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Lift The Weights, Walk The Miles, Do Something

I really like this meme so I thought I would share, because after all sharing is caring. Big truth though, all of that expensive tacticool shit isn’t going to mean much if you can’t walk half a mile or drop dead from a heart attack when things get spicy.

Also, never, ever wear a Punisher skull anywhere unironically. Peak cringe.


  1. Droning Dischord

    Being in shape makes you a hard target and there are no days off from training.
    Punisher? Comics are for children.

  2. TBC

    From your lips to God’s ears.

    Be healthy, be strong, be committed to taking the best care of yourself that you can. So many blowhard, arsehole tough guys out there in Internet-land are fat, waddling, opinionated slobs who think that ‘practicing’ with their 9 mm penis extension makes them burly, macho survivormen. If you miss with your first shot, hero, you are going down in a puddle of your own rendered blubber, because you can’t waddle away fast enough to live to fight another day.

    Your FIRST line of defense, in any life-threatening situation, is escape. That means everything from dodging a bullet to dodging a virus. Only when you are cornered and unable to maneuver are you reduced to trying to shoot your way out. If you corner yourself by not being in the best physical shape that your age and situation allow, there is no one else to blame but you, chubby.

    So by all means, hone your skills and practice with your Glock for uncertain times. But make your health and physical well-being the primary weapon in your arsenal. Not just for you, but for those who may look to you in an emergency. Your tight grouping is meaningless when the threat you face can’t be shot at, or even seen without a microscope.

  3. Danny

    “Also, never, ever wear a Punisher skull anywhere unironically.”

    Uh is a “zombie apocalypse” morale patch cool? 😀

  4. Meal Team Six Commander

    For a laugh, just Google…Meal Team Six.
    Click on the images.
    Warning!!! DO NOT BE SIPPING YOUR COFFEE at this time. 🙂

    Our future, our demise.

    And to Danny… Why yes, I have engraved Zombie Response Team on the side of the mag well.

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