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Metal Detectors In Elementary Schools. That’s A “Solution”?

A 6 year old apparently shot his elementary school teacher on Friday.

The teacher in question is named Abigail Zwerner, a first-grade teacher and she looks like pretty much every other modern day elementary school teacher. Is there a single non-cringe looking elementary school teacher left in America?

From the linked story:

A 6-year-old first-grader at an elementary school in Newport News, Virginia shot a teacher on Friday afternoon during an altercation in a classroom, authorities said, leaving her with “life-threatening” injuries and renewing calls from parent’s for greater classroom safety and oversight.

An “altercation”? In a first grade classroom? A six year old boy weighs maybe 50 pounds. If you are not under the age of 35, you probably have a hard time imagining an “altercation” in an elementary school that results in a teacher being shot. When I was in first grade we were scared to death of being sent to the principal’s office because he had a wooden paddle. As far as I know no one was ever paddled in my school from kindergarten through fourth grade and no one wanted to be the first. In this school, a chick got shot.

As is my standard modus operandi I looked into the school in question, Richneck Elementary in the Newport News school district. You can’t draw any concrete conclusions from this of course.

But I wasn’t surprised that the school is less than a quarter White and has twice as many black kids as White kids, with mestizo and mixed race kids combined also outnumbering Whites. We will never find out the identity of the 6 year old unless someone interviews his mama but we are smart people and can probably make some assumptions.

There were two other shootings in Newport News schools in 2021…

In Sept. 2021 a 16-year-old fired several shots in a busy hallway inside Heritage High School during lunchtime, injuring two 17-year-olds

In December 2021, 18-year-old Demari Batten fatally shot 17-year-old Justice Dunham in the parking lot of Menchville High School after a football game, also within the Newport News Public Schools system.

Heritage High is 77.5% black and while Menchville where Demari was the shooter is only 35% black, Demari looks like some sort of mystery meat, as does his victim. Again, this shooting followed an “altercation”…

Why can’t these kids just push and shove each other and then move on like we did? Anyway the parents are demanding something be done…

In a press conference on Friday, superintendent of Newport News Public Schools, Dr. George Parker said “we need to keep guns out of the hands of our young people.”

Some agreed, calling on the state and federal government to enact stricter gun laws to keep firearms out of children’s hands.

Others called for the district to place metal detectors in school, place law enforcement personnel inside schools, and even require students to carry clear backpacks into school.

“How many shootings and incidents does it take to start using metal detectors at every school, every entrance, every day, 24/7 with no exceptions.” Riri Mimi wrote. “Issue a clear backpack policy AND put armed school resource officers in EVERY school.”

As I have mentioned innumerable times, when we were kids everyone had guns in the home and yet no one was bringing guns to school. Well I take that back, we did have one kid bring a gun to my high school a few years before I got there. A skinny kid got into a fight with an all conference football player who was enormous, and of course got his ass kicked in this “altercation”. He came to school the next day with a gun. You will be shocked to discover the would-be gunman was one of the 3-4 black kids in the entire school district, while the guy he intended to shoot was one of the 99% of students who were White.

Anyway, the idea of 6 year old kids needing to go through a metal detector to get into their elementary school is so alien to most of us, it reinforces the feeling that we live in a completely different nation from the one we grew up in .

That is one of the main difference between normies and /ourguys/. Normies think they are in a nightmare and will wake up any moment to find things are OK, /ourguys/ understand that it is because we are finally awake that we realize the nightmare is real.


  1. Plague Monk

    Ann Althouse linked to a piece about this, and asked what was done to the kid that set him off? She also discussed the difficulties in punishing the kid, given his age.
    My wife and I discussed this, and she thinks that there is a possibility of the kid being rehabilitated. She is a kindly person and Christian, so I didn’t tell her what my solution would be so as not to upset her. She’s coming around a little on race, whereas not being a believer, I don’t have any qualms about taking out the trash, human or otherwise.

  2. Anonymous

    And metal detectors will “solve” the problem, how? Sure, if administered correctly, it will identify the homie with the Glock in his (stolen) backpack, but so what? Is he going to hang his head in shame, then say “You got me” and simply hand over his gat to some likely female aide? Aw, hell no. Trayvon ain’t givin’ up his trophy to no lunchlady. Anything short of armed off-duty cops manning the gates will do less than nothing to discourage gun violence in the schools.

    Conservative Whites who are savvy enough to recognize and acknowledge the glaringly obvious problem with our public schools (i.e. blacks) think that the solution is to homeschool. I say that a far better option is to encourage the blacks to ‘homeschool’. The pickaninnies aren’t going to learn anything, anyway. So ditch the free breakfast/lunch/dinner programs and watch as the percentage of blacks in attendance dwindles away to nothing.

  3. saoirse

    Zwerner is a jew name, and coupled with that ugly mug, well…..the bitch is 100% jewess. Good riddance if she croaks! She’s undoubtedly a whiny professional victim/activist via her religion, gender and politics so let her experience cold hard reality.
    Little Dantevious will have an army of shitlibs, mostly white, tripping over themselves to “rehabilitate” him. Hope he shoots them too!
    By all means, deck the halls with metal detectors, cameras and fat off-duty porkers. Arm the shit-for-brains teachers too and let them all strut around, especially when it’s haul-a-co$t/eeevil natzees history time.
    Let them do whatever it takes to wake up dumb-ass whitey. Consider it the ultimate pass/fail test!!

  4. anonymous

    Looking at the “teacher,” and considering the whole “context” of the USA in these times….

    I’d have capped her ass!

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    This is one of those times where proposed “solutions” make clear that the problem is too far gone for solutions. Reminds me of someone recently saying there needs to be a six month period after elections, before they are certified, in which to ascertain fraud. To which I said, if we actually need a six month fraud inspection window then the elections are too far gone to be saved.

    This ties into a nation only being as good as its people. Laws are for honest law abiding people. Outlaws do not care. Constitutions are for people who care about constitutions. Cue up John Adams quote. Metal detectors will not save a school full of savages. Nothing will save a school full of savages. Whatever you do to it, it’s still full of savages.

  6. Danny

    Hold it — think about this for a minute. What did he shooter her with – a slingshot?

    So we presume a 6-year-old can effectively hold and fire a handgun? A 6-year-old. Really? Yeah I can just picture him in a modified Weaver with the semi-auto right on target. Give me a fuckin’ break.

      • Danny

        Alright I could see a derringer involved although I find that quite unlikely. Fact is children – young children – do not have the motor skills nor the strength to effectively bring a firearm to bear. Sure, we can imagine a small child presenting a side arm and shooting it. But I seriously doubt it. I recall a “news” story a while back about a 3-year-old shooting his brother. That’s bullshit. A child that young can not bring a side arm to bear.

        And so this 6-year-old packed a handgun in his backpack and when the time came he pulled it out and shot a person. Sure thing.

    • Arthur Sido

      He only maybe got off one shot, and got her in the midsection, I could see a six year old pulling that off, although it was just as likely he would have shot himself

      • Danny

        I was involved in this conversation on a forum of which I am a member. My general impression of children using firearms was soundly refuted and I was made to look like a fool. Apparently there are a lot of young children who can load cartridges into magazines, insert the magazine and make the pistol ready.

        God help us.

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