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Multiculturalism Failed Because It Was Never Meant To Succeed

The age old question: what will it take for normies to finally understand and admit that diversity isn’t really a strength and is instead suicide?

The AfD gets it

Just to check the score: these “southern appearing” migrants leave their shithole nations, come to Germany and France and the U.K. with their hands out demanding free shit, then proceed to cause violence and mayhem despite being given a better standard of living than they ever would have achieved in their own shithole nations.

Multiculturalism doesn’t work and it will never work but it was never intended to work. The whole point is to destroy White nations in order to pave the way for a certain globalist cosmopolitan elite to take over. Normies will never figure this out.


  1. 3g4me

    I was privileged to spend a week in Berlin (both halves) in 1981. Fascinating city and history. Now filed with parasitic aliens, just like all other White nations. I recently shared with a friend an article I found from 2017, which I don’t recall seeing back then, that Frankfurt was majority non-White and non-German. That was five years ago – who knows what it is today? I try not to focus on what’s happening to Western Europe too much because it makes me so enraged. But the future for White people is bleak – everywhere.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    I doubt that multiculturalism is being forced so that some group can take over. I doubt that because said group has already taken over.

    I tend to believe that mass immigration is the establishment’s hail mary to make up for declining birth rates in the west, and they tell whatever stories and propagate whatever myths they have to in order to support it. And stupid people believe the stories.

    Declining birth rates really shouldn’t matter that much. For us regular folks declining birth rates are not a problem. But for those who must always have more, for whom the economy must always grow, the same folks who offshored manufacturing solely so they could become richer, for them declining birth rates are a big problem.

    However, there is no lack of white hating folk among the cloud people, and they obviously revel in it. Thus it appears, from that perspective, as if it’s being done primarily for replacement. Whereas I believe replacement is no more than a secondary or tertiary motivation, overall.

    The Biden administration has increased the flow, evidently for electoral reasons, to ensure that 2016 can never happen again, but the flow would be happening regardless. So the political motivation for immigration is, I also believe, a secondary or tertiary one. The primary reason 2016 cannot be allowed to happen again gets back to what I was saying about declining birth rates.

    • 3g4me

      Jeffrey Zoar: With all due respect, I think you’re dead wrong. Population replacement is the primary motivation behind immivasion. Initially the19th century Western industrialists wanted and needed increased labor for their factories – and the War Between the States killed off perhaps 700,000 White men. Massive White peasant immigration – by Irish and Italians and others – provided their workers. The Scandinavian and German immigrants were the only ones who left the larger cities and settled on the land to farm. But there was no shortage of workers for decades thereafter. And the post WWII baby boom left the US with more than sufficient numbers of White workers – the spiteful mutants back in the late ’60s and the ’70s were busy screeching about overpopulation – simultaneously with opening up immigration to the third world.

      Meanwhile, the corporatists were provided a simple way to cut wages by moving women into the work force, pushed heavily by the media and the jevvish intelligentsia, who compared stay at home suburban moms to concentration camp inmates. Instead of stable nuclear families comfortably supported by the average man’s annual wage, the norm became the ‘need’ for two salaries to afford two or more cars, color tvs, and – of course – the cost of daycare.

      They’ve been screeching about the shrinkage of the Japanese population for decades, but somehow that country has survived – it’s massively overcrowded still by Western standards, and it still works and remains Japanese. Almost none of the third-world immigrants in Germany work – all the precision tool work and factories that are now closing and off-shoring due to lack of fossil fuels have been manned by White German workers. And in AINO, it’s not Juan and Adebola who are the linemen restoring electric service after storms, or ensuring safe drinking water for White suburbanites.

      What you term “the political motivation for immigration” is simply downstream from what the moneymen who pay for every step of a politician’s career (from city council to state rep to congressman) want. They want compliant non-White workers who lack the spine and the intellect to organize or oppose or successfully demand White living conditions. They want bugmen accustomed to and perfectly content to live cheek by jowl – both mestizos and subcons routinely fill a 4 bedroom suburban home with 20 ‘family members’ and often more ‘visitors’ (who merely shift in and out on ‘tourist’ visas while they scout out their own jobs and homes). They’ve taken over entire industries – with the help of lazy, traitorous Whites who don’t want to do their own work or raise their own children. That was the South Africans’ mistake – still is the mistake of the foolish Whites left there.

      Our future model MUST be Orania. White residents only who do all their own manual labor. Same as proposed in the Covington novels – a self-contained and self-sufficient lifestyle within a homogeneous community.

      • Jeffrey Zoar

        The Japanese model is great for Japanese and would be great for us too but it is not great for the People In Charge. Their debt financed racket demands expansion. You’ll note how the Japanese stock market has (not) performed for the last 30 years, which is unacceptable to our overlords.

        It’s questionable if an Orania will be permitted. There has already been a de facto one of sorts, for years, as whites have fled the cities to places that are more/exclusively white. But the regime is intent on diversifying these areas and that is already underway.

  3. Gryphon

    “Declining Birth Rates” apply to the White, Intelligent Demographic. People who are Productive. Replacing them with low-I.Q. turd-world Parasites is NOT going to correct the Economic Decline caused by fewer, high-I.Q. Whites. I believe that the deliberate Replacement of Whites is Not, as JZ thinks, a secondary or tertiary ‘Effect’. Genocide of Whites is the Intent and Desire of the Ultimate (((parasites))) as they repeatedly have spoken and written about.
    The best example is (((klaus schwab))) and the (((world economic forum))) group, who openly speak of Bioweapons, ‘vaccines’ and Deliberate Famine as the way to Genocide Whites. Unless and Until a larger number of Whites lose their (programmed for generations) of Fear of the (((parasites))) and begins to Actively Refuse, Resist and Oppose (((their))) “agenda 2030” pogrom, the Nation is headed for a Collapse of ‘biblical proportions’.

  4. saoirse

    As white nationalists have said many times: Multiculturalism IS just another word for white genocide – any white that values his/her heritage and virulently opposes the entire status quo that is.

    Anyone that thinks the big cities, or their white occupants, can be saved should have their dunce cap shoved up their arse! They have all passed the point of no return and should be left to rot. Many mid-sized cities will also have the same fate.

    Concious whites must create as much space between themselves and the shitlib/mud/normie juggernaut as possible. Relocating, prepping and forming support groups is what must be prioritized right now. A future strike against a weakened foe cannot happen until the iron is hot – it’s only luke warm at the moment.

    Let the turds flush themselves down the toilet. They chose to remain circling around the rim. Those that wake up can find their own way out and join us.

  5. Steve S6

    The last laugh will be on the “globalist cosmopolitan elite” when they are torn limb from limb by the hordes they let in the walls.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      If recent events in the USA are any indication, they will make public displays of forgiveness for such transgressions

      • saoirse

        Yes, lots of forgiveness and kumbaya on display, mainly by the hoi polloi geldings trying to impress their “leaders” and out virtue-signal their peers, but denial has it’s limitations and those types will soon perish. Their cups will runneth over with their own blood and that will be the signal that will hasten the beginning of the end for the phony Nirvana they helped perpetuate.
        Dantevious, Manuel, Gupta, Omar and Ching Ling will turn on Hymie and on each other, as turd worlders tend to do.
        Conscious white partisans should be ready for this day to come and act on it accordingly!

  6. Georgiaboy61

    Re: “Multiculturalism Failed Because It Was Never Meant To Succeed”

    Perhaps one is engaged in semantics to say so, but how did multiculturalism “fail”? It didn’t – it worked as-designed to advance the Cultural Marxist agenda, which is to say the agenda of those who hate western civilization and hate Christianity. Since “multiculturalism” is a subset of Cultural Marxism, it might be useful to examine the historical roots of the latter.

    Classical Marxist theory, which is mostly concerned with class and economics, predicted that in the event of a major European war such as the Great War (1914-1918), the workers would rise up against the ruling class and bourgeoisie, unite and throw off their chains by refusing to fight one another and instead overthrowing their oppressors.

    However, when war came in 1914, that did not happen. European men – and millions of others as well – marched off to war amidst patriotic airs and flags waving to fight and die in their multitudes. Marxist theorists struggled to understand why this outcome had occurred. Independently, two Marxists – Antonio Gramsci in Italy and Georgi Lukacs in Hungary, arrived at the same conclusion: Western civilization, as long as it remained culturally strong and explicitly-Christian, could not be weakened enough to be replaced by Marxism. Only with the fall of the West and its foundations, could that outcome be assured.

    Gramsci and Lukacs determined that a new variant of Marxism was needed, one which concerned itself with culture. Specifically, undermining and attacking western culture,traditions, values and ways of living. This form of Marxism, which was later called “Cultural Marxism,” was first established at the University at Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany in the 1920s, hence its informal moniker as the “Frankfurt School” of thought.

    In brief, the Frankfurt theorists came up with all sorts of ways in which western civilization could be undermined. Many of these made their way into mainstream leftist thought via their writings and through the universities. Fatefully for the U.S., when the Nazis assumed power in Germany, many of the Frankfurt School theorists – some of whom were Jewish – fled Germany to settle in New York City at Columbia University.

    What is termed “multiculturalism” has been from the start a means of undermining and ultimately destroying the demography of the old United States and replacing it with something else – something less like the Founder’s America. If the answer to the question “What makes America American?” is “Americans” a.k.a. Europeans, then the answer to how to make America unlike its historical pattern is to import people dissimilar to heritage Americans.

    The watershed moment for multiculturalism came with the passage of the Hart-Cellar Act – also known as the Immigration Act of 1965 – which turned U.S. immigration policy on its head, historically-speaking. Whereas all kinds of people have always been allowed to emigrate to the U.S., prior to 1965, preference was shown for Europeans, given the historically European roots of the nation. The act turned that upside-down by privileging non-Europeans ahead of Europeans, only allowing the latter to enter in smaller numbers.

    It has taken nearly sixty years but “multiculturalism” has succeeded beyond even the wildest dreams of its aspirants. During the 1950s, communist writer Bertolt Brecht asked rhetorically in his poem, “The Solution,”:
    “Wouldn’t it be simpler in that case if the government dissolved the people and elected another?”

    That is precisely what the Marxists have done; they have dissolved one people and elected another.

  7. Mike_C

    “I believe replacement is no more than a secondary or tertiary motivation, overall.”

    @JZ: your analysis is that of a rational person, which our “elite” are, ultimately, NOT. Don’t discount the power of resentment, desire for “revenge”, and sheer malignant spite.

    It’s the same reason pornography (overwhelmingly an “elite” product) is so keen on showing Negro males rogering white girls. I’m sure the supply of that abomination far outstrips the demand. It makes virtually zero economic sense; it’s about humiliating white people.

  8. Mike Hendrix

    The problem is indeed multifarious, but let’s not forget about one of the prime directives of shitlibs since forever: their obssessive lust for an all-powerful Global Goobermint. Once they get THAT, why, it’ll be just like Star Trek: no more need for money, competition, individual liberty, or for the matter of it, individuality of any kind. And just think, we all get to wear those snazzy one-piece jumpsuits with a fancy communicator badge pinned on it, via which our every movement can be tracked and logged! Why, it’ll be Utopia, at long, long last…

  9. Telescreen 1984

    Workers utopias are always about destroying the current system so that the Sopranos sporting goods store bust out can co nationwide.
    The second Bolshevik revolution in FUSA will only get worse.

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