have engaged in domestic violence and even rape, they still can’t stop from shooting each other.

I have a dream as well “Dr.” King but I bet my dream is quite different from yours.


  1. Xzebek

    There is no place less safe in any “urban center ” than a street named Martin Luther King Boulevard.
    And there is nothing more predictable than chimps chimping out . That legendary impulse control on display again.
    Also, the legendary poor shooting on display again. It looks like not even 1 killed in all that gunfire. I’d like to hire a “certified shooter ” to teach them marksmanship. There might be fewer to contend with later on.

  2. Chiquitastan Uber Alles

    Look for the No King Over Us video for the real story.
    Societies that elevate criminals and cretins to demigod status deserve what they get.
    The Long March comrades heard the chatter about at least we have the MIL and some last boy scouts in the swamp soup and they acted accordingly.

  3. Jim Wetzel

    ” … my dream is quite different from yours.”

    And there is yet another reason I read this fine blog. 95% of the people who write on the interwebs would’ve written the usual incorrect “different THAN yours.” Mr. Sido, thou art the man.

  4. rto-jerry

    Monday I celebrated Robert E Lee Day in honor of a great General. As for savages well they prove there status in society daily. What a mistake bringing them to these shores!

  5. J. Smith

    May I propose a new urban reality show? “Eight Isn’t Enough”. It will be a smashing success.

    This is what it looks like when they are judged by the content of their lack of character.

    Urban math: -1 = -6

  6. Danny

    Whenever it’s a gathering of low-life savages we know what to expect.

    For the love of Pete … they were killing each other over a quarter way back when. “Content of their character …” yeah that’s the fucking problem.

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